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Chapter 776 - Take A Guess

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Chapter 776: Take A Guess

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Those from the Stick Nation had a sullen expression after seeing that scene.

Jing Shan injured one of them and even spoke arrogantly. They naturally could not tolerate that.

Soon, Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi was also carried off the stage.

In just a few minutes, three people were injured in three battles, all of which were serious injuries!

“Jing Shan wins. Eul-Yong Han, come to the arena!”

As soon as the referee finished his words, a teenager with a long spear walked out from the big stick country.

“A long spear?” Ye Lingchen’s eyes narrowed slightly. It was the first contestant who used a long spear.

Jing Shan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sneered, “What kind of strength do you have? Are you hiding it or are you really weak? ”

“You’ll know after you fight!” Eul-Yong Han held the long spear and said, “What? Are you getting scared now? Are you worried I’ll be too powerful and catch you off guard? ”

“Hahaha, you’re pretending to be a pig trying to eat a tiger. If you pretend for too long, you’ll really become a pig! ”

“It’s still better than your arrogance and conceit! One of you said they won’t let your female martial artists enter the arena, and now you dare to make such arrogant remarks?!” Eul-Yong Han continued, “Let’s set aside the fact that you stopped your female martial artists from entering the arena. Even if all five of you from China enter the arena, our Stick Nation will still be able to beat you senseless!”

“Hehe, you can try! ”

As soon as Jing Shan finished speaking, his long sword let out a light cry as it pierced straight out!

Eul-Yong Han did not withstand the attack. His figure s.h.i.+fted and instantly left the place he was standing.

His movement technique was very strong!

Everyone’s gaze focused. The Stick Nation had really concealed their talents deep enough. Eul-Yong Han was also a master!

Jing Shan was already mentally prepared for it. At that moment, he did not hold back and instantly swept his sword. With him as the center, the weapon sliced out in a circle!

Sword light swept!

The next moment, Eul-Yong Han’s figure appeared.

“I originally wanted to save some energy, but after thinking about it, I decided to finish you off cleanly. You Chinese people are arrogant and conceited, so I might as well teach you how to behave! I’ll let you know how insignificant you are! ”

Eul-Yong Han was still in the mood to speak. On the one hand, he wanted to wear down Jing Shan’s morale, but on the other hand, it was also a sign that he was having it easy.

The Stick Nation had prepared a lot for that day. They wanted to step on China in the first battle and climb up from there!


A burst of explosion sounded in the air. Eul-Yong Han’s long spear swept out swiftly and collided with Jing Shan’s long sword.


Sparks flew.

The next moment, Eul-Yong Han’s arm grew bigger, and his temples collapsed.

“Spear explosion!” Ye Lingchen said in a low voice, “Eul-Yong Han’s spear technique is very high. ”

A long spear’s attack was mostly straight-forward and required a very high degree of control. However, once one’s spear techniques reached a high level, the corresponding consumption of spiritual strength would be much lesser than other weapons. One only needed to let out their spiritual strength in a burst for extremely short attacks.

“His body technique is very good and his spear techniques are executed smoothly. Most importantly, Jing Shan was already injured in the last round, so it’s not good to drag this for long,” Lin Xi said worriedly.

“Just watch. Jing Shan’s sword technique isn’t weak either. A sword against a spear has an extra layer of subtleness. Its changes aren’t something that a long spear can compare to.”

” … ”

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While they were talking, Jing Shan had already exchanged more than ten moves with Eul-Yong Han in the arena.

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that it was Jing Shan.

At this moment, his face was pale, and he kept coughing up blood. However, there was a comfortable smile on his face as he retreated frantically.

Everyone looked at Eul-Yong Han again. His condition was much better than Jing Shan’s. At the very least, he was not bleeding. However, his face was greatly damaged and the most eye-catching aspect was his pair of panda-like eyes. There were even palm prints on his cheeks. It was extremely comical, and many people erupted uncontrollably in laughter.

This was clearly Jing Shan’s masterpiece. He had been eyeing Eul-Yong Han’s face in order to slap it, but unfortunately, it did not become a pig’s head.

“You’re courting death!” Eul-Yong Han shouted angrily. He held his spear and strode toward Jing Shan.

However, Sun Hongtao said indifferently at that moment, “Concede!”

“Hahaha, I won’t fight you anymore, my Stick Nation opponent!” Jing Shan laughed. He coughed up blood and laughed as he left the stage.

“You clearly had the opportunity to severely injure your opponent, but you actually did such a pointless thing!” Sun Hongtao scolded in a low voice.

If Jing Shan had found an opportunity to attack Eul-Yong Han’s vital points, he could still greatly reduce Eul-Yong Han’s strength even if he could not win. However, he actually chose to use a frenzied punch that was practically useless other than giving the opponent a panda eye.

“Pointless? I think it’s very interesting,” Jing Shan smiled and said, “I just can’t stand his arrogant appearance. He really thinks he’s the sh*t! Since I can’t beat him, I’ll let him lose his dignity and become the most beautiful young man in this International Martial Arts Tournament.”

“Well done!” Ye lingchen gave Jing Shan a thumbs up and praised him.

“Hahaha, great minds think alike!” Jing Shan was instantly pleased with himself and continued, “It’s your turn to go on the arena now. Seeing that you’re full of confidence, you must be quite powerful, right? I dared to let myself loose a little because I believe in you. You weren’t just bragging before, were you?”

“Don’t force yourself. Xiaoxiao and I are also very powerful. Don’t look down on female martial artists!” Lin Xi quickly added.

“Yes, that’s right!” Chen Xiaoxiao nodded.

“My power. How about… you guys take a guess?”

Ye Lingchen smiled, then placed his long spear behind his back and slowly walked onto the stage.

“Eul-Yong Han wins! China’s Ye Lingchen, please come on to the arena! ”

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