I Am A Scarecrow And The Demon Lord Of Terror!

Laughter and Joy

Chapter 428 - Heart Of Life

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Chapter 428 - Heart Of Life

Ruskin burst forth with unprecedented combat strength. He broke free from Somerfeld's imprisonment spell.

Ruskin had seized an important moment. Flanders and the others were at a moment of relaxation.

Ruskin's entire body was emitting golden flames. He instantly turned around and entered the Tree King Valley.

The Tree King saw everything, and the Tree King was terrified. This guy was an S rank powerhouse, and he could not be provoked at all.

Seeing Ruskin enter the Tree King Valley, the Tree King was so anxious that he gnashed his teeth. The Tree King regretted calling Ruskin over.

The golden old strange creature, Dior, saw Ruskin enter the Tree King Valley, and a feeling of joy arose in his heart. He was struggling to figure out how to tell his master to kill the Tree King when the opportunity came.

Flanders had warned him the last time, and he had always remembered it. He was also afraid of Flanders's anger.

Now, the Tree King had taken the initiative to collude with the people of the Salko Temple. Oh, Tree King, you old thing, today is the day you die.

Dior excitedly led the way. He had been to the Tree King Valley several times. The maze of the forest in the valley could confuse others, but it could not confuse Dior.

After Ruskin escaped into Tree King Valley, he followed the route in his memory to find the Tree King. He needed an ally at this time.

Perhaps the Tree King could help him. If he was not careful, he would get lost in the maze.

Ruskin summed up the forest maze very well. He found that he could not find the way. He was already lost in the forest maze.

He instantly understood what was going on. He muttered to himself angrily, "d.a.m.n Tree King. He betrayed me the moment he turned around!"

Ruskin thought to himself. When he got out, he would definitely not let this big tree go. He had to pay a price for daring to deceive the elders of the temple.

Under the lead of Dior, Flanders quickly found the Tree King.


"Let me see. An incomparably huge tree. Old cutie, do you have anything to say?"

On the way here, Dior had already told Flanders about the grudge between the Tree King and the golden strange creature clan.

He told Flanders about it, and Flanders treated it as a story and listened to it. This matter did not affect his judgment at all.

The Tree King knew that this young human man was the leader. He had long thought of a countermeasure.

"Greetings, respected human. Nice to meet you. The Tree King is willing to submit to you."

The tree king was very straightforward. As long as he did not die, it was not a big deal to submit to him.

"Not bad. A wise man submits to circ.u.mstances. Old tree spirit, you are very smart."

Hearing the young human praise him, the Tree King's heart finally relaxed. This time, he did not have to die.

The Tree King did not just want to die. He wanted to make a contribution and become the young human's confidant.

As long as the tree king was given a chance, he would be able to manipulate matters from behind the scenes.

"h.e.l.lo, Master. I've captured an old human. This human is very likely to be your enemy."

Looking at the Tree King who was flattering him, Flanders felt that it was quite interesting. A huge tree actually had a sinister character.

Flanders did not like this kind of sinister villain. Previously, Dior had told Flanders the story of the Tree King. In addition to the Tree King's att.i.tude in front of Flanders, Flanders disliked the Tree King even more.

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Dior did not know Flanders's thoughts. Looking at the Tree King's performance, he was very angry. Dior struggled for a long time, but he did not say it out loud.

Flanders was very curious about what kind of existence the Tree King was, and why such a large tree could actually be like a human.

He could not help but study the Tree King. Flanders lightly jumped onto the crown of the Tree King.

Flanders saw a huge gemstone that was emitting a sparkling green light. This gemstone had a thick radiance of life.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for discovering the heart of life.]

[Ding! The Demon G.o.d of fear system requires the heart of life.]

Flanders was surprised to receive two system notifications in succession. It seemed that this heart of life must be very important.

He began to use the system to collect the heart of life.

The moment Flanders jumped onto the crown of the Tree King, the Tree King was extremely nervous.

The heart of life was his life support. Without the heart of life, he would degenerate into just an incomparably huge tree.

The heart of life was something that he had to protect. He would not allow anyone to take away his heart of life.

However, he was helpless. The heart of life had magic that could protect itself. However, when faced with that young human, the heart of life was taken away without any resistance.

Although Dior did not know what that gigantic green gemstone was, he knew that it was very important to the Tree King. As long as the Tree King was hurt, the golden strange creature race would support it.

The Tree King did not care about anything else. He could not lose his heart of life. Its crown began to close in on Flanders. He wanted to surround Flanders in the crown.

"Human, you forced me to do this. Go to h.e.l.l!"

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