I Am A Scarecrow And The Demon Lord Of Terror!

Laughter and Joy

Chapter 429 - A Big Secret

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Chapter 429 - A Big Secret

The crown of the Tree King quickly closed, and Flanders was wrapped in the crown. The crown of the Tree King contained a huge amount of pressure.

This kind of pressure could easily crush a stone, let alone a human.

The Tree King was already prepared. At most, he would lose his main body again. As long as the root and the life gem existed, he could recover again.


"The heart of life is mine if I like it. Old tree spirit, you deserve your bad luck."

When Dior saw the Tree king attacking Flanders, he immediately gathered his magic power. Flanders was related to the revival and growth of the golden strange creature tribe.

He would not watch Flanders get into trouble. His magic power turned into a huge wave of energy and hit the Tree King's trunk.

The remaining S rank powerhouses also made their moves. In the blink of an eye, the Tree King was torn into pieces.

Meanwhile, Flanders had also successfully absorbed the heart of life. The Tree King lost the heart of life, was instantly reduced from S rank to A rank.

Even if the Tree King's roots were underground, it was already impossible for him to recover.

A blue fireball appeared in Dior's hand, and he sent it into the Tree King's roots.


The ground began to shake slightly, but Dior did not give up. He continued to condense fireb.a.l.l.s, and one after another, fireb.a.l.l.s were smacked into the Tree King's roots.

The A rank Tree King could not resist the S rank Dior. Soon, the Tree King's roots were all burned by the blue fireb.a.l.l.s.

From then on, the Tree King became history. The Tree King was completely annihilated. Dior let out a sigh of relief. He had finally gotten rid of the greatest threat to the golden strange creature clan.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully helping the system absorb the heart of life. The system's upgrade energy has been satisfied. System upgrade in progress. Upgrade time: 72 hours.]

Flanders was extremely happy. The system was about to upgrade again. This was definitely a good thing for Flanders. If the system upgraded again, it would be upgraded to S+ rank.

The limit of power that the Blue Planet could accommodate was an S+ rank powerhouse. If an even more powerful existence descended on the Blue Planet, such an existence would be teleported away by the Blue Planet without any hesitation.

This was the limit that the Blue Planet could accommodate. No one could break through this limit.

If one wanted to surpa.s.s S+ rank, one only needed to go to another world, such as the Abyssal magic region or the endless h.e.l.l. These places would allow Flanders to break through to S+ rank.

As the heart of life was absorbed by Flanders, all the creatures in the Ancient Forest felt an abnormality.

They could not explain this abnormality clearly. They only felt as if a shackle had been removed from their hearts. They all felt as if the forest had lost some sort of vitality.

The heart of life had formed the Ancient Forest, and it had also imprisoned the Ancient Forest. Because of the heart of life, all the creatures in the Ancient Forest could develop intelligence.

Now that the heart of life was gone, no intelligent life would be born in the future. Of course, creatures that had evolved intelligence were not included.

Dior led Flanders to sweep through all the small s.p.a.ces in the Ancient Forest. Flanders gained a lot of fear points.

He felt that he was not far from breaking through to S+ rank. He had obtained a top-tier magic item like the heart of life. Even if the system had absorbed the heart of Life, Flanders could already share some of the energy of the heart of life, even if it was just a little energy, Flanders could also advance in his rank.

The Tree King was merely a temporary host for the heart of life. The heart of life had always been evolving. If the heart of life had successfully evolved, then the entire Ancient Forest would become a huge creature. The entire forest would break through the limits of the power of Blue Planet.

After the Ancient Forest broke through the limits of the power of Blue Planet, it would be expelled by Blue Planet. This was because the next thing the Ancient Forest wanted to do was to compete with Blue Planet for the dominance of the entire planet.

Currently, the mainstream of Blue Planet was technology and magic. If the Ancient Forest won, then the rules of the entire planet would change. There would no longer be the fusion of technology and magic here.

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There was only life magic left in this place. Humans would also encounter a huge disaster. They would either turn into treants or die.

In the middle of the Ancient Forest, Flanders was waiting for Gabriel Reis with Dior, Somerfeld, Ruskin, and Osmond.

Soon, Gabriel Reis led the team to the center of the forest. He saw Flanders with the other elders, and there was also a golden old strange creature.

Gabriel felt relieved. It was obvious that the scarecrow had subdued them.

Many A + rank elders of the temple did not know Flanders. They were only curious about who this young man was when they saw him surrounded by the elders.


"You're here! That's great! I've been waiting for you! Don't Leave now!"

Flanders's Domain of Fear had already covered this team. Under Flanders's powerful strength, all of the A+ ranked players felt fear in their hearts.

It did not take long for them to be subdued by Flanders.

"Dior, you've actually advanced to S rank. That's great! The heavens have truly blessed my golden strange creatures."

The A+ ranked golden strange creature who had been following the team all this while saw Dior. They excitedly hugged each other.

They were finally out of the control of the Salko Temple, even though they had a new master.

They did not know the temperament of their new master, and they were more or less worried. Dior could tell what they were thinking.

Soon, Dior told the golden strange creatures what Flanders had done, and the golden strange creatures were very grateful to Flanders.

They decided to tell Flanders a huge secret.

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