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木下雉水 - Rugao Under The Bridge - Kinoshita Nakui

Chapter 904

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Chapter 904: Would You Believe Me?

It was a gift from the expert.

She finally realized it!

Left Messenger finally realized that she was tricked by that group of people!

If she knew it was something so valuable, how would she have ever shared it with them?!

“Get lost, stop s.n.a.t.c.hing it. It’s all mine!” She shouted out as she quickly started to fight for the food. Then, she hurriedly swallowed some skewers and drank a mouthful of wine.


Wisdom resonated as it started to form images in the air.

Right after she gulped down the wine, she broke through yet another bottleneck, stepping into the second stage of the Wisdom Elite Realm!

She became a second stage Wisdom Elite just like that?

Left Messenger was stunned, on the brink of tears.

If cultivation was that easy, then what was the point of her training for thousands of years?

Not far away, Huang Long was already crying.

Another breakthrough?

She broke through again?

Just by eating some food, she went straight to being a second stage Wisdom Elite from being a Chaos Daluo Golden Immortal?

Where was the logic in that?

What manner of magical food was that? What type of person had leftovers like that?

He finally realized that the two lords of the Divine Sword Mountain did not fall. He was just the one who was ignorant.

He exploded as he did his best to crawl on the ground, shouting out, “My good friends, my dearest of friends. Don’t forget me, I’m still here. I beg you, give me something to eat! Even a mouthful of soup is fine!”

“Oh, that’s right. You’re here.”

The two lords finally remembered that Huang Long was there. In the rush, they managed to spare some time to reluctantly hand a piece of meat and a bowl of soup to Huang Long.

Huang Long thanked them repeatedly before wolfing the food down and gulping the soup down.

The moment it entered his stomach, he suddenly felt a sense of heat permeate his whole body. His fragile body suddenly felt a burst of energy within it. The energy went from his stomach to his limbs. Even the gray mist he absorbed was being suppressed.

“Wait, the soup seems to have some gray mist that’s different. It also contains what is missing in Wisdom. Unbelievable. How extraordinary!” Huang Long’s body jolted as he widened his eyes.

The gray mist in his body was being subdued, and his injuries were rapidly recovering.

This soup was immensely nutritional!

The mountain lord mocked, “Hey, your injuries seem to have all recovered. Weren’t you saying that we should maintain our arrogance earlier? What do you think now?”

“I was wrong, I was really so ignorant. The two of you are so much more knowledgeable than I am. The two of you are amazing!” Huang Long said. He was filled with admiration at that moment and wanted to become a side character to the expert just like they were.

After a moment, everyone almost ate. The Divine Sword Mountain’s lord said seriously, “That’s right, Lord Erlang, the news about the Heaven Plundering Alliance being eliminated is worth paying attention to. This involves the gray mist, after all.”

Yang Jian nodded, “You’re right. Anyone who can annihilate the Heaven Plundering Alliance would be terrifyingly strong. I never expected that there would be another way to cleanse the gray mist other than the expert as well. The Heaven Plundering Alliance did have many secrets.”

He could not help but recall Tian Luo, who they met in the gray mist origin. Even after absorbing so much gray mist, Tian Luo was not affected at all.

“If you want to know who killed off the Heaven Plundering Alliance, I think I can tell you,” Elite King suddenly said with a complicated expression after putting down his wine.

Yang Jian and the others were stunned as they said in surprise, “Who did it?”

“Daji and Fire Phoenix,” Elite King said those names casually. He heard it from Dragin.

Yang Jian jolted as said reverently, “What? No wonder!”

Elite King continued, “I heard that it was to quickly end all the chaos in the world. They made their move because they wanted the expert to live a peaceful life.”

Yang Jian was filled with self-blame as he lamented, “That’s true. They must’ve wanted to quickly clear away any chaotic elements because they were worried it will affect the expert’s cultivation. In truth, this should have all been left to us, but we are far too weak. We troubled them, I’ve not done my part here!”

Huang Long asked, “That… who are you all referring to?”

Huang Long was shocked at that moment. From Yang Jian’s words, he could tell that the Heaven Plundering Alliance was eliminated just because they were a chaotic variable. How imperious and strong would someone have to be to do that?”

It was the Heaven Plundering Alliance. How could they have been eliminated just because they were in the way?

“They’re the expert’s wives, but they’re more like servants.”

Huang Long took a deep breath in surprise.

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“H-how could servants be so strong?”

Li Nianfan took a deep breath as he slowly picked up Little Fox, heading back toward her room.

Thankfully, Little Fox was incredibly quiet the whole way. Just as Li Nianfan took a sigh of relief and wanted to put her on the bed, Little Fox grabbed a hold of him like an octopus.

Li Nianfan took a breath of cold air as he took a stance of surrender.

Little Fox let out a pleased smile, “Brother Li, I figured out a move. You’ll never be able to go against it.”

“It’s the ultimate move. Do you dare go against me?”

So, she referred to chess.

Little Fox was obsessed. She still thought about it even when she was drunk.

Li Nianfan laughed and said, “Sure, let go first. We’ll have a game right now.”

Little Fox let go of Li Nianfan as she said drunkenly, “Okay, come here right now. I’ll definitely defeat you utterly.”

Strangely enough, she might be drunk, but she could still play. It was as if she was sleepwalking. How obsessed could she be to do something like that?

At the same time, Little Fox was dramatically improving, which greatly shocked Li Nianfan.

The two of them went blow for blow, really enjoying themselves.

Suddenly Little Fox moved a piece and said, “Hahaha, Brother Li, you’ve lost. This is checkmate now, I’ve won!”

“You’re really good to be able to think of this move, but you’re still too inexperienced!” Li Nianfan shook his head with a smile. After that, he moved a piece, and the board changed dramatically.

“What? How could this be?”

“There are many ways to revive a dead board, but very few ways to truly kill one. You still need training!”

“I won’t admit defeat, let’s try again!”

Early in the morning, Li Nianfan yawned as he walked out of Little Fox’s room.

He walked out to strange looks from Daji, Fire Phoenix, Qin Manyun and the others.

“Uhm, would you believe me if I said I was playing chess with Little Fox the whole night?”

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