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木下雉水 - Rugao Under The Bridge - Kinoshita Nakui

Chapter 905

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Chapter 905: With This Person, You Can Rule Everything!

In the Celestial Demon Forest, the Celestial Demon King discussed things with the five remaining elite demons.

The bull said, “Too much time has pa.s.sed. There are only a few supreme beings left. Most of them are stationed in one place, and would never fight. We could travel the whole Origins Realm and not even see a single supreme corpse.”

The snake demon nodded, “Even if it was countless years ago, and Wisdom was still complete, there weren’t many who could become supreme beings. After the disaster hit the realm, supreme beings have all fallen. Some would even turn into their hidden realms, not even leaving a corpse behind.”

“Do I need to tell all of you of the various difficulties involved? Even if there’s a supreme being’s corpse, it won’t be something just anyone can get. There’ll be restrictions!”

The Celestial Demon King sighed, “I didn’t come here to listen to your complaints. I want results! Rat, what’s the situation with what I had you investigate?”

“I went to the origin of the gray mist. There’s an aura there that forces you to submit. There was a supreme being there, but nothing was left behind at all. Left Messenger wasn’t lying, the supreme being used his body to refine the gray mist.”

The rat answered honestly before saying with a pause, “My lord, do you think Left Messenger will be able to provide us with materials to make a supreme being’s corpse?”

The rat demon was astounded at that thought.

Left Messenger’s skills were just like an ant’s. How could she have any ties to a supreme being?

There were many strong warriors in the Celestial Demon Forest. All of them looked around for countless years and practically scoured the whole Origins Realm. They looked into far more hidden realms than Left Messenger had, but never even found a single bone. How could Left Messenger find it?

It refused to believe it.

“I don’t believe it either.”

The other demons shook their heads as well, voicing their opinions.

The Celestial Demon King let out a laugh, “That person is surrounded by great fortune. Even the ancient demon looks well upon here. There’s no harm trying. She might bring something back.”

It did not matter if it worked at all, they would not lose out anyway.

At that moment, all of them felt something and looked in the same direction.

A ray of light was rapidly speeding over, entering the Celestial Demon Forest.

Everyone was shocked.

“What? This aura… It’s her?”

“What happened? How did she return so quickly?”

“She’s the only one who came back. What about the other demons?”

The Celestial Demon King frowned.

Very quickly, Left Messenger arrived in front of everyone. They were all shocked to feel the aura from Left Messenger’s body.

The rat demon said in a shocked tone, “The second stage of the Wisdom Elite realm. You’ve reached that level? How did you do it?!”

The bull demon’s eyes widened dramatically as it said curiously, “If I’m not mistaken, she was not even at the Heavenly Realm before she left.”

“How terrifying! It’s the first time I’m seeing something as miraculous as this in my countless years alive.”

Even the Celestial Demon King was completely taken aback.

If Left Messenger was just an ant to them before, her skills were already quite impressive now. Her skills could already be considered halfway there compared to the pact among the demon race.

The Celestial Demon King said with a serious expression, “Left Messenger, what happened? Where are the other four?”

“The other demons… Have sacrificed themselves for the sake of the task!”

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Left Messenger was full of sorrow as she said, “You didn’t see it. To obtain the materials for the corpse of the supreme being, they were willing to sacrifice everything. They jumped up and offered their bodies and lives. They’ve turned into amazing… legends.”

“You must’ve met a supreme being that’s still alive. Not only did he let you live, you got a great benefit from it?”

“How are you so amazing?!”

Left Messenger’s chance encounter shocked all the demons.

“I would’ve gone with you if I’d known.”

The bull demon could not help but utter those words. However, it quickly realized something was wrong. It was not as lucky as Left Messenger, so would it not have just died if it was there? Only Left Messenger managed to return from the place alive.

“Impressive, very impressive! I knew you were an incredibly lucky person from the moment I saw you!” The Celestial Demon King looked at Left Messenger with warmth and Praise.

It must have been incredibly difficult to survive in that dangerous environment. Not only did she complete the task, but she also had an amazing encounter as well. He admitted that he underestimated her luck before.

“This time, you’ve established a great contribution!” The Celestial Demon King patted Left Messenger’s arm before heading into the cave.

“Ancient demon, just as you expected, that person’s fortunes are horrifying. She managed to obtain materials for the corpse of the supreme being so quickly. Take a look.”


The ancient demon was shocked as well. A formless energy picked up the pile of materials and sent it into the furnace.

“What special bones! I’ve never seen bones with such strange powers before. It seems to have been refined with special ways to reach a level of power that’s never been seen before. It’s much stronger than a regular supreme being!”

“Even more impressive is the fact that there’s even a supreme sh.e.l.l. This material is more valuable than any regular bone. With this, I can create an incredibly strong body!”

The ancient demon was suddenly incredibly excited.

After a moment, it said seriously, “Celestial Demon King, the heavens will occasionally give birth to special figures. They’re like the protagonists in the world, and they carry a certain light on them. It’s not something people can resist, and not something realms can measure. Left Messenger is precisely someone like that. If I manage to obtain her fortune, I can rule the world!”

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