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361 Chapter 362-Sickness

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?361 Chapter 362-Sickness.

Things unseen moved at a pace that Catherine couldn't remember, after the first day, another day pa.s.sed in a simple motion, she seemed to have forgotten who she is, a moniker of a loving mother took over her as she spend the day as such, it wasn't different for Austin too as he spent time like a father.

Just two days was enough to place the kids deeply within the two's hearts, everything seemed like a fairytale except for the fact that Catherine was getting weaker, as one more day pa.s.sed by the poison inside her grew stronger but it seemed to be of no worth to Catherine as she herself submerged within a cozy environment.

The next day had gone by without any problems, with Catherine waking up, having seemingly forgotten who she was as she dipped into her role, playing with her kids, having fun, and enjoying the day in utter bliss of familial love, after all this at night she would fall asleep under the tight hug of Austin.

Hence the third day began, this time as Catherine rose up she couldn't feel her body well, most of her body felt weak and powerless, she could feel herself being slower but she paid no mind to it as a smile took her face, looking to Austin that smile widened, as she with shaking stapes stood up, leaving the bed she began to walk towards the children's room.

But an unknown apprehension grew within Catherine's heart as she walked towards the twins' room, with quickened steps she reached the room as she opened the door, to be met with the sight of the two kids lying sprawled on the floor,


Her schemes resounded within the whole house, it didn't take for long as Austin rushed into the room, as he gazed upon a devastated Catherine holding the two twins in her lap, they looked pale, revolting black veins spreading around their bodies,

"What happened?!"

Austin asked with an anxious voice as he rushed up to Catherine, he placing his hand on the maroon-colored child as he felt her body, his expression turning ugly,

"Her life force is decreasing"

He said with a grave voice, making Catherine paler than she is,

"Wh-Why? wh-what's ha-happening to th-them?"

She asked with trembling lips, her eyes quivering she was just inches away from fainting, Austin shook his head as he took the girls up to the bed and placed them up there, his quivering eyes held the two girls who looked too weak to feel anything around them,

"W-What should w-we do?"

Catherine asked as she sat on the bed beside the twins holding them like the most precious thing in the world, Austin's eyes seemed to flash with struggle seemingly trying to hold onto a fleeting struggling ident.i.ty but that didn't last for long after which his eyes became clouded over, his shoulders slumped over as he spoke with a defeated voice,

"I don't know...."

He said biting his lips as he sat at the other side of the bed, his vestige being one of a weaker man, while a flood of cries now started to fall from Catherine's face,


Only stutters left Catherine's mouth as she looked At Austin, though that didn't last for long as the cry of a baby was heard across the room, making her eyes widen, Catherine didn't say anything as she rushed to the baby's room, only a few moments later she came back to the room, with the baby looking fine and healthy.

Seeing so a sigh of relief left Austin's mouth as he walked up to the baby, looking at its soulful eyes as a weak smile took his face,


A weak voice called out, causing Austin's body to shake as he reached beside the bed, now both the girl's eyes were open, and the two of them couldn't move their body, as they lay on the bed but their eyes were focused on their father who was now beside them with a weak smile,

"How is my little princess feeling today?"

He asked with a forced sweet smile to which the two girls replied at the same time,

"Daddy, it hurts...."

Hearing it Catherine's m.u.f.fled cry was heard from behind as Austin clutched his fists tight,

"Where does it hurt?"

He asked now holding the twin's hands tight,

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"I-It hurts everywhere"

Moving forward she placed the baby at the crib as she walked up to Austin and took the food from him, a smile forced onto her face as she turned to the kids who seemed to have fallen asleep again, it took a while but finally, the twins rose from their sleep, with a loving smile both Austin and Catherine carefully propped up the kids as they started to feed them with love and care,

"Was it tasty?"

Austin asked,

"The best!"

The two girls replied with some power to their words, seeing so he patted their heads,

"Then get some more rest"

As he said as so he placed the kids comfortably in the bed, after which he placed a kiss on both their foreheads, Catherine too did the same, both of them sat beside the twins holding their hands as they waited for them to fall asleep, it didn't take for long as the weak kids soon fell asleep, with a frown marring their cute face,

"Let's go out"

Austin silently spoke as he pointed to the doors outside, she nodded her head as the two of them tippy towed outside the room, as soon as they got outside Catherine lost all inhibition as she jumped into his embrace and started to cry her heart out, her tears staining his shirt and body, he didn't say anything as he hugged her back, patting her as she let out her deepest fears out,


she spoke with a broken tone to which Austin could only hug her tighter, this gave her all the answer she needs as her cries turned even more violent,

"Don't cry, we have to be strong for them"

He spoke with a stern yet broken tone as a single tear slipped from his eye, as bad luck would have it, their pain was only beginning.

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