I Am A Scarecrow And The Demon Lord Of Terror!

Laughter and Joy

Chapter 427 - Meeting Ruskin By Chance

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Chapter 427 - Meeting Ruskin By Chance

The contents of the screen were very different from what Gabriel Reis had said. What happened in the screen was at the edge of the Ancient Forest, while Gabriel Reis said that the ghost altar incident happened at the center of the forest.

It was because they were at the center that they had no choice but to use the spatial pa.s.sage. Otherwise, how could they have been separated?

"d.a.m.n it! Gabriel Reis has betrayed us!"

Excluding everything that was impossible, what remained was the truth. Ruskin was an S rank extraordinary ability user. He had rich experience in dealing with enemies.

Even though they felt that Gabriel Reeis could not have betrayed them, based on the course of events, there was a very high possibility that Gabriel Reis had already betrayed them.

What was it that caused him to defect? It was impossible for the golden strange creature race to cause Gabriel to defect. Ruskin still had confidence in this.

Then, only the young human was left. He was really curious about who this human was. Since he was a human, he should know how powerful the temple was.

Ruskin could not figure it out, so he decided to find the leader, Somerfeld.

"Tree King, I heard that you want to form an alliance with us. As an S rank existence, you have the right to form an alliance with the Salkos Temple."

When the Tree King heard that the other party was from the Salko Temple, he was pleasantly surprised. Of course, he knew about the Salko Temple. If he could form an alliance with the Salko Temple, he would be more than happy to do so.

He knew what the Salko Temple had been doing for so many years. Every time an A+ rank powerhouse from the golden strange creature clan was captured, he would be happy for a long time.

It had already begun to fantasize about the beautiful prospect of forming an alliance with the Salko Temple.

"Do you know where that human young man is?" Ruskin felt that the Tree King had to show its sincerity in cooperating.

As for the golden strange creatures, the Salko Temple had never intended to destroy them. After destroying them, where would the temple go to capture an A+ golden strange creature?

However, the silly Tree King could be used. The Tree King had an endless lifespan. It could be said that as long as the Ancient Forest existed, it would always exist. Even if it lost some of its lifespan occasionally, it could quickly recover.

When the Tree King used the Forest Will, the effect was several times stronger than the effect of Dior's.

Soon, the Tree King found Flanders's location. The Tree King was extremely angry when he saw the golden strange creature Dior and Flanders together.

There were also two strong warriors from the Salko temple following them. Needless to say, they must have gotten together.

The Tree King looked at Ruskin. Its green eyes showed a pitiful expression. The tree king decided to stay in the Valley of the Tree King. It looked dangerous outside.

The Tree King shared the scene with Ruskin. Ruskin was shocked after seeing it. He did not expect the captain to be subdued by the scarecrow.

Ruskin was more loyal to the Salko temple than anything else. He did not know how to save the captain, but he had to pa.s.s the news to the rest of the temple.

S rank extraordinary ability users had a power that allowed them to use their powerful spiritual power to contact others within a certain distance.

No matter how much Ruskin used magic to expand his spiritual power, he could not contact Vivian and Hansen.

Did Hansen and Vivian betray him as well?

"Tree King, help me look at the temporary camp of the humans. I want to see if the other two elders are under control."

After the Tree King observed, he shared the scene with Ruskin. He let out a sigh of relief. At least Vivian and Hansen were not under control.

"Tree King, can you contact them? I can't contact them here."

"Sorry, human, I can't communicate with the outside world. I can observe the outside world, but I can't pa.s.s the information to the outside world. This is a small s.p.a.ce with natural barriers."

After hearing the Tree King's words, Ruskin was relieved. He was also anxious and forgot that he was in the Tree King's small s.p.a.ce. In the small s.p.a.ce, it was self-isolated. No magic could penetrate the s.p.a.ce barrier.

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Ruskin decided to leave the Valley of the Tree King. He wanted to find Vivian and Hansen immediately and tell them the truth.

Ruskin felt that the entire world was in a bad state. He had known about the scarecrow, and it had only been one or two years since the scarecrow had appeared.

This growth rate was too terrifying. If he was given more time, how far would he grow?

Ruskin did not dare to think anymore. His loyalty to the temple helped him make a decision. He wanted to perish together with the scarecrow.

He wanted to completely eliminate the future danger of the temple, even at the cost of his life.

Flanders would not give Ruskin a chance. He had already experienced the thoughts of the lunatics of the Salko Temple.

Their current thoughts must be to die with him. Flanders, Dior, Somerfeld, and Osmond, the four of them were completely superior to Ruskin.

Ruskin did not even have the chance to resist.

A black water ball rushed towards Ruskin. He tried to dodge, but he realized that he could not move.

"Leader, why did you imprison me? Leader, wake up, you're being controlled."

No matter how much Ruskin shouted, Somerfeld's eyes did not have the slightest bit of regret or pity.

"Ruskin, submitting to master is your best choice!"


"Well done!"

Somerfeld's attack made Flanders very satisfied. It was good to have subordinates. He did not even need to make a move himself.

Flanders condensed a black water ball.. Just as the black water ball was about to touch Ruskin, he exploded.

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