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441 Chapter 441-Dragon Empress Still Going On.

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441 Chapter 441-Dragon Empress Still Going On.

Austin POV:

The weight of another body was felt on me as I opened my eyes, coming upon the beautiful sight of Vena naked and asleep atop me, her beautiful body barely hidden from my eyes by the small blanket that covered over our bodies.

'What time is it?'

I felt a bit groggy as I looked around the room which was a complete mess, the whole room looked like it was. .h.i.t by a tornado, the two of us didn't leave a single spot untouched as we f.u.c.ked entirely around the whole room, I had even forgotten the amount of time that I c.u.mmed inside Vena.

I gave up keeping count after we went on for 5 hours, from then on it was just pure lovemaking between the two of us.

'Did we f.u.c.k for a whole day?'

I questioned myself, my eyes trailing towards part of her body that can be seen through the blanket, each and every part of her body having my marks on her, something only possible because she had let down the defenses of her body for me to play around with, as did I, not shying away from her marking me as I could still feel certain stings from it over my body.

The fact was the two of us were holding back our love too much for each other that once we have begun we just couldn't stop, I kept on filling her insides with my seed and if it weren't for me using the spell of Darkness she would definitely have become pregnant.

Of course, in reality, humans can't make a baby with a Dragon as the power level won't allow for impregnation, it's the same for male and female dragons, Scarlet being the anomaly there.

'd.a.m.n, I was really tempted'

I thought as I lightly started to pat Scarlet's hair while trying to get rid of the discomfort on my waist as my d.i.c.k is still inside her!

The two of us had blanked out while having s.e.x, or it would be better to say that when the two of us were satisfied Vena didn't want me to get out of her insides, she wanted to feel me deep inside her even when she sleeps.

'You want my child...huh?'

During our lovemaking I could feel the desire of Vena to sire my child and to be honest I am not against her having a child with her, she's a woman I love and my mind is already grown enough for me to have a child but the time wasn't right, I am not willing to have a child when I haven't accomplished my goal of not having anyone alive or dead that could mess with me or the ones I love.

It would be easy for me to make her pregnant as I am literally named the Prince of Child itself, just inserting my seed is enough to make her or any woman pregnant, I could even make the most infertile of women pregnant with one shot of my seed, I just need to finish in them once and I am set to have a child.

'And to think I brought that spell....'

Before I was even named Oprheus's child and was going through with my love with Vena I did think about how I would have a child with her and even brought that spell of the priest of Light, one that can be used to make anyone pregnant.

'Guess that went down the drain...'

Just as I was thinking so I felt my lower part start to get wet, the insides of Vena starting to clench on me tight.

" you're awake....."

I murmured as Vena's eyes opened up, my gaze turning towards those red eyes of her's that seemed to only keep increasing with its love for me.

"Um~I just can't get enough~"

Vena said as her body rose, her s.e.xy body coming to light, filled with the marks I gave her, the evidence of our forbidden love affair itched everywhere, her red ripened b.r.e.a.s.t.s looking ready to play with as my two hands went to her nipples taking them between my fingers as I gave them a twirl.


Vena moaned, causing me to smile.

"Someone can't be satisfied....."

I spoke to which Vena's red eyes focused on me with love and desire, her hands making their way towards my chest, taking her balance, her lips moving down as she rubbed her tongue through my lips, biting my lower lips before focusing on me, meanwhile, my hands still held her nipples giving them the twirl and pinches they need.

"You know I can never be satisfied, I would forever want you~"

Vena whispered into my ears, her voice sending shivers down my spine as her insides clenched me tight.

I grinned, unable to resist her allure. "Oh, I know, love," I replied, my hands gripping her curvy hips. "And I'll be more than happy to keep giving you what you want."

With that, Vena started moving her hips, riding me in a slow and sensual rhythm. Her body was absolutely stunning, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bouncing with each movement, and the small black dot near her right eye added to her seductive charm. I couldn't get enough of her.

I reached up to cup her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, teasing her hardened nipples with my thumbs. Vena moaned, her eyes rolling back in pleasure. Her pace quickened, and I matched her movements, thrusting up into her with each downward grind.

Our bodies moved in perfect sync, the gla.s.s wall behind us offering a breathtaking view of the city below. The sensation of Vena's tightness wrapped around me was mind-blowing, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

I flipped us over, pinning Vena beneath me in a missionary position. Our lips crashed together in a fiery kiss as I pounded into her with a primal need. Her moans grew louder, matching the rhythm of our bodies.

"You feel so f.u.c.king good, Vena," I groaned, my voice filled with l.u.s.t. "You're driving me crazy."

Vena's eyes blazed with desire as she dug her nails into my back, urging me to go harder. Her body was a masterpiece, her curves calling to me with an irresistible pull. I gripped her hips tightly, my thrusts becoming rougher and faster.

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"You're mine, Austin," Vena gasped, her walls tightening around me. "I belong to you, and only you."

Vena's walls clenched around my fingers, her moans turning into cries of ecstasy. I could tell she was close, and I wanted to feel her release around me.

I withdrew my fingers and positioned myself at her entrance, my eyes locked with hers. Vena nodded a silent permission that I didn't hesitate to take.

I pushed into her in one smooth motion, both of us gasping at the sensation. The water from the shower mixed with our sweat, making our bodies slippery as we moved together in a wild rhythm.

We rocked against each other, our bodies slapping together in a deliciously dirty symphony. My sensations were overwhelming me, and I couldn't get enough of Vena's tightness wrapped around me.

Vena's nails dug into my back, leaving marks that mirrored the intensity of our pa.s.sion. Her hips met mine with a ferocity that matched my own, and I could feel her inner walls squeezing and releasing me with each thrust.

Her red eyes locked onto mine, and I could see the desire burning in them. Her lips parted, and she started to whisper dirty words in my ear, her voice a sultry melody that drove me to the brink of sanity.

"You feel so good, Austin," she moaned. "Your c.o.c.k is filling me up so perfectly. I can't get enough of you."

I groaned in response, my own desire fueling my movements. I buried my face in the crook of her neck, nipping and sucking at her skin, leaving a trail of marks that marked her as mine, refreshing them.

Vena's hand snaked between us, her fingers finding her c.l.i.t and rubbing it vigorously. Her moans grew louder, and I knew she was close to climaxing.

I shifted my angle, hitting her sweet spot with every thrust, and it pushed her over the edge. She cried out my name, her body convulsing as she rode out her o.r.g.a.s.m, her walls clenching around me in delicious spasms.

Her release triggered my own, and I let go, emptying myself into her with a guttural groan. We stayed locked together, riding out the waves of pleasure that washed over us.

After a few moments, we both slumped against each other, our bodies spent and sated. Vena's red hair was plastered to her back, and her eyes were hazy with post-o.r.g.a.s.mic bliss.

I leaned in to kiss her softly, my lips lingering against hers in a gentle caress. Vena responded with equal tenderness, her arms wrapping around me in a loving embrace.

We stayed like that for a while, our bodies pressed against each other, the water from the shower still cascading over us. We didn't care about the mess we were making in the bathroom or the fact that we were indulging in forbidden love.

At that moment, all that mattered was the deep connection we shared, the fiery pa.s.sion that bound us together. We were two souls entwined in a love that was fierce and unapologetic, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

As the water started to turn cold, we reluctantly pulled away from each other, but not before stealing one last lingering kiss. We stepped out of the shower, drying each other off with gentle caresses and loving glances.

We left the bathroom in disarray, evidence of our wild lovemaking scattered around us. But we didn't care. We were lost in each other, and nothing else mattered.

As we dressed in each other's presence, our fingers brushing against each other's skin with lingering touches, I couldn't help but feel a sense of grat.i.tude for having Vena in my life.

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