The Conquerors Path


Chapter 238-The Second Mommy(3)

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Chapter 238-The Second Mommy(3)

A new day began in the fairy world, the beings of purity, the fairies were playing on the outside, powerful walkers roamed around the forest, and now within a room in the world tree Austin woke up feeling his d.i.c.k being sucked, a bit delirious he opened his eyes to Orpheus sucking his d.i.c.k, soon the memories of last night filled his mind making him sigh, they had kept going for the whole night!

The only reason they rested was because Austin wanted some sleep, with Orpheus around she was capable of going back to her tip-top condition in a second and Austin could do the same, if they wanted to they could f.u.c.k forever!


Austin wasn't able to think for long as Orpheus kept sucking him, she knew what he liked to do and gently grabbed his thick long c.o.c.k, she gave a soft kiss like a lover's kiss on the middle of his thick hot rod, making Austin feel as if his little dragon finally met its lover, Orpheus could feel the warmth of his c.o.c.k through her lips and hand and could feel his veins pulsating even more with her touch.

she kissed all over his c.o.c.k, planting soft and warm kisses around it, making his c.o.c.k, even more firmer and hotter, finally, she kissed the tip of his p.e.n.i.s as he pulled his foreskin back to reveal the all-seeing eye of the vigorous dragon but she saw that this eye looked like it needed even more attention and seemed to tear up as she saw a clear liquid slowly oozing out from it.

she gave a soft lick over his glans, and as she put it inside her mouth, the very familiar taste of Austin's life essence filled her mouth making her body shudder, while Austin was lost in his world as Orpheus skillfully pleasure him, just a day was enough for her to know his needs, plus how could he not feel great when one of the most powerful beings in the world was sucking his d.i.c.k?

Orpheus opened her mouth as wide as she could and her pink lips enveloped his thick c.o.c.k till it reached half of it, making Austin feel as if his c.o.c.k was taking a dip in a heavenly cave,


Orpheus unconsciously made a sucking motion as she put his c.o.c.k inside her mouth and then began to rub the rest of his shaft with her hand, Austin grabbed her hair as he supported her movements, and soon enough, she was giving him a b.l.o.w.j.o.b at a rapid pace, making Austin close his eyes, relishing in the warm and wet pleasure,


Orpheus heard his words and felt happy that she was going at a good pace, but she was too busy to reply to anything as she felt like she was having the best dessert of her life,


He could hear her greedily slurping over his c.o.c.k while her soft tongue was rolling over his sensitive glans, hence he continued to ram his c.o.c.k inside her soft mouth as he raised his hips from the bed, and finally, Orpheus felt his c.o.c.k twitching and becoming larger in her mouth as a sudden burst of warm liquid flooded her mouth.

Her brows raised, but she instinctively swallowed it as she gulped since it left behind quite a nice aftertaste,


Orpheus made a smacking sound with her mouth as she let go of his c.o.c.k after sucking it nonstop while holding her breath, She then wiped the corner of her mouth and licked off the dripping milk from the tip of his c.o.c.k, she rose up from the bed and it only then did Austin notice that she was only wearing an ap.r.o.n, feeling his rod rising again Orpheus smiled as she sensually walked away while speaking,

"I am making breakfast, why don't you come?"

Austin felt his mind become mush as he saw that huge a.s.s juggle as she walked away, waking up he moved to the bathroom freshened up as he headed to the kitchen completely naked, entering inside he could see that she was preparing the food, feeling thirsty, Austin pulled out a bottle and drank half of it, instantly bringing a satisfied smile to his face.

Turning his gaze, Austin noticed Orpheus's beautiful, toned a.s.s, causing his member to rise instantly, moving towards her, Austin hugged her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder, as his member slipped between her a.s.s,


Raising her eyebrows, Orpheus turned her gaze and licked her lips

"Looks like you can't wait~"

"How could you not, just look at this beauty"

Squeezing Orpheus's large b.r.e.a.s.t.s which was already lactating, Austin whispered, she smiled at it as she moved her a.s.s sideways,


Licking Orpheus's neck, Austin whispered

"You look ravishing in this"

"Well, you said that you wanted me to try it, how's it?"

Looking at Austin's face with a smile she spoke,

"Too s.e.xy"

Austin replied back, feeling his rod being squelched by her huge a.s.s, smiling, Austin bit his lips and lowered his gaze, gazing with delight at the woman's fleshy a.s.s, lowering his hand, Austin touched Orpheus's crotch and noticed it being wet, taking his d.i.c.k, Austin carefully guided it to Orpheus's opening and with a little difficulty, gently entered her.

Without rushing, Austin thrust in inch by inch, savoring with delight every part of Orpheus's interior, so that after a few seconds, he was fully inserted into her and his tip touched her uterus, firming herself in the kitchen, Orpheus sighed with satisfaction and whispered with excitement,

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"What a h.o.r.n.y son~"


Leaning against the shower wall, Austin pressed against Orpheus and moved his hips rapidly, while his hands squeezed tightly around Orpheus's waist,


Cried Orpheus excitedly, having her face completely pressed against the wall as Austin pressed her back.


Feeling the tip touch her sensitive spot, Orpheus screamed out quickly, screaming at the top of her lungs in a hoa.r.s.e voice, Orpheus trembled heavily, as her legs seemed to turn to jelly,



Trembling heavily, Orpheus screamed wildly, while her voice was totally worn out after so many screams.

"I'm coming!"

clenching his hips tightly around Orpheus's hips, Austin grit his teeth and doubled his speed, then unleashed everything inside Orpheus without thinking,


With an expression of utter delight, Orpheus screamed with excitement, as her eyes grew increasingly wild, with a few final thrusts, Austin finished emptying inside and leaned against Orpheus's back.

Breathing with difficulty, Orpheus stared into nothingness for a few seconds, then recovered and turned awkwardly, with a flash she had recovered her energy, making Austin feel that he would definitely die inside her one day, since that day started, Austin and Orpheus didn't stop having s.e.x, right now two days have pa.s.sed and they were on each other body constantly.

By now s.e.x was the only thing keeping them going.

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