The Conquerors Path


Chapter 276-Saintess Of Life

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Chapter 276-Saintess Of Life

"Hera?...that's a beautiful name"

I said with a smile, making Hera nod her head, her face covered by her blindfold looking at me, the small blush on her cheeks still remained, looking at her like this something was telling me that this was not the real her and for some reason, she's hiding how she really reacts. A plan formed in my mind making me smirk, relaxing back I spoke,

"So Hera, aren't you the second person in the world other than my sister who can use life magic?"

"Yes, and now you are the third"

Hera replied, her voice calm but I could still make out a hint of a tremble from it,

"So, what should I do now? should I come and visit your church? meet the higher elders so that they can know about me?"

"Yes, that would be for the best, ever since they heard about your existence they have been dying to meet you"

Hearing this I put on a thoughtful look, while in fact, I have already made my choice, keeping the silence for one minute I finally spoke,

"Sure but I'm visiting this place for the first time and I want to make good memories, hence I want you to accompany me during this time"

Saying so I looked at Hera with a relaxed gaze, normally if such a question is asked to them the woman would definitely react negatively, especially since we have just met, plus Hera's not someone with a low position, even Emperors are careful when they deal with her,


+2500 affection

But it would seem that the situation is a bit different here, smiling inwardly I stood up,

"Good in that case let's begin our date"

I spoke with a joking tone but then again it would seem that logic flew out of the window here....

+3000 affection


Hera nodded once again playing the perfect calm type, to be truthful I am not that much interested in her, sure she's beautiful and all but right now I'm already loaded with a lot, and putting another into the pan was not something I desire, right now I'm just doing this for fun, seeing one of the most powerful and influential people in the world fidget and feel awkward was quite fun.

Plus, I would be traveling around here and it is always more fun to have a beauty around you while you do it, soon we left the private booth as we started to walk around the lavish and well-built city that was the size of a small country, this time there was no need for disguises as Hera had something with her that made both of us basically forgotten to others,

"So Hera, are you really blind, or is this some sort of get-up?"

I asked as I walked through the bustling streets with Hera by my side,

"Yes, I am blind but I can 'see' in a different way, you can say its superior since it was given to me by the G.o.ddess"

"Oh, that must be a lonely and hard life"

I replied on a reflex making Hera stop walking, her face seemed surprised? truthfully its quite hard to tell,

"What happened?"

"Well, most people are jealous when they hear of my 'gifts'"

Hera spoke her face looking at mine, I nodded my head as I started to walk again with Hera again by my side,

"I don't know about others but I do feel that not seeing the world for what it is, is truly a demerit and a loose, as you will miss things that everyone else is gifted with"

+5000 affection

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I didn't get a response but the system notification was more than enough for me to know that things were getting better, well it's not bad to have a good connection with the saintess of life,

I spoke as I looked at the current Hera who has a wide smile on her face, as her green hair gently fell down to her shoulders,

'She's finally opening up'

"So you were testing me?"

I asked with a smile, seeing it she nodded her head, partially telling me the truth,

"That's right and I have to say that I am more than happy with what I saw"

"You're good at acting"

I spoke with an accusing gaze to which Hera just once gain chuckled, her body relaxed more as she leaned more closer to me, looking at her face I could see that the blush on her face was more defined now but she didn't do anything as she just kept the cup on her hands to the side while even before I could react she removed the blindfold on her face.

I sat there stuck as I looked at the flawless beautiful face in front of me, for a moment I was reminded of Elda when I looked at her, Hera's white eyes that had no focus were on me, but I could tell that a sight more powerful than any was looking at me, her hands moved as she placed them at my heart, I didn't dodge it as I kept looking at Hera's face that was brewing with a look that I was long gotten used to,

"Indeed I am good at acting but my true self is only reserved for ones that I trust and now you're one of that little brother"

"Little brother?"

I asked her with a raised eyebrow, she smiled more happily as her hand was still on my chest her body moved a bit forward, and and I could smell her natural scent, her blush now even deeper,

"Yes, from today onwards I am your big sister and I will be teaching and taking care of you"

Her vice was even a bit s.l.u.try in the end, making my inner devil desire to tarnish her but I held it in, I have no time for it, plus she doesn't seem to be in it for just the s.e.x,

'Looks like I have another big sister'

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