The Conquerors Path


Chapter 248-Enforcing Aunt's Help

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Chapter 248-Enforcing Aunt's Help

"So she had such a side to her"

I chuckled as I walked through the busy streets, the unexpected side of Shira's was a surprise, I didn't expect to find it but now it would be an edge I use against her, she will helplessly be played in my hands, and when it's all over, I will make her cry a river of tears, my current look was that of a handsome boy of age 20.

I had brown hair and eyes, just a face that you would glance at and be done with and this would be the key to my plan, I am sure that Shira and her father would try to look into me and how I was doing, for that there would be another guy working wearing this same disguise, of course, he won't interact with Shira, just a dummy to fool her and her family.

But the most important thing was now was to meet a certain beautiful aunt, she's also a key person that I need for my plans, she, after all, is the Dean of the Academy and the plans I have installed are ones that are bound to create great waves, plus doing it secretly undetected is a pain, there's also the added bonus of me getting close to Mira, in the end, it's a win-win situation.

Soon I drilled through the crowded street and the next moment I reached the dean's building I was back in my true look, this time the focus was on me as I walked into the building, the most famous guy, the one with the power to cure corruptions, number one on the handsome ranking, many such t.i.tles were bestowed on me.

On the outside countless people want to meet and know about me, by now I was the most mysterious and famous among the younger batch of students, hence where ever I go, I catch attention, already used to it I walked through the huge building as I met with Mira's a.s.sistant who gave me a smile and let me move forward.

Without stopping I gave her a nod as I walked through the hallways to Mira's room, reaching a very familiar door, I stopped, taking deep breaths, I tried to calm my 'beating' heart as my 'excitement' of meeting Mira 'overflowed' in my body, I, after all, had to make sure that my meeting with her just wasn't for my desire.

My plans for Mira were simple, her heart's extremely hard to breakthrough, the only reason I got till here was because we were family, otherwise, the trouble I will have to go through would be beyond hard, anyhow by now I have a small part of her heart, I just have to keep feeding her affection at small intervals, making her a bit addicted to my feelings.

And just as she's about to fall I will bring down true quakes to her heart, affirming my plans once more I knocked on the door and entered inside, knowing that Mira would agree,

"Looking beautiful as ever aunt"

"And you seem to be still the same smart mouth"

Mira replied with a snaky remark to my words, she was sitting on the sofa relaxing as she took a sip of the tea in her arms, she looked relaxed and beautiful as always, with her purple hair arranged perfectly, while her silver eyes were calm and placid, a hint of delight rose in her eyes as they landed on me.

And just like always, I fell into a 'daze' as I kept looking at her, my 'hidden' love burning as they all reached Mira, who had a small rosy blush on her face, she looked at me as she spoke,

"You should stop falling into a daze more"

"But I could keep looking at you forever"

I 'accidentally' spoke out, my 'truthful' answer reached Mira whose blush increased a bit but she soon shook her head as she looked at me with complex feelings,


"I know, I know, it just came out out accidentally"

"Fine, let's forget it"

Mira spoke and hearing it, 'disappointed' feelings flew towards Mira, who quickly fixed her posture, with graceful actions she arranged a cup as she started to fill another cup, I took a seat opposite to her as she pushed the tea towards me along with some snacks, I didn't reject it as I took the tea, drinking it with the same elegance as Mira,

"Um....good tea"

This time I spoke truthfully, Mira smiled as she just nodded her head, after this, we spent the next few minutes in silence enjoying the taste of the tea and secretly the warmth of each other's presence, finally after 5 minutes or so Mira spoke,

"How's the academy life going?"

"Its good made a few friends, joined a club, learned new things, overall it's fun and nice"

"I see that's good"

"What about you aunt? how's everything going on with you?"

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"Well most of my works is over, there's only a few more internal work more, sigh.....this battle for the t.i.tle of the king is truly a pain"

Keeping the last part of my words to myself, I let go of Mira's hands as I took a sip of the tea and as I did I spoke,

"Oh, there's something I have to tell you"

"What's it?"

"There's someone in the academy moving to kidnap Elda"

And just as I finished silence descended to the room before which thick killing intent filled replaced it,

"Tell me more"

Mira spoke with a frigid look, her kind calm look no more.


Hey Guys~~

It's me the author!

I am writing this since I want your opinion, you should all by now know about Shira's taste and some might have got the idea of how dealing with her might go, so I have two paths for it, which would you all like more?:

1)Austin in disguise as he 'plays' with Shira-This will be more darker but the revenge will be highly satisfying but there's the added feeling of you know the disguise, some might take it as NTR

2)Austin 'plays' with Shira after revealing his disguise: This will be comparatively less dark and the revenge won't be that satisfying, Austin will be himself

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