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木下雉水 - Rugao Under The Bridge - Kinoshita Nakui

Chapter 907

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Chapter 907: Supreme Being

“How dare you!” With that shout, five figures shot out of n.o.ble Pavilion. The one at the helm was Bai Piao.

However, the moment they reached the skies, they felt the pressure from the rat demon and stopped.

Bai Piao was just half a step into the Wisdom Dictator realm, while the rat demon was already at its peak. The two of them were on completely different levels.

Bai Piao held his energy back and said, “Who might you be? Why are you at n.o.ble Pavilion?”

As a fierce glint flashed within them, the rat demon narrowed his eyes, “I’m Rat, from the Celestial Demon Forest. I came here for a golden page!”

Hearing that, a strange expression flashed in Bai Piao’s eyes.

He did not understand how the news would spread into the Celestial Demon Forest. They were incredibly secretive, and the Celestial Demon Forest was in the Southern Star Region. There should have been no way they would find out.

However, he reacted quickly as he immediately said incredulously, “A golden page? What’s that? You must have misunderstood something.”

The rat demon let out a cold laugh, “Haha, you can’t hide your thoughts from a Wisdom Dictator. Die!”

It already knew the answer, and just played around. A large rat materialized in the air, opening its mouth and trying to suck the whole n.o.ble Pavilion in!

Wisdom Dictators were unmatched. No one in n.o.ble Pavilion could stand up against it.

Yet, as whole n.o.ble Pavilion was fine even though the rat should have been able to swallow all of them.

“How’s this possible?!” The rat demon’s eyes widened as it felt an unsettling feeling in its heart.

“Left Messenger…” It could not help but turn to look by its side but noticed that the s.p.a.ce next to it was already empty. When it turned around, it saw a blurred figure disappear into the distance…

“What!” A chill in its heart caused it to not know what to say. As it prepared to leave, it suddenly felt an incredibly horrifying pressure descend!

“I’ve hidden for so long, but a rat dug me out. It should die!” A cold and ancient voice reverberated in the rat’s ears, causing it to freeze in place.


It tried to use all the power in its body, but could only barely force open its eyes to look at a ma.s.sive hand materialized from n.o.ble Pavilion!

That palm was completely black, and countless worlds seemed to exist within it. It was as if the whole world was gone, and the hand was all that was left!

“It’s a supreme being. The n.o.ble Pavilion has a supreme being?!”

“With just one palm, everything can be destroyed!”

“A supreme being, who could stand up to that? Why is he hiding here?”

At that moment, the demons lost all hope.

The ma.s.sive hand enveloped heaven and earth, encompa.s.sing all the demons. It could kill all of them like ants with just a pinch.


At that moment, the rat demon’s body suddenly jolted. Blood suddenly flowed out of its orifices and surged to the skies, blocking the gigantic hand.

The blood turned incredibly misty, and the power of an ancient demon emerged. The evil and murderous power condensed and revealed the majesty of the ancient demons.

An unending wave of demonic power encompa.s.sed everything as a fierce large demon started to form. Its whole body was a blood-red sh.e.l.l. The left eye looked like the sun, while the right eye looked at the moon. It coldly looked toward the n.o.ble Pavilion as it appeared above the rat demon.

The power of a supreme demon was revealed.

It looked just like the ancient demon drawn in the cave of the Celestial Demon Forest.

It was… the image of the ancient demon!


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The rat demon reverently looked at the ancient demon as he said elatedly, “Thank you ancient demon lord for saving my life.”

“T-The ancient demon lord is taking all our energy!” The demons all started to panic.

The rat demon immediately said, “We’ll just die anyway. We might as well make one last contribution to the demon race.”

“That’s right, merging with the ancient demon lord would be my honor.”

“Everything I have was meant for him anyway.”

In a flash, the red light intensified, and the projection expanded, suddenly winning over the ma.s.sive hand.

“How dare you! Don’t even think about getting the source of my energy!” The sound that pierced through the heavens could be heard again. The owner of the ma.s.sive palm was furious.

An ancient supreme demon fought with him, and at the same time, looked for the source of his power to determine who he is.

“If you’re going to be rude to me, I’ll be rude to you too!”

The ancient demon let out a cold snort as its demonic power completely smashed the rat demon and the others to nourish its projection, unleas.h.i.+ng its strongest attack.

It was always a projection, and its whole body suddenly turned into the red light and clashed with the hand!

At that, the red light and the ma.s.sive hand disappeared at the same time. Only energy remained, distorting the s.p.a.ce and destroying Wisdom. It was enough to kill everyone nearby.

An incredible distance away, two figures were rapidly fleeing without even turning their heads around. They were far too anxious, and even their hair stood on its ends. It was clear that they ran with as much effort as they could.

Those two figures were naturally Left Messenger and the black pig demon.

The moment the rat demon moved, Left Messenger immediately fled, and the black pig followed as well.

They were prepared to look at what would happen, but the moment they saw a supreme being acting, their souls left their bodies as they ran with reckless abandon.

At that moment, they were still incredibly anxious, unable to calm themselves, “I escaped from a supreme being!”

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