The Conquerors Path


Chapter 344 - Lets Move Together.

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Chapter 344 - Lets Move Together.

Austin's eyes traced Marlene's figure, her route was tough yet easy in a way, the type of guys that Marlene likes are one that is brave, steadfast, loyal, and one that won't even bow to pressure, she wants a man that will challenge her, fight against her and one that will stand beside her.

Even just to get her attention one just has to ask her out on a date, if you are above the following conditions she will consider you but the real issue that comes up is her status, the one she marries will have a rippling effect around the entire sea, if she was to marry a human the child born would only be a half whale, thus making his chance for the throne very unstable.

It a very rigid look but that's her position, knowing her Austin knew that if she was to love she would love with all her heart but sometimes reality also has to be taken into consideration, her status as the next Empress of the sea makes it that she has to be very selective of who she would choose to love and marry.

As a warrior limiting her choice of life is very restricting for Marlene, Austin knows that she hates that very thought but then again she was a princess above her warrior, that's why her route was very challenging to walk, in the game Austin had to keep following her around, challenging her and fighting her again and again and again.

Just for her route, he had to develop deeper into raising his characters levels and fighting abilities, even then after all these fights you would only get the chance to be her friend, and from there on will only Austin's journey start, Austin felt a shudder as he remembered the h.e.l.lish nights and retries he kept doing to win over this simple yet complex woman,

"Please....hick.....ju-just ki-kill me"

Hearing the tearing voice Austin looked towards the one that he had incapacitated, right now most of his nails were ripped apart, several holes were made in his body, and his tongue was on the verge of being cut away by Marlene,

'She sure is ruthless'

Thinking so Austin shook his head, her past too wasn't that pleasant, while many envy her position and power, not everyone knows how much she bled, cried, and fought for her position, she has several healed scars on her body, if she wants she could remove them yet they still stay within her, reminding her the path she had walked.

In fact, in the game, Austin's main role was to develop back her feelings as a woman and to 'heal' those scars on her,

"Take it easy, if you torture more, he will die"

Austin spoke as he appeared beside Marlene, who froze when he appeared beside her, her head snapping towards him as her eyes peered into his but seeing no anger, sadness, or disgust her body relaxed,

"You don't seem surprised by this"

She spoke as she turned her attention back to the captive but the answer she got was something else,

"You seem to be in pain and trauma"

Austin's words caused her to flinch but she didn't reject it as a wry smile came to her face,

"We all have our past"

She replied and seeing that Marlene didn't want to dive too deep into the topic Austin spoke,

"Well not many know this but I traveled through the world during my younger age, I have seen things much worse and done things even more deadly"

His words astonished her as she looked at him, trying to see any falseness to his words but all she saw was the same wry smile as her, with complex emotions filling his eyes,

"You look to have your own traumas too"

But to her words, Austin shook his head as he replied,

"I did have them but I conquered over them some time ago"

"I see, that's nice"

Marlene enviously replied as she focused back on the sealion beast folk under her, she pulled at his hair as she questioned,

"Tell me, who was it that ordered this?"

By now fear had overwhelmed the guy as his lips and eyes were trembling, his eyes being filled with tears from the pain as he tried to speak,

"I-It wa-wa-"

The guy wasn't even able to complete his words before which his heart gave out and he died, seeing this Marlene clicked her tongue as she threw his dead body to the ground,

"A death contract"

She spoke and Austin nodded his head,

"Looks like this was a dead end"

She said but this time Austin shook his head as he spoke,

"Not so"


Marlene questioned to which Austin pointed to all that had gathered here, laying dead,

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"The one I kept alive doesn't seem to be any high-level member which would mean that a death contract was used with all of them"

To his words, she only shook her head as she agreed,

"Sure let's move around until I find the rest of my faction, some revenge is due"

Saying so Marlene's azure eyes lit up in vengeance but then her eyes focused on Austin as she spoke with a convicted expression,

"I will take your help but do not take me for a woman that needs protection, I will still fight on my own"

Her words were powerful and filled with her conviction to which Austin nodded his head,

"Sure wouldn't have it another way, plus the way you fight is quite s.e.xy"

His words prompted Marlene to raise her eyebrows as a wide smile split her face,

" are you flirting with me?"

"Well, when I see a beautiful woman it just comes out naturally"

Austin spoke as he shrugged his shoulder, a smoldering smile taking his face as he walked forward his body close to her while his eyes took in hers,

"Why? are you scared of some flirting?'

His words burned the will in her as she took a step further, her body was. .h.i.tting his, she was quite tall making her face him directly as her hand rubbed his face,

"I am not one to back down"

Marlen spoke to which Austin took the hand that was touching his face before placing a small kiss on her upper hand,

"Well princess to have such a beauty to journey with is a dream come true"

Saying so Austin left her hand as he started to walk forward, noting the small blush struggling in her face.

'Humph....your still too young to deal with me'

Thinking so he moved without turning back.

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