I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

木下雉水 - Rugao Under The Bridge - Kinoshita Nakui

Chapter 906

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Chapter 906: I Have the Advantage

The Celestial Demon King walked out of the cave. When he glanced at the Left Messenger, there was a deep look of surprise in his eyes.

He never expected that even the ancient demon would regard her so highly.

She was one of the key figures under heaven and earth!

After a deep breath, he told the demons, “With the bear demon already dead, the six elite demons have a vacant spot. Left Messenger has just made an immense contribution, so I’ll be naming her an elite demon. Are there any objections?”

Left Messenger was just at the second stage of the Wisdom Elite realm. She was still far away from being the strongest there. Being an elite demon requires at least a Wisdom Dictator usually. They have left spots vacant before due to the lack of Wisdom Dictators!

Somehow the rule was broken at that time, and not a single demon opposed it.

The bull demon said immediately, “Left Messenger deserves the spot of the demon elite. I acknowledge her!”

The rat demon said as well, “That’s right, anyone who opposes her will be making an enemy out of me!”

All of the demons shouted out in agreement, not daring to say no.

Left Messenger’s luck was plain for all to see, and her contributions were undeniable.

Left Messenger thanked the king earnestly, “Thank you, Celestial Demon King.”

The Celestial Demon King let out a laugh, believing he obtained a capable subordinate, “Congratulations, you’re one of the demon elites in the future! Hahaha, if it’s possible, please look for the blood of a supreme being. It’s the ancient demon’s request as well.”

Did they need blood too?

Left Messenger could not help but furrow her eyebrows.

Why did they not just say so from the start? She might have been able to obtain both of them in one go.

The Celestial Demon King patted Left Messenger on her arm, “I know this is a very difficult request, but I believe that you’ll be able to do it.”


The blood of a supreme being was different from bones. Bones could be preserved forever and were more likely to be found. Blood could flow and would turn into energy for the land. Unless it was preserved under certain conditions or was retrieved from a supreme being, it was practically impossible to get.

Left Messenger suddenly told the Celestial Demon King, “Celestial Demon King, I have something else to report.”

The Celestial Demon King said in antic.i.p.ation, “Oh? Do you have a way to get the blood as well?”

Left Messenger shook her head before she acted hesitant, “No, I happened to find out about an immense secret by accident while I was performing the task. I don’t know if I should tell all of you.”

The other demons suddenly got anxious.

“Left Messenger, we’re all a family now. What’s there to be so hesitant about? Just tell us.”

“With how the Left Messenger is, the news must be an incredibly shocking secret!”

The Celestial Demon King said seriously, “Let Messenger, tell us!”

Left Messenger said, “The Heaven Plundering Alliance was eliminated by someone. At the same time, some people found a golden page in the ruins. There’s a shocking secret recorded within!”

“What? The Heaven Plundering Alliance was eliminated?!”

“The Heaven Plundering Alliance is no weaker than the Celestial Demon Forest, and they have so many mysterious figures behind them. Could it be the work of supreme being?”

“There’s so much happening now. The origin of the gray just exploded, and now the Heaven Plundering Alliance was dealt with.

“How terrifying! Why is all of this happening?” The demons were all incredibly shocked.

They were not exactly allies of the Heaven Plundering Alliance, but the news was still something that caused some unrest. They felt like they were in danger as well.

The Celestial Demon King was shocked as well, but he acutely caught on to the most important point as he hurriedly asked, “What’s recorded on that golden page?”

“I don’t know.”

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Left Messenger shook her head, “It seems to have something to do with the gray mist.”

“Of course, we’ll rush right over and take them by force!”

The rat demon did not even need to think about it as he said with an arrogant tone, “The n.o.ble Pavilion are just a bunch of lower-cla.s.s cultivators. The leader, Bai Piao, is an absolute sc.u.m. He calls himself a gentleman, but he’s not even half a step into the Wisdom Dictator Realm. I won’t even need three moves to kill him!”

Left Messenger looked at his confident demeanor and could not help but say, “I feel like doing this will lead to a lot of unexpected twists.”

“Hahaha, so what?”

The rat demons laughed, “Left Messenger, do you know why the Celestial Demon King wanted you to come with me?”

“Why?” Left Messenger was curious about that. She never stopped working for them.

“Because he wants to use your luck to protect us!”

The rat looked at Left Messenger respectfully, “You’re someone with great fortune. With your luck and my skill, we’ll be able to do anything. I alone would have been enough, but this is an incredibly important matter, which is why you’re here as well. With just a bit of your luck, we’ll have an easy time.”

The rat demon let out a laugh, confident that he had the advantage.

Left Messenger did not say anything but started to retreat a little.

After that, she would occasionally lag every once in a while. By the time they were at the n.o.ble Pavilion, she was already at the back of the team.

In the team, only one black pig demon observed the Left Messenger. It only managed to get to its level because it was incredibly careful. So, it was fixed on Left Messenger the whole time. Wherever she went, it would, and tie itself down with the one with great fortune!

Immediately, it slowly got closer to Left Messenger and followed her moves.

“Who dares barge into the n.o.ble Pavilion?!”

At the same time, the disciples of the n.o.ble Pavilion rushed over.

“I’m your rat uncle! Call your sect leader out to die!”

The rat’s tone was cold. As it opened its mouth, a large rat appeared in the skies, and immediately swallowed the disciples!

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