The Conquerors Path


Chapter 381 381-My City.

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Chapter 381 381-My City.

Soon along with the clingy girl we reached back into the throne room, my body partially wet from her, while her hands clung to me like a koala,

'She sure is a monster'


Name: Farrah Alberdo

s.e.x: Female

Age: 19(??)

species: Blood Elven Angle

Talent: G.o.dly

Power: Low Tier Imperial(Weakened)

t.i.tle: The Miracle.

Love: 100%

Description: A miracle of creation born from the genes of Alberdo and a woman once called the battle angle of war and death.

>Her creation itself is a miracle that went against all odds of creation, lies within her secrets hidden deep within the river of time.

>The current her lacks any sense of social awareness, her mind being as innocent and deadly as possible.

Difficulty: F-(Just put a tail on her and she will wag it for you, seriously do you think women are pokemon or something?)


Her status was something else, the talent of G.o.dly itself is something I have never seen before, not even Celestinia as such a talent tag on her, from what I could tell the talent itself is a guarantee that she would reach the power of G.o.ds.

There is also the fact that she is an Imperial Low tier, plus the law that she had taken to reach such a level is something that no imperial realm expert will be able to deal with, plus as time she will return back to her peak power and one day reach the level G.o.ds, an action only a few across the World has ever achieved.

But what really got my attention is the definition that the system tagged her with,

'The secret to the past?'

Now that is as ominous and cliche as it could be, though it didn't scare me, instead, a sense of curiosity and excitement started to bubble within me, living here I had already developed my own sense of quirks and one is that I am starting to love finding something new and unseen, more than that I am coming to love all the challenges that are coming to me.

The secrets, the powers, the scene of danger that if any woman found out I would be in deep s.h.i.t, everything is bringing in a sense of life, and as twisted as that is I have already embraced it. By now I have more amount of power in this whole world than anyone. Enough to offset Emperors to back off a bit but just as I reach the top I learn that there is a higher mountain.

Instead of that depressing me, it filled me with a unique desire to surmount everything, to one day sit atop everything, such that nothing will ever escape my grasp. A desire of Greed, a desire to...


"Farrah, tell me what do you remember before waking up?"

I asked to the girl who was still rubbing her face against mine like a kitten, my words brought her attention to me as her face turned to one of thought,

"I don't know, I was sleeping in a warm embrace till now, till master woke me up!"

She said in a calm yet excited voice, her current language being perfect for the Era, a very amazing perk of a single drop of blood in her, who can think that she's just a baby-like figure that woke up now?

"So you don't remember anything else?"

I asked, my hands slithering through her face as her body trembled to my touch, by now her nipples were rock hard and poking my chest, she was definitely aroused, though she has a no-level connection of arousal,

"Um, yes"

Farrah said as she coed to my touch, seeing this I left the topic for now, pushing her too much would just bring problems,

"AI, do you have a name?"

I asked to the floating eyeball,

"I am called Rex"

The AI replied,

"Tell me what is left of the treasury?"

I commanded,

"Yes master"

As it finished speaking a certain image flickered and a screen appeared in front of me showing the current situation and all the treasures left,

"Currently 80% of the stuff in the treasury is damaged, only treasures above the level of Demi-G.o.d still work"

This reply was more than enough to get my motor running, not just the image but all the treasures had markings and information around them, making it easy for me to understand what all lay, the more I saw the more the heartbeat of mine increased, just seeing what was left behind is more than enough to make me feared across the realms,

"System in this useless stuff you marked, are those mountains really Gold, Diamonds, The Lost Metal Mythrial, the Sulfeer gem, and great gems of all?"

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I asked, making sure that my eyes were working,

Rex requested,

"Not know, I have things to deal with, hence start it after I leave, move the city to this location and make it look like this"

As I finished speaking I pa.s.sed him the location where the city should be kept, while also giving him a detailed plan of how the city should look, mixing in the beauty of my world along with the nature of magic that inhibits this,

"It shall be done"

Alex replied, hearing so I smiled and looked at the girl who can't stop hugging me,


I called, making her break out of her trance,

"We are leaving"

As I said as I took out some clothes and pa.s.sed them to her, she didn't need me to say anything as she stood up from my lap reluctantly and started to put on the clothes, already not liking the use of bra and panties, feeling the clear irritating within her through our connection I slowly patted her head and spoke,

"Don't worry about it you will soon get used to it"

This made her nod her head.

"Good then come"

As I finished speaking I willed on the power between us and her body turned into colorful black and red light after which it combined into my body,

'How's it inside me?'

I asked,

'Cozy, master'

Farrah replied, making me smile, this is another perk of our connection, she will live within me as long as I want, and as long as I live she can't be killed, her entirety is linked to me. I stood up from the throne my body turning dry, loosening my shirt, I looked at Rex,

"Show me by back"

I commanded and a screen showing my back appeared where a beautiful black and red wing-like design was spread out, making a breathtaking look,

'Looks like I will have some explaining to do'

A headache was already hitting my head.


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