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Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Interrogation

「Well, what shall we do … It’s hard to take all of them …」(Rena)

「Should we kill them?」(Pauline)

Pauline answers lightly to Rena.

The beastkins are trembling.

Of course, the girls aren’t serious, they just try to scare the beastkins.

However, looks like Pauline is pleasure with it.

「Wait please!」(Hunter leader)

It isn’t the beastkins but the hunter leader raise objection.

「Although I don’t understand the situation well.

It will be troublesome if we do something wrong.

It may lead to a full conflict with the beastkins, please try a bit more peaceful …」(Hunter lader)

He seemed to be serious about this.

「It depends on whether they answer to the interrogation」(Pauline +Rena)

However despite Rena and Pauline’s threaten, the Beastkins hardly said anything.

The interrogation over a couple hours, they only tell us the reason why they caught the survey team and the hunters. But they aren’t talking about what they was doing at that site at all.

Well, I don’t need to hear that the reason for capturing everyone to prevent humans from knowing about that site…

I didn’t want to torture them but this is troublesome. For now I should ask them first.

「You guys, what are you trying to do, searching for something?

Or perhaps, you have been asked by someone else

But it just means you are being used.

Do not you understand?」(Mile)

「How did you know about it? We aren’t say anything …」(Beastkin)

「Wait, fool! Do not talk!」(Beastkin leader)

A young beastkin mutter as he’s suprised and the beastkin leader yelling at him.

And I smirk as I watching it.

Although I’m only just confirming what I heard from Doctor Kulereia. It’s good, now that I know that information is right.

「It seems impossible to get more information if we don’t tortune them…」(Mile)

「Shall we kill them then?」(Rena)

「Oi Oi Oi Oi!!」(Hunters)

Rena lightly adds a suggestion to Mile. Of course everyone rejects it right away.

「It’s just a joke!」(Rena)

But, the voice of everyone’s heart was one.

(That doesn’t sound like a joke) (Everyone)

And the beastkins were trembling with a blue face.

「Actually, I would like to take two or three beastkins.

However, when their comrades come, they will use 『my fellows were kidnapped by humans』like a reason to attack or start war with humans」(Hunter Leader)

Escort party leader told everyone and then turned to beastkins.

「You must understand, right? Our relationship had been really bad laterly. If this get out, it might become conflict.

And a lot of humans and beastkin will die. Even women and children will be involved. Hundreds, no, thousands will die … All that happen is because of you!

Yes, you are going to kill humans, beastkins, women, children! Do you understand.


This may become war, foolish beastkins!」(Hunter leader)

Compared to humans, beastkin’s facial expression is hard-to-read, but right now it become easy to read.

Astonishment, dismay, akwards,…

「No, what we’re going to do is…」(Beastkin)

「Shut up!」(Beastkin Leader)

A beastkin leader stops the young beastkin that plan to talk.

「Do not speak anything anymore!

I will order you as a leader.

Don’t speak to a human unless you have Chieftain’s permission!」(Beastkin Leader)

When the leader add “Only the Chieftain’s permisson can cancel his order” but he doesn’t think they will come back alive.

That mean his subordinates will be unable to talk to human beings for the rest of their life.

The command of the “leader in action” had that authority.

By chance the commader is dead, they will need the permission from the next Chieftain of their clan.

Even if their clan is annihilated, in that case they can join another clan and ask the Chieftain there to cancel the order.

「Ah ~」(Hunter leader)

The Hunter leader dropped his shoulder.

「No good, these guys won’t talk anymore … No matter how we torture them」(Hunter leader)

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「E~e! What’s that」(Rena)

But Mile wasn’t so amuzed.

「By the way, beastkin-san」(Mile)

Mile speaks to the beastkin leader.

Others can’t speak anymore, so there’s no other options.

「I want to avoid useless conflicts, and you are the same, right?」(Mile)

The leader nods.

「Then, what will the beastkins do if the human side brings soldiers?

The Human lord may raise voice calling you are「Illegally invaded」, that’s not really matter though.

But at that time, will you withdraw?」(Mile)

「…can not understand」(Beastkin Leader)


Mile has a Puzzled face with Beastkin leader reply.

「It can’t be help.

You are trying to find something, right?

How long will it be done.

And if you can’t find anything. Will you give up and withdraw empty-hand.

Or will you keep staying there …」(Mile)

「Aah~…」(Beastkin Leader)

The beastkin leader finally understood that Mile wanted to avoid fighting. But he didn’t answer because he didn’t want to leak information, It was not very pleasant.

「… It can not be helped Rena, Pauline. Although it was labor work but please do it」(Mile)

Rena and Pauline nodded to Mile as they approaching the beastkins who were tied up.

And …

Baki! (SFX)

「Gyā a~a ~!」(Beastkin)

Boki! (SFX)

「Guwa a a~a ~!」(Beastkin)

They start the labor work as requested by Mile.

… Yes, it is 「Broke work」

Main target, the foot.

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