The Conquerors Path


Chapter 31: Chaos(2)

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Chapter 31: Chaos(2)

while Austin was trying to earn affections from his sisters, things were not good outside the historic world

a few minutes earlier ~~~~~~

within the room Austin had left earlier the people inside still continued to argue

“grandpa Bruce is there no other way?”

“if there was wouldn’t i say it?”

while they were arguing suddenly they stopped, seeing this everyone in the room looked towards them and before they could question, Bruce disappeared from the room and the Emperor ran out of the room

seeing this everybody followed the Emperor out, they kept moving untill they reached a room and saw Bruce talking to Olivia who stood beside the now open historic world

coming closer they could see that Bruce had a very tense face

“what happned, Olivia why did you open the historic world?”

it was the Emperor who asked the question first, seeing all the people surrounding her Olivia hesitated at first but in the end she answered honestly

“i opened the door for Austin to take Nora and Elda inside it”


hearing this Grace moved towards Olivia and caught her shoulders

“what did you do Olivia??”

the normally graceful Grace was completely out of it, she couldn’t believe that Austin would do something like this, feeling the pressure on her shoulder Olivia grimaced

“Grace stop it you are hurting her”

the Emperor quickly moved and interfered to move Olivia away from Grace

“Grace calm down Olivia won’t do something without any reason, let’s first ask her why she did it”

being pulled by the Emperor Grace tried to pull her self back, she knew right now what her priorities were

“Olivia why did you do this?”

the Emperor asked

“i owed Austin a favour and when he asked me to help him into the historic world he used the favour”

Olivia answered, shamelessly hiding the fact that she was spanked into submission, Olivia’s answer stumped everyone there

especially the Emperor as he knew that his daughter wasn’t the foolish type to make any moves without thinking about the outcome

Alas he would never know that his beloved daughter was blackmailed into doing it

“stop fighting all of you the main thing to do now is to move towards the main viewing hall and see what’s happening”

it’s at this time that the silent Bruce intervened

“If Austin did this then he must have his reason, since he already entered all we can do is see how it’s going”

saying so he pulled the a.s.sembled people towards the viewing room, Olivia who was following them suddenly felt a chilling aura

she then looked towards her mother, the Empress, seeing her for a moment she felt anger and killing intent from her mother, Olivia shook her head

‘no, i must be dreaming, maybe the stress got to me?’

while she was thinking the Empress came close to her

“what is it Olivia, is anything wrong?”

“it’s nothing mother”

“if you are feeling guilty about anything then don’t, none of the people here blames you”

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the Empress said with a mild tone, hearing her mother’s tone Olivia smiled

once activated you would become a ghost, it’s like you exist in this world but no one can know your there, you could move through walls and such

an extremely useful treasure to save your life, the only downside is that you can’t battle in that form, you are literally nonexistent

so once i had activated it i had gone back to the woods to test it, what better way to test it than on an imperial

once there the sight that i saw almost scared me s.h.i.tless, my graceful teacher stood there torturing the very species of animal that had harmed me, her expression and the words coming out of her almost formed an idea in my mind to run away from this continent

and before i could hear anything more i ran away from there not being able to handle the cruel sight of torture that i was witnessing, i had nighmares the day after

after a quick research and information buying from the system i came to the answer for her twisted and overprotective love and the answer i came to stumped me

from a young age Eleanor never really recieved “love”, due to her low talent in the sword there was not much support from her family and even during the time of her adventures she faced many set backs

only when she was famous did she receive any attention, so according to her that’s not “love” and she never accepted it, hence she never had a chance to give her “love” to anybody and it bottled up

and when i who dearly and completely “loved” and “admired” her appeared, she couldn’t hold her so called “love” inside of her

this is not bad in a way as it allows me to better control and make her mine, the only problem is

is she willing to share me?

if not then i would have to deal with a lot of s.h.i.t in the future

it was during this time that the warning for the battle began

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