The Conquerors Path


Chapter 239-Relaxation

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Chapter 239-Relaxation

Austin POV:

"This is nice"

I spoke as I looked at the huge expanse of greenery in front of me, right now I was sitting on the top of the tree soaking in the beauty of the realm before me, as far as I could see beautiful green trees grew, and different friendly species played and laughed, it looked like a paradise but the thing I enjoyed the most is the beautiful woman sitting on my lap who responded,


Right now she was snuggled close to me with her head on my chest, while her juicy a.s.s was on my lap, my hands were wrapped around her in a protective embrace while she clung onto me, right now it's been about 7 days since I came here, normally I would be edging to go back since a lot of my plans are still to be uncovered.

But it's not a problem for now as Orpheus had changed the time difference, making it such that a day here was only an hour on the central plane, which means I would have only been gone for seven hours, though I have to tell you these seven days have being a complete blast for me, both of us couldn't keep our hands off each other, f.u.c.king like rabbits.

Since Orpheus is the G.o.ddess Of Life itself we could keep going on for a long time and whenever we are free we would go on for a walk, talk with each other and laugh which would finally end up with me f.u.c.king her senseless, this time I didn't hold back at all as I f.u.c.ked her rough and nice, since I didn't have to worry about hurting her I had let loose.

Plus it didn't help with the fact that she was so s.e.xy! no matter how many times I do her I could never be satisfied, each part of her body was soft, tasty, and addictive. Truthfully in my innermost level, I was relieved, this small time I spent with her helped me let go of the stress that was piling on me without me knowing about it.

While talking and playing with the girls are fun, spending the time running around dealing with capture target were pressuring, I had to be on constant attention so as to not make a mistake, especially with Celestinia who was very perceptive, this routine had unknowingly put a huge stress within me, which would have one day destroyed me.

'Thank G.o.d I found out about it'

Thanking my lucky stars I looked at the beautiful woman in front of me as I kissed her forehead, she liked it as she leaned in closer snuggling against me hard, I couldn't help but feel my heart beating faster at this cute display, I could tell that I love her, before it was due to the connection between us but know it's becoming more genuine.

The time I spent with her was relaxing, with no schemes, no overacting, no extreme cringiness that would make one puke, just pure relaxation, her kind nature was truly winning me over, I got to learn more about the woman in front of me, she's kind, smart and overall someone whose extremely responsible and takes in the lead in everything.

She's the one who could be called the 'big sis' character, someone with a lot of dignity and grace but on the inside, she's just a fragile woman that was hurt by the sands of time and someone that moved forward with an obsession in her heart, she was weak and strong at the same time, a character of hers that I find extremely attractive.

In the beginning, she was shy but as time pa.s.sed she got used to it as her true self was coming out, at times she would be a clingy cute woman that would rush at me for love, at the other time she would be this motherly woman that would treat me with care and love, the truth being that I love both her sides,

"What are you thinking so deeply about?"

Orpheus asked me as she turned her face towards me, I leaned forward as I took a kiss before which I spoke,

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"Nothing, just thinking how lucky I am"

She could now tell with all her heart that this feeling of love was the sweetest thing that she had ever tasted, nothing came close to it, her heart, mind, and soul churned with delight she never knew, it wasn't that she had never tried to find such love, she did but none interested her, for her looks never mattered nor behavior, it was the beauty of the soul that always attracted her and sadly she never found such a soul.

There were times when she thought that she could create the perfect being she wanted but in the end, she would always push that idea aside, as that would ways be a false love created from her desperation, years pa.s.sed and she finally found it, at first when she met him both her desires combined to one.

But she knew she shouldn't act on it, she didn't want to make her 'son' afraid but when she knew that he desired her, the feelings that were bound within her burst forth, and now it burns brighter than any other,

'This is amazing.....'

Whenever Orpheus was with Austin she would ways start feelings things she never knew existed, to her anything was possible, she thought that she had everything but it was only now did she understand that she wasn't 'living' at all, the 'lives' in the past that looked dry and deadly now shined brightly.

Every day was brighter and more beautiful, she could tell that her feelings for Austin weren't finished they would keep growing and she loves it, after all both Austin and Orpheus has a lifetime with each other, being a G.o.ddess she herself has the authority of immortality, she will make sure that in the coming future they would ways be together.

She couldn't wait to experience more things with the person she loves.

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