The Conquerors Path


Chapter 244-Quest(2)

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Chapter 244-Quest(2)

Back then when I overreacted to Shira's words, it wasn't just out of the words she had spoken to me, ever since I knew my plight of chasing after the capture targets, I had used my power to keep tabs on the ones that I could observe and Shira was among them, I had long since noticed that her behavior and pattern were different from how I knew.

But that wasn't surprising, taking into account the things I did it was normal for there to be several deviations from what I knew, all I could do was to adapt to it and grow, even before meeting with Shira I knew that she had some kind of aim towards my family, from the reports I read, I got to knew that she had some sort of friction with Elda before, though at that time it was just a small argument.

Back then before meeting Shira I didn't pay much heed to it, I had thought of it as a small issue but after I met her and saw her disdainful and ill intent eyes, I knew that there was a deeper play at hand, love, and hate don't just pop out of nowhere there has to be a reason and for her to act like that meant that she has some sort of dark objective towards my family.

And that was unacceptable, just mere words weren't enough to make me angry, the moment she talked with me I knew that she has some darker desire for my family and that was my last line, in my heart I truly love and care for them, anything that wanted to hurt them was an enemy to me, especially my cute Elda.

Thankfully back then the system had helped me out, from then on I kept a tight watch on her activities, I have other perfect 'helpers' hidden and Alex was truly helpful, he's a guy that doesn't care if his hands get dirty doesn't matter if your good or bad, with his help I have different eyes watching Shira's movement.

And from it I learned a great fact, she wanted to kidnap Elda! I don't know why, the only thing I was able to dig up was that she or whoever is in the dark is l.u.s.ting after her bloodline, well it's not like they have any chance of succeeding, it wasn't just her, a group of them with her were biding their time waiting for a chance but it would seem that up and till now they still haven't figured out a plan yet

In all honesty, I wanted to slaughter them all but I can't take action now, first I needed to know why and who was behind all this, what was this power that is running rampant in the academy? even in the quests I played there was no such mention, well most of the quests were oriented to capture the girls but still, there must have been some mention but I found none,

'Sigh....what a headache'

I shook my head, a lot of things were happening and it all seems to lead to a terrifying enemy but I wasn't afraid much, right now I'm an immortal, and with my control over the element of life, I am basically unkillable, leaving that aside, I have a whole dimension filled with fairies and other species willing to fight for me, being their prince just grant me power but also a world of soldiers.

If I wanted just a command and a whole country will vanish from sight, though that would end up with me falling into the radar of extremely powerful people, G.o.ds above Orpheus, the creator G.o.ddess and I have no intention of messing with them, they could literally kill me with a thought, I have no interest in tempting fate, plus it's more fun to see my enemies dance in the palm of my hands as I play with them,

'I will make that b.i.t.c.h suffer'

Does she plan to harm Elda? I will make sure to rip her life down to nothing, my plans were already set in motion, I won't give her a slow death, I will make sure that she watches everything fall and be destroyed right in front of her eyes,

'I have changed haven't I?'

I chuckled at my thought, at the beginning I used small and non-offensive methods, after all, in the end, I wasn't ruthless but the journey I went through helped me change a lot, it helped me see a way forward, and it also helped me identify what I wanted, back then I followed the mission, find the girls make then fall in love and everything.

Of course, even though it was a quest I wouldn't decline that I didn't like the idea of having a harem, which man won't like it? but that wasn't enough, Vena had shown me that it would have only led me to a bitter end, I need my own true desire and I did find it, what I needed were power and security, I wanted to be such that I won't ever have to fear about what lay ahead.

I don't desire supreme power, I just want to live free and happy, a way such that even after millions of years later, I would be able to chill and relax, and for that I don't mind working myself to the bone now, thinking till here the picture of a beautiful red-haired dragon entered my mind, I was truly missing Vena, in the beginning, it was out of our shared bloodline that I went along with her but in between all that I did truly fall in love with her,

'The dragon emperor....'

Possessing Lora and announcing out she was mine to the world was not possible, that would mess up with my plans for Celestinia, and I don't mind holding her for myself in the dark but I would have to deal with the current dragon emperor, for now, Lora stays far away from him, not chatting with him much but that won't last forever, I need a permanent solution,

'Why does the thing have to be so hard?'

I rubbed my head in frustration, in the end, I put my thoughts on hold, dragons themselves would go into deep meditation trying to break through their bottleneck or to understand their bloodline for years, Lora was okay for now, I had to now deal with the issues at hand, calming myself I reached the training room where I came upon Rina who was practicing,

"Hey, Austin!"

Seeing me she waved her hand at me with a smile, her eyes were now soft and loving, her whole body was drenched while sweat filled her body, and her extremely athletic figure could be defined by it, well most of my attention was first taken by those huge missiles she has on her chest, a bit behind Orpheus but still big,

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Seeing her status I was stunned for a moment, the last time I looked at her. Her love for me was at just 100%, just how did it increase? I sure as h.e.l.l didn't do anything,

'System what's going on?'

[It's simple she's just like that, her love for you just keeps increasing]

'Does that make any sense?'

[Nope, just know that she's crazy and the more time you spent away from her the more she loves you]

'How the h.e.l.l does that make any sense?!'

[How the f.u.c.k should know! you tell me how this is happening! d.a.m.n should have jumped ships when I had the chance]

Ignoring the system I walked towards Rina who was now clearly having a battle-hungry smile.

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