The Conquerors Path


364 Chapter 364-Lives No More.

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364 Chapter 364-Lives No More.

The mind-altering magic by the dragon was powerful, extremely so but it had its own drawbacks, once the altering was taken away, the feelings and emotions that existed would be taken away, plus there were several other situations that must come into work before the magic could work, even for the dragon he could only do for a controlled amount of group.

Anyhow, in the end, all should be lost but that's only possible if my poison didn't exist, it along with the magic cast on Catherine did a deeper work than she could imagine, for days we spent at each other like a couple, granted nothing of s.e.xual took place, we at least did spend time like a married couple.

This placed an extreme print in her heart, from now onwards the feeling of her acceptance for me will exist and every time she thinks of a husband or partner only my image will fill her mind, in her heart, I am the perfect and the only husband for her, the time we spend together made it extremely real in her heart,

"How are you feeling?"

I asked as I gave her a light smile, she seemed confused for a moment as she spoke,

"It feels as if a fog is lifted from my head"

She said in an extremely light tone, while her eyes were gentle as she looked at me,

"Do you remember them?"

I asked as I pointed at the two kids and baby, Catherine raised her head as she looked at them, and soon the memories of everything she went through flashed through her mind, making her face turn extremely complicated, I am sure that her feelings and her rationality are fighting against her, she turned to me as she asked,

"How am I alive?"

To this, I sighed as I pointed at the children, who too turned confused but I winked at them, causing the two mischievous twins to take the lead as they shyly nodded their heads at Catherine, I could see the hurt inside their eyes for Catherine not running up to them, my hands slowly held her shoulder as I whispered,

"I will tell you the whole story later but don't our children need closure before they leave?"

"Our children?"

Catherine asked back with doubt, I am sure that she's holding herself from rushing up to them, her eyes trembling from the fact that they are about to disappear,

"Sigh....they might not be born from us naturally but I consider them my children, do you want to sit back and regret this moment?"

Catherine without her mind being muddled is an extremely smart and cunning woman, even with the current situation being bizarre as it could be, she took deep breaths as she seemed to contemplate the words that I spoke, and a few seconds later she finally opened her eyes, they seemed much calmer now,

"Come here"

She said as she opened up her arms with a smile on her face, seeing so the two kids' eyes lite up as they ran towards Catherine with the baby in their hands, slowly all three of them were soon encompa.s.sed with Catherine's hug, clutching in deeper within Catherine's hug as if they didn't want to let go, I didn't leave myself hanging as I moved forward and hugged them all, making sure to stay myself in this position for some time.

A few seconds later we broke the hug and I took the baby from the little girl's hand, making sure the baby was comfy I sat on the ground next to Catherine as soon as I did one of the twins sat on my lap while the other took Catherine's, with burning eyes, she spoke,

"Daddy, how's the outside world?"

Hearing this I smiled as I looked at Catherine who too had a soft smile on her face,

"Before I answer that, both me and your mommy as a gift for you"

While I said so I didn't miss the subtle glow in Catherine's eyes while a light blush lit up her face,


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The twins asked to which I nodded my head and spoke,

"Catherine, we should name her together"

I spoke, and this brought her attention as she leaned in closer to me and looked at the baby in my arms, after looking for some time she then leaned onto me as she whispered in my ears but I shook my head as I whispered another name to her ears, we kept this up for a few seconds after which we finally decided on a perfect name.

Both of us held the baby as I leaned into the baby's left ear while Catherine leaned into the right and at the same time we spoke a name,


A second later the baby started to giggle, indicating that she liked it, this too brought a smile to our faces, after this Catherine held the baby as the two twins leaned on me, we didn't break say anything negative as I started to tell them all 15:35

about the world outside, this kept making their eyes shine.

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As such an hour went by where we spent our time with each other like true loving family but in the end, all good things must at a time come to an end, hence the barrier that I placed around us to hold the power of life here started to waver, while the bodies of the children started to shake as they started to become more transparent,

"Daddy, mommy it looks like it's our time"

The two spoke, to which a single tear slipped out of Catherine's eyes, while I myself wasn't all that happy about it but in the end, some things are inevitable, though I left a small backdoor, I am not sure how well it will work out, once again the five of us ended up in a huge family hug, no words were spoken as all that needed to be said is done.

And soon the two girls along with the baby started to sparkle, as their bodies turned to particle, the hug soon became one in which Catherine was holding me tight, while beautiful white particles started to float around us, surrounding us in the warmth of the children that was once ours.


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