The Conquerors Path


Chapter 229-Discussion For Family

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Chapter 229-Discussion For Family

"That's all?"

This time my eyes widened in 'surprise', well not much of a surprise than 'stunned', looking at Elda I spoke my voice filled with 'disbelief',

"Did you know?"

I asked as that could only be the most logical reason, Elda sighed as she kept rubbing my head, her tender eyes looked into mine as she nodded her head,

"Of course, big brother how couldn't I not see it? after all, both of us suffered from the same fate"

"I see...."

I spoke with a 'disbelieving' sigh, well all of that was only outward, while inwardly I knew that she had already found out about Nora's feelings for me, I mean both Grace and Nora are a bit dense but not Elda she was clearly able to see the feeling that Nora has for me and it's on this premises that I openly talked about Nora. Raising my head I looked at Elda with a bit of a 'grudge',

"You know you could have told me about it"

"And would you have believed it? plus big sister's choice was not mine to influence, what she wanted to do about it was a path that she should walk"

Elda replied with a snort, while her heart held complex feelings, silence settled between us, as Elda kept patting my head and I lay there 'deep' in thought, finally, after a minute I spoke to Elda,

"Elda, what should I do?"

"Big brother isn't that your choice?"

"I know but I really don't know what to do, I only see Nora as a sister, nothing more, I don't want to break her heart"


This time Elda did not know what she should say, looking at my frowning face she went into deep thought, silence remained before which she spoke again,

"isn't it fine?"


Hearing Elda's answer I looked at her with a gaze asking her what she was talking about, to which Elda sighed and spoke,

"Big brother, you love Nora right?"


"Then try spending time with her and see if you would fall in love with her the other way"

"What! Elda are you serious?"

I 'jolted' up as I looked at Elda with 'complex' eyes, Elda chuckled feeling my emotions but on the inside her heartfelt warm, moving closer she placed her head on my chest while her body leaned onto mine, her hands leeched onto my neck while she relaxed completely on my embrace, making herself comfortable she spoke,

"In truth, I don't know what I should say, I went through the same pain that she's going through and I can say that it's not pleasant at all, the happy feeling I got when you accepted me was something else, hence I have no right to say anything against big sisters love"

"I know bu-"

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But Elda wasn't in the situation to understand as she kept taking in deep breaths, her legs were sprawled upwards while a red blush was spread across her gorgeous face, seeing that she was unresponsive I held her up as I lay on the bed and put her on my chest, hugging her tightly I gave a kiss on her forehead.

After which I didn't do anything else, I knew that she wasn't in the proper situation to do anything, moreover, if I continued I knew that I won't be able to stop myself, so it was better to get the small things first, for now, a few seconds later Elda regained her learning, she didn't say anything as she hugged me back and slept happily on me and like that the night pa.s.sed.


"So you ready?"

"Yeah, I am"

Alex spoke behind me making sure that he has all the things that he needs, right now I was followed by Alex, Jacob, Mark, Rina, and Mika, I didn't bring the rest as this was just a meeting and bringing too many people might cause a lot of unnecessary problems,

"Boss I'm ready to cause some problems!"

Jacob exclaimed, pumping his hands forward for some action, the rest of us shook our heads at the action, looking sharply at Jacob I spoke,

"You better be restraining yourself"


Jacob nodded back with a battle-hungry smile, well he wasn't the only one the rest too had antic.i.p.ating looks on their face, well all except Mark who was looking like a block of ice, they were all rearing to cause some chaos and problems,

'Sigh....crazy people are truly tough maintenance'.

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