The Conquerors Path


Chapter 226-Senior(2)

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Chapter 226-Senior(2)

"So tell me Austin, where did you learn to use the bow?"

Carmel asked me as she took a sip of her tea, right now both of us were in a private room. After my mind blogging a shot, I did a few more ones making the rest watch it all in a daze, by the 6th shot I had already gained the recognition of the rest of the people. After finishing my shot I was met with Carmel who wanted to talk to me privately

I agreed and here we are now, Carmel sitting opposite to me on a sofa drinking tea with grace while I sat opposite her drinking my one, enjoying the refreshing taste that was filling my mind I spoke,

"I had a great teacher"

"And who might that be?"

Carmel asked back with twinkling eyes, she seemed to be half sure of my status, I gave her a knowing smile and kept the tea on the table before me,

"Of course, it's our teacher, senior"


Carmel asked with a jerk of her body, she seemed to be confused by my words, plus her att.i.tude towards me also warmed up, there wasn't an edge t her voice, Carmel by nature is more outward and positive to anybody but their levels in her att.i.tude, the ones she just met, the ones he considers her friend and then her enemies

One must never look down on her due to her lively nature, being her enemy is a tree using thing to be, in truth due to her twilight bloodline she should be more cold and calm than she is, there's a switch in Carmel's mind that flips when she faces her enemy, making her a cold and dangerous woman

She had learned to control that side of hers, making it so that it would only flip when she faces the ones she dislikes and when that happens it is almost impossible to reason with her, she will become the coldest moon that shines in the night, anyhow it seems that I had gotten much closer to her just by telling her that I'm Eleanor's disciple, that itself shows how much Carmel respects Eleanor.

"Yes, that's right senior, aren't you also Eleanor's disciple? that makes you, my senior, the master had told me a lot about you"


Carmel reacted a bit over as her body leaned forward with a smile on her face, I nodded my head at her words as I spoke

"that's right, master always speaks about how she couldn't take you as her complete disciple but she says that in her heart you will always be one"

"I see..."

Carmel responded with a happy yet melancholic smile, the circ.u.mstances surrounding Carmel is quite strange and hard to overcome, in the game we had to overcome them to win Carmel's heart, that's one of the condition to get closer to her, though right now for me that won't be needed, smiling lightly I comforted her

"Don't be sad senior, maybe one day it could happen who knows?"


Carmel sighed out in despondent but it didn't last for long before which her normal self returned, with a relaxing smile she spoke, her voice laced with excitement

"Hey! leaving aside that, tell me more about master, how is she? where did you guys meet, tell me everything!"

"Okay, sure but you have to calm down first"

Speaking so I waved my hands at her telling her to calm down, finally, she did and I started to tell her about all my adventures, teaching, and the fun I had with Eleanor, of course, I made sure to leave out some important information, like the fact that I am sleeping with Eleanor, other than that I entertainingly spoke about the rest, making Carmel feel a bit lost and jealous

" had a lot of fun with master"

"Yeah, a 'lot' of 'fun' "

I replied to her, my words hiding more information than she could handle, by now I had spoken to her about most of the stuff that had taken place, during this small talk we became a bit more closely, a relationship between junior and senior was slowly but surely developing between us, I could always use the excuse of needing 'help' or sharing 'pointers' to approach her

From then on I can make my move, though I have to be really careful so that I won't fall into her 'friendzone', unlike the game I can't restart here, and falling into that category of hers only means a death sentence for me, so whenever I talk I make sure to avoid the things I should, playing her route so many times I knew that way to deal with her efficiently

"So you want to join the Archery club right?"

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"Um... that's not bac but are you sure that you don't want to be the president?"

"I'm sure, I only wanted to raise the Archery club to the top and meet my senior, other than that I don't care about the rest after all, aren't you my senior, shouldn't I be listening to you?"



I asked Carmel who was now chuckling at me, to my question she gave me a bright smile as she spoke

"No, it's just that you're a bit different from how I thought you would be"

"How did you think I was?"

"Arrogant, straightforward, and someone that won't back down at all"

Hearing her words I was taken back before which I responded

"You're right I'm all of that but it's different with you"


This time it was Carmel who was a bit confused but I didn't leave her hanging as I spoke

"Because you are family"

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