The Conquerors Path


Chapter 304-Milfs All Day Long

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Chapter 304-Milfs All Day Long

"It seems you really did miss me"

I spoke as I light patted the hair of Lora who was coiled up in my lap, even though I was far away from her, we had still kept in contact with each other, as I had hoped before, I wished that I could be more close to her, these past months I had made her happy.

At times I would send her letters, another time I would secretly get her sweets and other gifts that she would like, words ranging from poems to how much I missed her, song recordings of me singing for her, and many more, I kept in contact with her and tried to get to know more about her, all of my efforts bore fruit as her feelings for me kept increasing,

"Of course I missed you"

Lora said with a pout, something that would shock everyone who knew her, I chuckled as I moved forward and gave her a peck, which quickly brought a smile onto her face, her arms wrapped around my neck, her head on my chest, while her body was stuck close to me, I was very much tempted to take her here but for now, I will hold back, after all, I still have her daughter waiting.

My actions had heavily struck Claus, who was getting lousier and lousier with his movements, he was a very ruthless and cunning man that was getting more and more sightless, what I did had definitely made him more vigilant,

"I just want to go away with you~~❤️"

Lora spoke with glazed eyes as her hands rubbed my face, her hold on me tightened,

"I know, that's why wait, we will definitely have fun when you visit the Academy"

I said as my hands started to grope her breast feeling her nipple over her dress I started to twist and pinch them,


Lora moaned out with a happy smile as she jumped onto me kissing my lips, her body started to get hotter, as her naughty hands started to move through my body, I too didn't relent as my hands moved to her a.s.s groping them changing their shapes, her hands held my hair pulling me closer to her mouth as she kept sucking my lips, trying to take me into her,


"Wait Lora, we can't not now"


She asked to this I pulled her face closer to me, looking into her eyes as I spoke,

"I want to one at least one date with you before we do it, I want to truly make you happy"


Lora spoke with infatuated eyes as she peered into me, slowly her body started to calm down as she placed herself on me, feeling in my heat,

"You better f.u.c.k me then and make me yours"

Lora spoke with a quiet voice to which I forced her to look at me again, my eyes filling with 'love',

"Don't worry, that day I will fill you with my 'love' and mark you all over"

"Um❤️~I will be waiting"

Lora said as she returned back to just hugging me, it would seem that she loves to be in my embrace, something that both the mother and daughter seems to have in common,

"Thanks for getting Olivia here safe"

"Of course, how could I let you be sad?"

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I responded, back then I had let Lora know that Olivia was fine, she too was in on the acting, if I need Claus's downfall Lora will be a key helper,

"This was a part of my past and since I am leaving everything behind tonight, I just wanted to have one last wear of it before it's in the past"

Grace said with a smile, taking my hands she made me sit on the bed as she sat beside me, her eyes a bit misty,

"You know, after your father I never sought for another love, I grew up a bit more lively than the rest, I loved war and fights, leading was enjoyable for me but I never wished to become the Emperor"

Grace slowly said as her hands intertwined with mine,

"Even growing up I was never that into love, it was then that your father came to me, he was quite unique that's all but I wasn't romantically interested in him until he started to pester me and in the end somehow we got together"

Saying so her smile became more restrained,

"Everything was good that's what I thought, when your father died I was devastated, everything looked bleak until you snagged all that, a lot of messed up things happened and somehow I ended up falling in love with my son"

When Grace reached this part she shook her head with a wry smile,

"But that's when I noticed the difference, the time I spent with you was much more loving to me than anything, I was confused, the times with you felt 100 times more fulfilling for me, and that's I when I knew that my love for you was true, till then I was living in my made up bubble"

Grace turned her head towards me, her eyes seemingly losing their life as a loving smile came to her face, something which a mother shouldn't show,

"And now I leave all my past behind"

Saying so the wedding dress started to burn and disappear, leaving Grace completely naked, her body a sight to behold but I didn't jump into l.u.s.t, moving forward I placed a kiss on her lips and pulled back, laying down on the bed I placed her above me as a blanket covered us, Grace was surprised by my move but seeing it her smile only got bigger as she hugged me back not uttering anything.

Just like that, we spent the night, sometimes carnal pleasure isn't always the answer.

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