The Conquerors Path


Chapter 444 444-Meeting At The War Council.

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Chapter 444 444-Meeting At The War Council.

"Sigh... so she's gone," I muttered out loud as I sat on the empty bed, naked. These past two days had been a crazy ride for me and Vena, lost in each other's warmth and love. It was an amazing time, and I could say with utmost confidence that I knew Vena's body better than anyone in the world.

'This is better, I thought to myself. It was better for Vena to leave without a word, as it would only make it harder for the two of us to say our goodbyes, even if it was not permanent.

'Guess it's time to get back into the real world! Quickly getting over my sentiment, I dressed up in a black suit that complemented me well. Having readied myself, I left the house, my eyes trailing at the night sky that never changes. The city was always a mix of debauchery and peace, a very complicated mix.

With light steps and my face covered with a black mask, I entered a well-decorated building, and the servants started to lead me. Soon, I reached a door which opened for me, and I entered inside, soon appearing at the same meeting room for the members of the DarkNight. Thirteen of them were spread around the table, everyone gathered here for an important meeting.

My eyes trailed through all the ones gathered, each different, powerful people with power at each end of the world.

"You took your sweet time," the middle-aged demon spoke, his black eyes focusing on me with a good-natured smile.

"Must be enjoying with a girl," the lion kin spoke with a smile and gave me a nod.

"Well, I have been busy," I responded as I walked to the table, taking a seat at the head, trying to ignore the burning gaze that Ralph was giving me.

"Tch... am I invisible?" he suddenly asked, making me look at him with a smile.

"Hey, Ralph, how have you been?" I greeted him.

"Hey, Ralph... you're foot!" he burst out, as he literally threw a shoe at me that I dodged.

"Hey... hey, let's keep this civil," I said.

"Civil your head!" Another shoe came flying at me, which I dodged.

"Do you know how much pressure we are taking from the War Council!" Ralph shouted, and this time it was a sock at my face, which once again I dodged.

"Calm down. I know that I caused the pressure, but you I should know better that I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't important for me," I responded, raising my hands, my voice as serious as possible. My words quickly cooled Ralph down, and everyone in the room nodded their heads, agreeing. I didn't gain their full support and brotherhood just by saving them; I had also helped them develop and provide resources and power.

Giving a keen look into the future and helping all of the DarkNight develop, all these people know that I am not one to just flunk out on them.

"So you must have a plan, right?" the Niflin tribe elf, Rai, spoke, to which I nodded my head. The problem here was the fact that the war council, which maintains peace across the world, had called for an all-world meeting after the incident at the academy. I had asked the DarkNight to send me to the meeting.

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The thing here was that the meeting was supposed to be a day ago. Yes, the time that I was supposed to be with the most powerful and influential people, I spent that time having s.e.x with one of the most beautiful and powerful women in the world. Well, if it wasn't for Vena, I wouldn't have done it. Then again, it was Vena.

"After you," I said, pointing my hand toward the portal tunnel.

"Humph... sure," Ralph replied as he entered inside, with me soon following him. The four of us were brought into a muddled sense of state, after which we arrived in a vast hall. My senses quickly picked up on the fact that the mana in here was extremely pure, among the best I have felt. Just taking it in was purifying my inner mana tower, not that it can be purified anymore.

"How is it?" Ralph suddenly asked me, to which I replied, "Not bad."

"Oh? Then have you been to a place better than this?" A voice called out to my reply, causing me to focus on the people in front of me. There were three in total: two adults that screamed power from their aura, a man, and a woman, while between them stood a teenager that looked to be of 18 or 20.

They held the sign of the War Council in their chest, the two G.o.ddesses facing each other.

'Do I need to do some face slapping?' I thought as I looked at the arrogant smirk the handsome guy was giving me. He had black hair and green eyes and from the power he was giving off, he could be labeled as a great genius in the outside world.

'Origin level 5'. One must know that this is nothing to scoff at or look down upon. The power level of the world goes as follows: the average power of the people attending the Babylon Academy is Origin level 3, going above it at a young age means that you are a genius among geniuses.

The level of students when they graduate from the academy, the top level would mostly comprise of Origin level 5's. Just because I have overcome such a level doesn't mean it's easy to reach this power. The growth of power isn't easy within this world.

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