The Conquerors Path


Chapter 287-Demons Everywhere!

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Chapter 287-Demons Everywhere!

'Now, that went well'

Musing through my thoughts I walked through the streets, right now it wasn't that filled as most of the were taking place, thankfully due to my status I am waived from attending any I wish so, it's quite useful, it was then that I heard my communication orb shudder, taking it up I spoke,

"Tell me"

"It's done"


That was all I needed to know as I cut the call, soon a few minutes later I got another connection, this time my smile turned more evil, taking up the call I stayed quiet but a few seconds later I heard a familiar voice,

"We have to meet up"

"Sure, let's do it now"

Saying so the person on the other side cut the call, I shrugged my shoulder as I contacted the people I need to and a few minutes later I was sitting in another meeting room but this time it was 10 times bigger and I was in my real looks with my friends standing behind me, all of them with a strict back.

We didn't have to wait for long before which the door opened and two groups of people entered, both of the group being demons, one was led by a handsome man, while the other was led by a woman who was a beauty beyond words, her body was the perfect definition of seduction, just looking at it riled in men's desire for conquest.

Both of them were Ron and Angelina, and behind them came their faction, each one of them radiating power and authority, my eyes quickly left Angelina as I focused on Ron who looked worse than the first time that I met him, he still had his regal aura but a hint of tiredness flashed in his eyes.

Having looked enough I turned towards Angelina who has a seductive smile on her face, truly her beauty and s.e.x appeal were beyond the world, for a moment I felt the innate desire to run and ravage her, the only other person I met with more beautiful than her is Celetinia, when she's not hiding her face that is.....

"Looks like you are doing well"

I spoke with a teasing voice as I looked at Ron, who flinched, while the group behind him started to release their bloodl.u.s.t, their anger sparking at my words, while Ron to reacted with anger but deep inside him I could see fear, fear for me,

"Gentlemen, why don't we take a seat first?"

Angelina said with a sweet voice that melted one's bones, her words themselves diffused the situation as Ron and Angelina took a seat, my eyes turned to the back as I could see that Alex, Jacob, mark, and even the usually unmovable Amon eyes fixed on Angeline, trying their best to get rid of the primal desire filling their mind.

Right now I had only brought the boys, one because most of the girls were tired and busy, and second because I wanted them to get used to this seductress, she will undoubtedly be a strong opponent to fight against, especially in the upcoming fight for the t.i.tle of king, my eyes trailed towards Angelina who has a charming yet deadly smile on her face,

Name: Angelina Lucifer Wales Beelzebub.

s.e.x: Female

Age: 21

species: Succubus/Dreamwalker

Talent: 10/10

Power: Origin Level 5

t.i.tle: The Seductress of The Night, The Unattainable Woman Of the King's Garden, Cold Blooded...etc

Love: 0%

Description: A woman who wielded her power beyond a level one could never hope to achieve, a heart coder then ice, and a desire higher than the sky

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>Born to a family that lacked warmth, she rose to a level that reeked death, while her beauty shines, her heart darkens, to her there is no love, only eternal interests for her survival

>once bound their feelings and desires are pa.s.sed throughout their bloodline

>Note: The contract could only be done if the woman is willing with all her heart, not a hint of doubt

>Hidden Effect: The contract will let the woman's one true feeling of love come alive, the effect depends on the woman

This ability will be the lock that will chain Angelina to me, the only problem will be dealing with Angelina's l.u.s.t but when it came to stamina who can beat me? even the famous succubus will have to bow down to me in this regard, just like the G.o.ddess of Life herself did,

"So shall we discuss the terms for peace? here I will be the mediator, got any problems?"

Angelina spoke with a sweet smile that swept everyone's focus on her, looking at her I smiled and spoke,


But as I did a small wave of chaotic energy was infused into the atmosphere that quickly killed off the invisible pink-like charm that was sweeping into the guys behind me, suddenly Angelina's face went a bit pale and deep surprises flashed in Angelina's eyes,

"What's it princess Angelina, any problem?"

I asked with a smile, making her look at me, now I could see a hint of wariness from her but that soon disappeared as her sweet seductive smile appeared,

"No, nothing shall we begin?"


With that, we began.

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