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木下雉水 - Rugao Under The Bridge - Kinoshita Nakui

Chapter 903

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Chapter 903: Like a Game

Nanan’s mouth started to water at the aroma, “Big brother, I want the outer parts of the skin.”

Dragin hurriedly said as well, “I want it too, I want it too.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll all have it. No need to fight over it.”

Li Nianfan laughed. The turtle was big, so there was naturally a lot of meat.

Xiao Bai served everyone a bowl of soup. Li Nianfan felt like something was missing and suddenly slapped his forehead.

Right, liquor!

How could they not be drinking with skewers in front of them?

He immediately took out the newest batch of dragon wine.

The wine was based off dragon blood, and had ginseng added to it. It was incredibly strong and fragrant. The only problem was that it was easy to get drunk off of, but that day’s atmosphere was great for getting a little drunk.

“Come, cheers everyone!”


All of them raised their gla.s.ses at the same time before they started to eat happily.

Li Nianfan knew how much they could drink, and could not help but say, “Eat more skewers and drink less.”

“Sir, why are you looking down on us? Our alcohol tolerance has improved by quite a bit.”

Daji leaned into Li Nianfan’s shoulder and laughed. Only her face was already blus.h.i.+ng a little.

Qin Manyun rolled her eyes as she laughed, “That’s right, do you think we’re still the same as we were last time?”

‘Isn’t she just on her fifth cup? Her face is already so red, where did her confidence come from?’ Li Nianfan shook his head as he thought to himself.

He started to pile on the meat skewers in front of them as he said, “Yes yes yes, you’re all very good drinkers, but you can’t just drink. Eat some more!”

He was worried that they would get drunk before they even had their fill of the food. That group of women worried him all the time.

However, even with Li Nianfan trying to give them as little to drink as possible, they still all collapsed onto their tables in a short moment. They all mumbled to themselves.

“Now I need to carry you all back to your rooms…”

Li Nianfan was a little speechless. He shook his head and started to carry them one by one.

“That’s right, Xiao Bai. Make sure to give the leftovers away.

“Understood, my beloved master,” Xiao Bai nodded as he immediately started to tidy up the table. Other than the leftovers, he even brought along the bones that they left behind. After that, he started to walk downhill.

At the same time, at the foot of the mountain, everyone quietly waited. Only Huang Long sighed in frustration.

He felt a deep sense of pity for the two lords of the Divine Sword Mountain. He could not understand when they lost their pride.

Yang Jian looked at Huang Long, “Fellow cultivators, your friend doesn’t seem like he’s in a good state. He keeps on breathing out gray mist. Why don’t you just let me take him away for now?”

The mountain lord hurriedly said, “Ahem, no need. There’s no need. Hold on for now. Don’t worry, we’ll keep our eyes on him. The moment he turns into a white-haired beast, we’ll deal with him.

“Lord Xiao Bai’s here,” Elite King suddenly said, attracting everyone’s attention.

Other than Huang Long, everyone gathered over and said reverently, “Hail, Lord Xiao Bai.”

Xiao Bai looked around and pointed at Left Messenger, “You, come over.”

Left Messenger straightened her body and immediately said, “Lord Xiao Bai, is there something you need?”

“Master asked me to bring you all this to thank you for bringing the meat over. Here,” Xiao Bai put down the leftover food and left.

Left Messenger was shaken. Her heart beat incredibly quickly, filled with antic.i.p.ation. Could there be materials for a supreme being’s corpse in there?

Everyone else stared as she opened up the things. In a flash, a wave of fragrance could be smelled by everyone.

Yang Jian and the others all widened their eyes as they exclaimed, “This is… the expert’s dinner tonight?!”

“Gulp, there’s even wine!”

“The expert’s food is so fragrant as usual. Just a whiff of the fragrance causes our bodies to stir.”

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“Treasure, those were all unbelievable treasures!”

Huang Long covered his face and shook his head. He had a pained look on his head as he was filled with disbelief.

He looked at his two good friends, not believing what he saw in front of him.

It was one thing for them to throw their pride away as sword cultivators, but they also threw away their pride as humans.

All that food was the leftovers of someone else!

They fought over eating it with others? What caused them to live like that?

They called it a treasure, were they joking?

Left Messenger was stunned as well. She could not understand what was wrong with that group. Was that food worth going crazy for?

However, she was attracted by the fragrance of the food, and could not help but want to taste it.

She poured herself some wine and finished it in a gulp.


She could not help but cry out at that amazing taste. That feeling was too amazing. She felt like she was on the clouds, floating around freely.

The surrounding breeze felt incredibly warm and gentle. Unending streams of Wisdom started to enter all of her pores, causing her abilities to increase at an unbelievable pace.

She went from a Chaos Daluo Golden Immortal to being half a step into the Elite Realm.

After that, she entered the first stage of the Elite realm.

She was at the peak of it before she stopped!


Huang Long was completely dumbfounded.

He stared at Left Messenger as his mind buzzed.

She broke through? Why did it look like a game?!

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