The Conquerors Path


Chapter 49: Destiny

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Chapter 49: Destiny

The next day within the room of an inn a bandaged handsome boy could be seen sleeping in a bed, next to him slept a feminine looking boy, yup it’s Austin and Scarlet alright

slowly Austin opened his eye’s, after that he took a look around

‘ohh, it’s seems it worked?’

seeing Scarlet who was sleeping in a chair next to me i activated the read function


Name: Scarlet

Love: 100%

Remark: well done, i am proud of you


avoiding the remark, seeing the love level on Scarlet i gave out a sigh, my tensed body quickly relaxed, normally the love level shouldn’t reach that level so fast but that’s for normal species

For dragon’s when they choose someone once then they are it, Scarlet might still be human now but she still has that sense of loyalty every dragon’s have, a women who would never turn her back on you


i could feel the pain from my body, to convince Scarlet i really did have to hurt myself, not a pleasant thing to do, but i had no choice, otherwise she wouldn’t have bought it

just when i moved my body, Scarlet also woke up, siting straight she saw that i woke up, after that she jumped into my embrace


+35,000 affection

i caught her into my embrace where she stayed for a few minutes before she let go, standing in front of me she had an aggrieved face

“why did you do that?”

“i did what i had to do, plus i got out alive right?”

i gave her a ‘weak’, ‘childish’ smile to which she pouted

“bro you look cute right now, just like a girl”

i pointed at her and laughed, seeing me call her cute she blushed a bit but when she saw that i still saw her as a guy, she almost shouted at him

hints!, there were many hints but this dense guy still didn’t recognize it!, she really didn’t know how he can be so dense

while we both were bickering with each other a beautiful and healthy brown haired women entered, seeing her i gave a small smile

“looks like aunty Sara got better”

hearing my words Sara smiled, coming closer she gave me a small bow

“thank you Austin for saving my life”

‘fl.u.s.tered’ i quickly caught her to stop her from bowing further

“no need aunt Sara, i promised Kane to save your life, plus it’s something that i had to do as Kane’s friend”

seeing my reaction Sara smiled, smiling she spoke

“ayy~~~it’s really sad that i don’t have a daughter otherwise i would surely have surely betrothed her to you”

“it’s really a pity”

i also played with her act, seeing that Scarlet blushed more

“stop it both of you!!”

like this all 3 of us spend some time talking with each other, it’s at this time that Sara asked a serious question

“so Austin what are you going to do from now?”

unlike her daughter Sara could see that Austin was not just any normal n.o.ble, Austin’s strength at such a young age was not normal, he must have a reason for coming here

“indeed i came here for a special reason but i didn’t attend to it still because i had met Kane and wanted to spend some time with him as a friend”

hearing my words Scarlet tensed a bit, scared that i might leave her, lowering my voice i said with a serious expression

“i came here because i found a hidden historic world”

my words stunned both Scarlet and Sara as even they knew the value of historic worlds, such worlds left by powerful ent.i.ties are something that countries would fight for

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seeing that i said such an important information to her so openly it warmed Scarlet’s heart, after both of them digested the information i said something even more suprising


a very hoa.r.s.e voice was heard, after that small light particles started to form above the rock and a middle aged man came into view, he had golden eye’s and hair along with a handsome face

as soon as the man’s figure was formed he looked towards us, i felt my whole body shudder as if he could see through me completely

“umm, a half dragon that should be impossible to form and a unique human that could withstand a dragon’s domain, just what has happened to this world?”

after hearing the man’s words both of us froze


Scarlet was tightly holding on to me not knowing what was happening

“who are you?”

i was the one who spoke first but he didn’t look at me, he turned his head towards Scarlet

“child do you know that you are half dragon?”


both me and Scarlet exclaimed, well for me i just went with the script

“what do you mean?”

this time Scarlet spoke up

“it’s too much to explain why don’t you pa.s.s my trail then i would say you everything you need to know”

the golden haired man spoke with some arrogance, after that Scarlet looked towards me who just smiled at her

“don’t worry, historic world are said to belong to those who are destined, maybe you are the destined for this one”

“but you were the one who found this place”

“don’t worry just go and do your best, maybe this is were you can change your fate”

Scarlet hesitated a bit before she nodded, the golden haired man snapped his finger and Scarlet disappeared for her test

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