The Conquerors Path


Chapter 451 451-Match Over.

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Chapter 451 451-Match Over.

Destruction, pure destruction was seen as the effect of the attack between the two subsided. The sub-world itself should have been completely destroyed, but due to the one handling the s.p.a.ce powers taking action, nothing of that sort happened. Otherwise, a lot would have died with the power leaking out of the sub-world.

The audience with tensed looks gazed into the arena, their focus solely on the survivors as they had failed to see who had won. The whole explosion had covered their eyes while now, within the sub-world, it was just destruction.

The grounds were completely turned black, with certain lightning bolts fizzling in the ground, showing that even with the ground being the best insulator, it was still electrified!

The scene looked similar to an apocalypse with nothing beautiful in sight, cracks everywhere, heat and cold spreading all around, the ground being nothing but black and broken. There was no life or beauty, yet soon within everyone's eyes, two figures started to appear. Seeing them, the expression of the people changed.

Within the vast wasteland stood Austin and Zelda facing each other, with Zelda looking worse for wear, her hair disheveled, scratches and destruction at several parts of her dress, her figure a bit pale. But what was most eye-catching was the presence of burns and ice on her body!

It was small, yet it was present nonetheless, but what brought chills to the rest was the fact that Austin was completely unharmed! He stood there with his back straight, his gaze calm as he looked at Zelda, his two beautiful blood-red wings playing the perfect act of defense as they took in the complete brunt of the attack, protecting him.

Several lightning sparks kept appearing on his body, but he was completely immune to it. With a smile, Austin spoke, "Looks like I will be getting that date..."

Hearing his words, Zelda looked deeply into his eyes, her expression calm at her situation. For she had survived through worse, her feline eyes getting sharper, three whiskers growing on her face, her tail dancing around as she started to speak, "You know... I really hate losing..."

It was too fast and too powerful, for before Austin could even blink, Zelda's spear was traveling to his neck. The domain that was the clear power of an Imperial flowed out of Zelda, covering him in it. In this place, he was just Zelda's toy to be played around with, her using this marked the loss of Austin or did it?


"Impossible!" the woman sitting beside Ralph shouted, her expression of pure astonishment showing the sheer shock running through her heart. While Ralph sitting beside her didn't have a much better expression, they being the top experts they are, knew better about the thing they desired but couldn't grasp until now. 'Boy, be safe...' Ralph thought as he held his chair tight.

"Just what kind of monster did you raise?" He muttered.


"How is this possible?" One of the supreme elders of the war council spoke, his tone filling with the disbelief he was feeling.

"Looks like she was hiding much more from us..." Another elder spoke, her tone being strong yet light, but the appreciation in it was still present.

"At least this means the challenge is ours..." Another elder spoke with a happy tone, which was quickly replaced by another one.

"I wonder....."

The elder spoke, his eyes focused on Austin, whose neck was soon to be impaled with a spear. Despite this impending threat, Austin maintained a calm demeanor, which caused a premonition to arise in the elder's heart.


Austin's POV:

'Guess this is where the fun ends...'

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I thought as I watched my body become completely at the mercy of Zelda's domain. It's still surprising that she's able to wield it at such a lower power level.

Flexing my wings, I soon appeared in front of the frozen Zelda, my greatsword pressing down on her neck. Yet even then, she didn't react, and I could see the primal fear in her eyes. For a moment, I felt bad for her as I had heard of the terror one feels when the destruction element covers you, but mine was more dangerous than that.

"Isn't the match over?" I asked in the chilling silence. Zelda was on her knees in a daze with my greatsword over her neck. There was stunning silence for a minute, after which the man appeared back, his trembling eyes focused on me as he started to speak with great difficulty.

"The winner of the match is... DarkNight's Rex," he finished speaking. There were no shouts nor glory, and all I could feel was the anger and disbelief filling everywhere. Heck, I could even feel the eyes of the supreme powerhouses of the War Council and the rest focusing on me. Their pressuring gaze was enough to bring down the rest, but I didn't fall to it.

With a smile gracing my face, I lifted up my greatsword, holding it high above me as I spoke.

"I wish for power within the Council..."

It was just a small wording, but this itself tripled the pressure that was focusing on me. The malice and anger were sky high at the demand I made after winning three consecutive battles.

Lowering my sword, I turned to look at Zelda, who by now had already regained her bearing. Giving a hand, I pulled her up as I spoke.

"Good fight," I said.

"How much were you holding back?" she asked me with narrowed eyes, to which I replied, "Lots."

Hearing this, Zelda's expression only turned silent, but soon it lifted into a beautiful smile as she spoke.

"Tomorrow, 11 AM, at the Basilisk Tower. Don't be late," she said, disappearing.

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