The Conquerors Path


Chapter 365 - The Good And Evil Dragons.

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Chapter 365 The Good And Evil Dragons.

"Will I ever see them again?"

Catherine asked me as she finally regained a sense of herself, to this I smiled andnodded my head,

"The world is a huge place, we can't be sure that we won't see them again"

My words caused a small smile to grace her face and just as she did the bubble thatI had crested finally burst and the last command I kept gave in and took action asthe two of us disappeared, the next moment I opened my eyes I was back at the topof the cliff that I jumped from, Catherine was beside me as her eyes scanned thesurrounding,


She called out as she saw Marlene laying on the ground asleep, she didn't hesitateas she ran up to her and started to check up on Marlene, while I too followed hersoon, I wasn't afraid of anything happening to her as I did place a failsafe on her incase if she faced anything difficult,

"How is she?"

I asked reaching closer,

"She's fine, she just seems to be asleep"

Catherine replied as she checked upon Marlene, with her powers returning, shewas at her peak, no more does her body feel weak, even then I have alreadyachieved my objective with her, the only problem was Marlene, my eyes trailed overto her who was slowly opening her eyes.

All my plans for her went to the dump when I chose the path of killing that dragon,though I don't regret it one bit, plus with Catherine's heart in my hands, I am surethat I can make much more appealing situations for myself in the future,


Marlene suddenly spoke as she opened her eyes, her gaze filled with confusion,

"What happened?"

Marlene asked as she sat up on the ground, her hands rubbing her forehead,

"The last thing I remember is hearing that voice"

Marlene spoke, seemingly trying to piece together the last of what sheremembered,

"Here drink some water, you will get better"

I spoke as I pa.s.sed a water bottle to her, Marlene didn't reject it as she started totake large sips, soon her completion turned for the better, though her expressionsoon turned to happiness quickly,

"My powers are back!"

The raw naked ecstasy could be felt in her voice but I shook my head at her,

"You are not completely free yet"

My words quickly damped her spirits as she looked at me, to this I pointed atCatherine as I spoke,

"Ask everything to her, I am tired, I need some rest"

Saying so I didn't wait for any response as I plopped to a huge rock as I laid my backon it, my mind slowly running through the next plans I have set in motion. WhileCatherine with a helpless smile started to explain everything to Marlene whoseeyes were widening by the second, of course, the story is something that I cookedup.

A story I created during the three days that I played the role of a father, itssomething made with lies mixed with some truth, well technically I told the storyto Catherine during the hour we spend with the girls who went along with my storyas they felt the need of me hiding my powers.

I told Catherine all about the dragon and all the things he did but I also added thefact that there was a rival dragon taken down by the 'evil' dragon. When this 'good'dragon died it used the last of its power to gather the power of the dead its spiritsleft behind.

So while the 'evil' dragon kept its torture, the 'good' dragon was slowly using thepower of the fallen souls to make its last move, it had also joined hands with thethree kids secretly, with all of them planning to take the 'evil' dragon down, I alsoadded that we arrived at the perfect time, hence while both I and Catherine was inthe delusion, the 'good' dragon had discreetly used its power to contact me to help.

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Then from there on it was the normal shounen type troupe, I who regained my selfplayed along with the dragon while taking his power in me, finally when the 'evil'dragon thought that it had won, all of us, the 'good' dragon and the girls, along withme made a sudden moved and we took down the 'evil' dragon after an epic strugglewhere I almost died, I also added that it was the 'good' dragon that healedCatherine.

"Thank you for saving us and thanks everything you did, I Marlene swear upon myname that I shall pay this favor back a hundred folds"

Hearing her words I stayed silent for a moment, after which I shook my head, myeyes turned serious as I spoke,

"Is such words needed between friends?"

My cold words stumped Marlene as she raised her head, looking at me withsurprise, I shook my head as I continued,

"I did what I would do for any of my friends, I don't care about you repaying backthe favor"

My rough words brought a smile onto Marlene's face as she responded,

"How silly of me, you're right, sorry I am wrong here"

Saying so without any hesitation Marlen marched up to me and sat beside me, hereyes gleaming as she spoke,

"Next time, I won't be a burden"

She raised her hand for a and I complied,

"Sure, next time you can protect me"

I replied which brought a brought smile to her face,

"Of course"

While this was happening I saw a pouting Catherine looking at us.

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