The Conquerors Path


Chapter 292-A Nasty Ride

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Chapter 292-A Nasty Ride

Austin POV:

'Things seem to be okay for now'

Looking out through the city, I mused on my thoughts, right now we have already left the Babylon City, normally Olivia would directly teleport to the palace using the special available teleportation system but this time she had gone directly to a neighboring city and the travel would be from there using a chariot.

This was not normally used but the 'Emperor' had given an order that this trip should be more discreet, hence when we reached the city we were met by an entourage that looked like normal mercenaries but that was just a disguise, the whole platoon only had 6 people, but among them, there were 3 origin level 7, 2 origin level 8 and 1 origin level 9, this arrangement was a force to be reckoned with.

Right now our journey would take 2 days to reach the palace, we were taking more of a relaxed approach, anyhow my partic.i.p.ation didn't change much as they all accepted me, well they couldn't go against Olivia after all, and this resulted in the current situation where we were moving in a common looking chariot, surrounded by 'normal' looking guards,

Though Olivia was all smiles the whole time, giddy from the excitement of finally being able to go somewhere that she has full power over. Judging from her happy expression, I was a hundred percent sure that she has some kind of plan for me when we get to the palace,

"You are more lively today"

I said as I turned my face towards her, my voice carrying my trademark 'possessive' yet 'crazy' loving smile,

"…? Really?"

Surprised Olivia touched her face to check if her emotions were really that obvious,

"… I guess I am happy, master"

"Are you planning something?"

I asked with narrowed eyes,

"Or are you happy to meet someone?"

I continued, my eyes growing 'colder',

"It-It's nothing, master"

Olivia said her cheeks gaining a red glow while her legs started to rub against each other,


I decided to press her on about it, intending to go along with her desire,

"I don't know what you are talking about"

Olivia said intentionally forgetting to add master to her speech,

"Looks like someone is forgetting their place"

I spoke with a cold voice as my eyes roamed her body, which shuddered, 'panic' filled Olivia's face as she spoke,

"N-No, not he-here, master"

Olivia said her 'panic' getting higher, as she tried to 'resist', truly it was fun seeing her act like this,

"Looks like I need to correct your behavior"

I said as I looked at my sheepish buxom cousin before smiling as I hooked one of my finger to the side of her mouth,

"-so why don't you start using that dirty mouth of yours"

With my actions, she had a rough idea of what I was gonna do to 'correct' her mistake, however instead of telling me, no, what she was more worried about was,

"But we're at the carriage"

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'The fact that we're in a carriage is what makes it better'

I let her face remain buried in my crotch for a few seconds, until I finally saw her eyes start rolling up before raising her face to give her some hair,

"Fwah! Haaa… Haaa… master..."

Still grabbing my slave by her hair, I saw Olivia's beautiful face look get stained by my l.u.s.t, she was drooling through the corners of her mouth and her tongue was stuck out like a b.i.t.c.h as she panted for air

My d.i.c.k was still standing and was still coated with her saliva and traces of pre-c.u.m. So I had the idea of slapping her face with my c.o.c.k as she gained with her own saliva.

I didn't plan to let her rest for too long, so after d.i.c.k slapping her a few times, I made her take my c.o.c.k deep into her mouth again before resuming the face f.u.c.king.


Using my other hand to brush up some of the hair that was getting on her face. I then saw Olivia looking up to me weakly, her lips were pursed as her tongue did work on my d.i.c.k. Making sure that the pleasure I felt never lessened in anyway. Her weak hazy eyes as she looked at me just spurred me on so much that I used both of my hands to grab her head and have her head bob up and down on my crotch.

"Mh, drink up princess!"

I cried out in pleasure, It didn't take too long for me to reach my climax as the pleasure building up inside me reached its peak, so with one huge thrust I buried my d.i.c.k as deep as I could in her mouth and shot all my load directly into her throat. I saw Olivia's weak eyes widen at my forcefulness and her gag reflexes kicked in as she suddenly started coughing during my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.

I initially didn't want to make a mess, but when Olivia started coughing some of the s.e.m.e.n dripped onto my trousers. However it wasn't something that couldn't be cleaned, instead I was more satisfied with Olivia's face which had traces of c.u.m around her mouth, she had come a long way.

She was catching her breath with her tongue out, and was too busy to pay attention to the drool and c.u.m drooling through the corners of her lips. Her face was slightly red and it just created an erotic picturesque scene.

"Haaa… Haaa…"

Olivia licked the s.e.m.e.n around her mouth then gulped down the remaining c.u.m,

'Life is good'

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