The Conquerors Path


Chapter 428 428-Beginnng Of Shria's Fall

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Chapter 428 428-Beginnng Of Shria’s Fall

I placed Sonia under the care of Clara before I left the training center. From Farah's words, it would take some time for Sonia to regain her bearings, as digesting my blood would take some time for her. Leaving aside the fact that I might be a super delicious walking blood bank for vampires, the rest was good news.

Knowing about this specialty makes it easier to push forth my plans for Nyla, and she already has a certain interest in me after all our spars and fights. I just have to ignite the things that will bring out her love for me, something which I have already planned for.

'Now, time to deal with her,' I thought with a cold intent as I walked towards the place to meet my little lamb that was waiting to be slaughtered. With a flip, my disguise was on as I reached the place where Shira was staying. I knocked on the door, but no response was given. I expected it after the failure that Shira must have experienced in the realm.

Focusing on my powers, I entered inside with force, walking through the living room before reaching the bedroom where I could see a despondent Shira sitting on a chair as she kept looking out into the world.

Her disguise was off with her green hair let loose, and her hazelnut eyes seemingly looking depressed. As I entered, her face turned towards me, her eyes widening, after which she jumped into my embrace.

pαпdα Й?νê|,сòМ "Looks like someone missed me," I said with a chuckle as I hugged back the upset Shira who was leaning on me for emotional support. Her head rested on my chest, her eyes closed. She didn't respond to my words as she kept hugging me. Seeing this, I didn't tease her any longer as I raised her body, handling her carefully till I reached the bed, placing her on my lap.

We stayed like that for minutes as Shira said nothing. She took me for her emotional support, and finally, after what seemed to be half an hour, I spoke.

"I heard about what happened,"

My words caused Shira, who was sitting on my lap, to flinch. Her face dug in deeper into my embrace, but I didn't let her do it. I pulled her away from me, and she tried to resist, but in the end, I caught her face in a rough manner, pulling her to look into my eyes. She wasn't disliking it at all. Heck, I could see the l.u.s.t filling her depressed eyes when I did this.

Our eyes met each other. My hands thus reduced the force I was using, my hand holding her chin becoming loose as I slowly held her cheeks, my eyes turning to one of love as I spoke.

"Are you sad?" I asked.

She didn't respond as she kept her mouth shut. So I asked again, this time stronger and more

"Are you sad?" I repeated.

This time, knowing that I was not kidding, Shira nodded her head.

"Why?" I asked.

This prompted her to look at me with an angered look, but I wasn't off pit by it.


Again my voice was heard, and this time the angered Shira spoke.

"Don't you know!" she exclaimed.

Her firsts rose up as they started to lightly hit my chest. I didn't avoid it as I let Shira slowly let go of all the anger acc.u.mulated within her. Hence, a minute pa.s.sed, after which Shira finally calmed down. Seeing this, I lifted my hand up, and a shine filled it. After which, a gold and green tinted saber appeared in my hand. Just as it did by reflex, Shira's head turned towards the saber, her eyes fixated.

Time seemed to have frozen for Shira. She was fully focused on the saber in a daze, and she, like a traveler in the desert finally gaining water, moved towards the saber with great feverish desire filling her eyes. Soon her hands landed on the saber. Just as she did, a great light flashed from the saber, its intent mixing with Shira's.

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Shira's body flashed as it floated above my lap, and so did the saber. The two of them slowly started to bond with each other. Seeing that, I gave her s.p.a.ce and moved to the living room. My hands took up a bag of chips, drinks, and a book. Hence, slowly time started to pa.s.s as I waited for the combination to end.


It wasn't a word that Shira ever wanted in her life. She was born with her bloodline, and to keep the traditions and snarky words at bay, she held onto the life of a boy. Though it made her quite uncomfortable in the beginning, she had soon gotten used to it, for she was born to be a great person.

To make her stoic father proud, she would become the best, and with her hard work, she slowly gained the ability to be the best. Her life was set, and her family would soon rise to the top of the world once the plans were complete. She, too, would be someone respected in the realms of princes or rulers.

Everything was set for her, but then there was a nagging feeling in her mind that she was missing something, a call from her feminine side, wishing to be free. But she suppressed that brutally, and as she did so, her progress kept getting slower and slower, making her fall from the high pedestal that she placed herself on.

But she didn't know how to confront it, and her pride disdained her from asking anyone for help. As such, she fell into the rut of a never-ending loop of self-pity and sadness, that was until she met her love, until she met...


He was like a typhoon that suddenly entered her life. She, who never had anyone say no to her, she, who never had anyone turn against her, met him, who stayed above her to protect her. And when he turned her down, looked at her roughly, 'that' feminine side of hers trembled, seemingly desiring to be let out.

'Barley' seemed to know everything about her. His words about her feminine side made her understand that he knew her well, that he had been watching her for a long time. His words of letting that side of her be free hit her hard as she was suffering and she needed to get stronger.

Hence finally, under her reluctance, she let her feminine side loose.

And she loved every bit of it...

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