The Conquerors Path


Chapter 269-Please Train Me

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Chapter 269-Please Train Me

'Well that went better than I thought'

Musing to myself I left the library, after our not-so-synchronized words, there was an awkward moment, seeing it I just smiled at her and left, things were better this way, for Celestinia the slow progress is the best one, plus I already gave a freebie to Scarlet,

'Now, where should I go?'

I had planned to go see Carmel but it would seem that she's busy and that would leave my favorite revenge target, with a smirk I walked towards the place I know she will be, on the way I placed my disguise easily transforming myself to Ian, the guy sent to protect Shira, during this time I did get reports that some tried to look into my current situation, thankfully everything was dealt with perfectly.

Moving through the streets I reached the very familiar home, knowing well that Leonardo was not home, like the good guy he is, he was running around completing the task that I gave him, a few knocks later the door opened, coming upon the cute boy or rather girl,

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d"

And as soon as she saw it was me she unleashed a punch to my face, I easily sidestepped the attack and caught her hand, pulling her forward I restrained her hands behind her back, making her immobile I whispered s.e.xually to her ears,

"Oh~~still feisty as ever I see...."

"f.u.c.ker! let me go!"

Shira tried her best to get out of my lock but it was all for knout, my hold on her was tight, still, leaning into her ears I continued,

"How are you princess, did you miss me? I missed you especially your look when you c.u.mmed"

"You! that was not me! you must have done something to me! you vile b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Shira violently protected, I smiled as I pulled both of us inside and locked the door, and with that, I pushed Shira forward who quickly got her bearing as her eyes were looking at me angrily but deep inside some sort of antic.i.p.ation brewed,

'Oh~~looks like she needs it'

I smirked at my realization,

"You know my father will kill you right?"

Shira asked grounding her teeth in anger and she didn't even wait for me to answer as a whip came in her hand, lashing it to my face, I dodged it pretty easily as I got the whip, and with one pull Shira's body came flying closer to me, with simple movements I caught her by her neck, raising her into the air, making her legs. .h.i.t the air helplessly,


No air could be felt as she kept struggling, her eyes were looking white but even then a euphoric expression filled her face! she seemed to be in pain and loving it, with one last push I threw Shira to the sofa,

"Cough.....cough....yo-you tried to kill me!"

She screamed back but I just smirked,

"Oh? but seem to like it, why?"


Soon Shira became silent her eyes trembling, I looked at the whip in my hand as I held it tight, from what I knew she wasn't good at all, back in her family house, she would use this whip to beat any members that weren't pleasing to her, she would take others even as her training doll, some dying because they couldn't react! no, they were not allowed to react because Shira said so!

She might seem sweet and kind but on the inside, she's already a rotten devil, walking forward I held her chin, looking deeply into her eyes I spoke,

"I'm a sorry princess but unlike the rest, I don't bend to your will, as I said before I will keep you safe but it will be my way"

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Saying so I sat on the adjacent sofa, looking at Shira whose eyes screamed revenge, I waved my whip hitting Shira's leg,

"Can you help me?"

"Help you? what help?"

My face became filled deeper with 'confusion', though the edges of my lips were trying their best not to become a smirk, Shira looked resolved as she looked directly at me,

"Help me learn about this side of mine"

"Oh? you want more pain?"

I asked with a weird look, Shira turned silent, then she spoke,

"I don't know, all I know is that I need to learn about this side of mine, so help me learn more"

"What should I do?"

Hearing so Shira took out a book and she gave it to me, looking at me with conviction she spoke,

"Become my master"

'Hook, line and sinker'


I agreed as I took the book, my plans set in motion.

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