The Conquerors Path


Chapter 245-Relaxing Fight

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Chapter 245-Relaxing Fight

"So, how about it? why don't we relax a bit?"

Rina said to me with a battle-hungry smile on her face, to which I shook my head with a smile,

"You have a very unique way of expressing calmness"

I spoke as I looked at the s.e.xy athletic rabbit-eared woman in front of me, her huge rabbit ears shook with her excitement, hearing my words her smile widened as she shook her arms and spoke,

"Well, there's no better way than fighting to the limit to relax"

" and your battle crazy life"

"What can I do? that's just me"

Rina shook her shoulders and shamelessly continued, I didn't want to argue with this muscle headed woman as I walked to the edge of the fighting arena facing Rina, no words needed to be said, we stood there calm, the silence of the room regained itself, fighting spirit started to ignite within us and a second later Rina disappeared from where she stood and a split second later a huge size hand started to descend on my face.

I stood my ground as I punched back, my hands soon met the humongous fist in front of me, for a second silence remained before which both of us were blasted back, I took a step back while Rina was thrown back,


Rina's stunning voice entered my ears, well it was to be expected since I took the full brunt of Rina's attack and stood fine, the only other person that could do that was Jacob and that was because he was blessed with his bloodline power but here I was taking her head on and only taking one step back, to be truthful I didn't use my full strength on that punch, after all, I am an origin level 10, taking her head-on is not that difficult,


I asked with a taunting voice but soon Rina calmed down, her smile came back as she started to crack her knuckles,

"This is gonna be fun"

And with that, her legs started to shiver before which they enlarged, a gust of wind blew as her legs rocked towards my face, intending to crush me, I didn't back down as I gathered a large amount of my mana into my legs and whipped forward aiming for the huge leg in front of me, again we crashed and Rina ended up blasting backward, the strength of an origin Level 10 was not to be underestimated,

"Hahahaha.....this is fun!"

Rina screamed as she started to madly attack me again, I too fought back with the came excitement, I held back as I fought, I too wanted to enjoy the fight, we kept hitting each other at breakneck speed, blasting sounds filling the training room as our arms and legs met each other in combat, it was a battle of pure power and martial technique, making it quite fun and relaxing for us.

Rina's arms whipped towards my face, I blocked it with my hand as I attacked her with my leg, she didn't back down as she increased the size of her head and met my attack head, another sonic boom was heard as my leg met her head, I didn't relent as my other hand met her stomach hurling her back as she hit the ground.

This didn't damper her mood at all as she rose back up and attacked me again, soon it was an all-out brawl as we kept hitting each other, Rina even played dirty at some point as she started to aim towards my crotch showing no mercy since that was the case I too didn't hold back at all hitting her back and blue, though I made sure not to hurt her much.

1 hour later~~

" are a monster"

Rina spoke as she lay sprawled on the floor, her body filled completely with sweat, while some bruises could be seen here and there, as for me? well, I stood beside her looking down at her, my breath was even and I seem completely fine, well it's not that easy for me to be tired, not with all the vitality that I have,

"You alright?"


Hearing it I just smiled as I sat beside her, resting for a moment, soon a few minutes pa.s.sed before which Rina spoke again,

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"This is nice, it reminds me of the past"

I didn't reply to it I just stayed silent, truthfully I was always curious about the fact that Rina never spoke to me about her feelings, she was a straightforward and a proud person if she liked me she should have said it to my face long ago, yet till now there was no movement from her, at first I didn't pay any heed to it but now it's raising a lot of questions on my mind,

"Hey, Rina did you find anybody you liked in the academy? maybe a boyfriend?"

I asked with a mischievous smile but all I got in return was a snort,

"Nah, I didn't find anybody I like, I don't think I have any interest in romance, plus you are the only guy I am close to"

Rina said nonchalantly, seeing it an idea formed in my mind but before I could say anything Rina spoke,

"What about you, did you find anybody you like?"

Her words were nonchalant and at ease but when I looked at her ears I could see them dancing left and right a sign of unease, I pretended to think for some time before which I spoke,

"No, not yet but I am interested to start dating somebody"

"I see...well good luck with that"

Rina spoke, yet I could see her ears straightening in delight and it's then I totally understood....She was f.u.c.king dense! it seems that she herself hadn't understood her feelings,

'd.a.m.n, that's quite the twist'

Seeing the result I smiled, it would seem that my future with Rina would certainly be fun.

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