The Conquerors Path


Chapter 411-The War

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411 Chapter 411-The

The whole atmosphere around the ruined city was deadly. The city that might have hosted great wars of the past was once again taken up in need. Its broken walls were rebuilt for another war, one whose result has yet to be seen.

"The first round of monsters are here, most of them being of Origin level 3, while the skies are taken up by the Flodian beasts," a skinny-looking demon spoke out, using his special bloodline to pa.s.s the messages to the ones at the top. A human girl sitting in meditation under protection also received the message, her hands flashing about as she started to find all the possible weaknesses and information about the first round of beasts. Around her sat another four people, ranging from elves to demons. They too were ones with a special memory or ability that lets them see through weaknesses or remember them. They quickly found out all the information they could as they transmitted it using the special communication that was set up. Soon, the first range of attackers was perceived of all the information they needed.

"Senior Carmel, you can be the first volley of attacks," Austin communicated, to which Carmel, who was dealing with the place with the most dense attack, responded. "Nothing will get past the first mark." Her voice entered inside Austin's head as he smiled. Soon, the first range of beasts was within the first mark, the skies dominated by the Flodian beasts that were a mix of wyverns and birds, their top head having a horn that shined ominously, while the ground was filled with several other beasts. Their berserker's eyes focused on the city, their bloodl.u.s.t filling the entire place. Several students took a step back at the enormous pressure that was covering the city from every place.

"Hold your marks," Carmel commanded, her voice filling the entire long-distance attackers, everyone stationed at each corner of the city. "Remember, you will all be the first attack. Don't fall back because it's on us to set the perfect tone for the battles ahead," Carmel spoke, pacifying some of the extreme feelings that were filling everyone. Carmel's hand tightened around the arrow she held, her calm eyes focusing on the enemies ahead. Beside her stood all the other attackers.

"Don't lose the sense of your magic; calmness is the key," Isabella spoke, her words calm and coolly detached, but that's the type of person she is, her "encouragement" somehow helping the long-ranged magicians cool their minds as they understood that the more their minds mess up, the more chaotic their displays of power would be.

A sense of stillness was brought to the entire atmosphere as everyone stood at their place, both the beasts and defenders, but that stability didn't last long as a roar sounded out. "ROAR!" The message was clear as the beasts started to run towards them, all the beasts' entire bodies in frenzy. The attackers waited, counting their time till the first mark was breached, and when it did... "FIRE!" Carmel called out as a volley of powerful arrows left the entire city, its view being beautiful from the top as the attack resembled a scene of a flower blooming from above. Soon, the arrows made their contact, bringing down chaos and death.

Several beasts were taken down, their blood dyeing the ground. Each arrow was imbued with its own specialty: some exploded, many froze, and some burned. But for sure, each and every one of the arrows killed.

Carmelia was like an unstoppable machine as she kept firing her arrows. She targeted both the top and bottom of the battlefield. Several beasts fell under the volley of arrows, each one with precision. This time, Carmelia took control, her cold eyes not flinching at all at the death that was taking place by her hand.

But as always, certain beasts pa.s.sed through the first mark and were dealt with by Isabella's magicians. All of them now used the lowest of their mana to bring down the wounded beasts that were making their way here.

The sound of shouts and deaths sounded out for five minutes after which it stopped. Carmelia stood at the wall, huffing and puffing as she held onto her bow. Her fingers were bleeding while sweat filled her entire being.

"The first attack group takes a step back, magicians it's your time to truly shine," Austin commanded with a calm gaze as he watched the battlefield. His command was heeded as the archers took a step back, while the mages started to swirl the mana around them.

By now, the first round of attack from the beasts had ended yet it was just the tip of the iceberg. The truly powerful beasts stood at the back, taking command while loads of beasts still stood for battle. The death of the first round hardly affected them as a new round of beasts started their attack, this time it featuring much more powerful beasts.

with it, I need to know of the information on how you know about my peculiar condition."


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No mage will normally be able to handle such a large amount of mana at once, yet she is special in a "Start," Isabella commanded as the mana around them got heavier. It was then a weak pulse sounded out from all around towards the city. The moment the pulse hit the city, the mana was disrupted, and with it were the mages.

"Change of plans, take a central approach with Isabella at the center, use a mana circuit join, with all supply to Isabella," after saying so, Austin focused on the connection with Isabella. "Use the greatest spell in your a.r.s.enal and take this whole round down. I will supply you with an extra 10 top-grade replenishers and healers. It will be from my stock."

A moment of silence lingered in Isabella as she thought through the rationality of the situation, and once she arrived at the conclusion that it wasn't a disadvantage for her, she replied. "I will do it, but with it, I need to know of the information on how you know about my peculiar condition."

No mage will normally be able to handle such a large amount of mana at once, yet she is special in a way, one that many don't know of. For Austin to take this approach meant that he knew about her situation already.

"I will," Austin agreed to the condition.

"Then it shall be done," Isabella said in her cold voice as everyone moved into position, the mages quickly setting up a magic circuit.

"Looks like you will have to enter the battlefield sooner than expected," Austin communicated to Marlene, who just smiled at the words that entered her mind.

"It just increases my time of slaughter," she replied, her killing instinct set high.

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