The Conquerors Path


Chapter 65: The Shrimp Between The Whales

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Chapter 65: The Shrimp Between The Whales

Just like that we sat there looking at the stars, what consoled ourselves during this loneliness being each other

‘Hey system how long will this world last?’

[Host the world would only last for about 2 more days]

‘Only 2 more days, why?’

[Host must have noticed it by now, this world is not just a creation, it’s infinitely close to reality, hence the amount of mana required is staggering, if the demon continues this any longer, then he may lose his inheritance]

Hearing the systems words I relaxed, it seems that I would finally be able to leave this place in 2 days but at the time a small anxiety built up within me, knowing that demon he won’t let me off that easy

And I was right too, soon the world started to tremble huge pressure started to appear within the forest, the monsters seemed to act as if doomsday appeared

“what’s going on?”

At the same time I heard Eleanor’s voice, it was filled with caution, I quickly broke the barrier and hid both of our mana’s, running to a small cave I hid both of us in the cave

‘System what’s going on?’

[Host, when whale’s fight the shrimp gets injured]

‘The h.e.l.l?, what does that mean?’

As soon as I did ask this question, 5 distinct monster screams could be heard, even for me when I heard the scream I felt my body tremble, and my head ache, quickly i protected Eleanor with mana

“This i-is!’

I could see that Eleanor was surprised and I could guess why

‘Are the 5 overlords going to fight each other?’


A simple answer but hearing it my heart felt constricted, looks like the demon wants to take us out like this, we are lucky that the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds dead, well this could be said to be the law of nature

The law was simple the dead could not harm the living, it was a simple rule made by the creation G.o.ddess, the demon from before and the ones in the historic worlds are just a fragment of their original consciousness

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They were left behind to rule the historic world and they had the restiction of not being able to directly kill the people who took their test, otherwise the demon could have killed us directly, why go threw such ha.s.sle?

“Please forgive me teacher”

Before Eleanor could respond I hit her in the neck and made her unconscious, it didn’t need a genius to know what she was goung to do and I can’t risk it, making sure that she was placed right

I placed severeal restriction, barriers and protection before i started running towards the position of the 5 overlords gathering, as i ran I came upon several monsters that were running away

The more closer i got the more a certain pressure began to fall upon me but the pressure went as it came, at the same time 5 of the overlords gathered to finally decide the one and only ruler of the forest

On one side stood a snake of great size, it’s green skin and slit like eyes shinned in the light, on another side stood an overgrown ape, it had brown hair and its biceps moved with rhythm

Standing beside the ape was a white tiger, lightning seemed to sweep from it and beside the snake stood a huge bear it’s tank like body displaying its might and finally we had a huge eagle floating in the sky

“Then lets begin”

It was just after the eagle like beast had spoken and the atmosphere was heating up that, the tiger displayed a confused expression and looked towards a certain direction, following it others too looked that way

Noticing the anomaly all the 5 beasts were surprised and at the same place they were looking from Austin appeared

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