The Conquerors Path


Chapter 45: New Target

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Chapter 45: New Target

a small carriage arrived in the city of rosa of the Pedler kingdom, once it stopped a short person with a clock and a mask on his face got down from it

yup that was me alright, it’s been a week since i left my home, the journey on this carriage was not great, in the Sylvia realm there were 3 main ways of travel

one you could use the teleportation portals connecting different cities but that was only applicable to higher n.o.bles, due to it’s high cost

second way was too use the fletcher company, it was mostly based on the more well to do family, where the company provides flight based travel

and the third was using the road, i could have used the 1st or 2nd option but then that would mean drawing attention from my family and that’s something which i wanted to avoid at all cost for now

getting out and stretching my body i looked around this not-so-great average city, the Pedler kingdom isn’t anything special an average kingdom thay was barely holding on, in a few years maybe a stronger kingdom might take control of them

‘well, that ain’t my problem’

getting better i took a look around and started moving to a certain place….the slum, that was my location for now

as i kept walking the surroundings started to change, the clean roads vanished and more dirt and poor people started to be seen, with my current looks i didnt draw much attention, after all in the slum shady things always happen

as i was walking through the place i ‘accidentally’ got lost, i ended up walking into an abandon alley way where a person or to be exact a ‘boy’ stood in front of me

‘his’ clothes was ragged, with many dirt and scar in ‘his’ body, n.o.body would give ‘him’ a second look, ‘he’ had brown hair and golden eyes, which even though had seen many cruelties still had a fighting spirit, ‘he’ looked to be about 12


Name: Scarlet

s.e.x: Female

Age: 12

species: human/Dragon

Talent: 9/10

Power: Null

t.i.tle: the little theif, the lost pride

Love: 0%

Description: a girl who had no choice but to dress up as a boy

>even though she had been through a lot of tough s.h.i.t, she still believes in her own self

>always self conscious about her body, thinks that she would never be beautiful

Difficulty: A+(Be careful with this one or you might not know what hit you)


yup, as you guys thought she another capture target, well not yet though, her story in a way can be pitiful, she’s a half dragon the only one of her kind to be exact

actually there cannot exist a half dragon anything, dragons are powerful and prideful but what they have the most is loyalty

if a dragon Male or female chooses a mate, then they would only have that person as their partner for life, even the most stubborn of people would lay down when the dragons falls in love, it’s also the reason why Vena wanted to kill me no matter what

this in a way was also their curse, making it so that they could only fall in love with other dragons, i mean who could watch their loved one’s turn old and die?

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dragons have a huge life span that others could not match, not only that due to their high power they couldn’t impregnate other species too

even though Scarlet’s instincts screamed that the person in front of her was dangerous she still did it because she had no choice, her mother’s situation was getting worse and she needed more money fast

i chuckled a bit at her threat, in the game she was a very straightforward person, due to living in the slum like this she had no manners to be excat, she was never afraid and she had the strength to back it too

but the person in front of me right now is weak and powerless , i could kill her with a thought, this really is quite a funny situation

“what’s so funny?”

my chuckle was quickly drowned by Scarlet’s shout

“nothing much it’s just that it’s funny that someone as weak as you is trying to rob me”

and before she could respond i disappeared and appeared before her, i took away the knife in her hand, twisted her hand behind her back and pushed her towards the wall

all Scarlet saw was that i disappeared and the next moment she knew she was pressed against the wall

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d let me go!!”

“Is that how you respond to someone who had you life in his hand”

my cold voice stopped her from moving and the reality of the situation quickly fell into her mind, she who always got away was caught

“what are you going to do with me ?”

even though she was in a bad situation, she still didn’t have any fear, i was a bit impressed

“nothing much i just came to get something”

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