The Conquerors Path


Chapter 218-Revenge(3)

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Chapter 218-Revenge(3)

"Y-You who are you?"

The leader asked as he clutched onto his chest that had a hole that was leaking with blood, the other two of his brothers were in a similar situation, Nora sneered as she heard his question a part of the burning anger within her reduced but it hadn't disappeared completely, she would make them regret what they had done.

The leader turned his head to the rest that was beside him, they had been together for a long time, just looking into each other's eye they were able to understand what the other wanted, giving one final nod to each other they set on to cut their tongue, trying to commit suicide, they were, they had always walked the path of death, they always knew death would find them someday and they accepted it with wide arms.

The three of them moved without hesitation as they tried to bite their tongue off, Nora who saw this was slow to react as they had acted too decisively, unlucky for them Nora wasn't the only one at the scene,

" you don't"

He spoke and that was it as their body had stopped moving, a pressure had put them in place, all they could do was look at the approaching Austin with wide and shaking eyes, reaching beside Nora he patted her shoulder as he spoke,

"Do whatever you want"

Nora hearing his words had many emotions flashing through her eyes but for now, she put them in place as she turned towards the three, her eyes raging with anger, she walked towards them with a smirk that sent chills down their spine, Austin seeing it took out a sack as he threw it towards Nora, she gave him a questioning look as he spoke,

"These are some special potions that would increase sensitivity by 300% plus there are some other useful stuff too"

His words brought silence to the surrounding, Nora held onto the sack for a moment before which she nodded her head and started walking towards the three who were now looking at Austin as if he was the devil itself,

'Well that's what you get for being caught'

Austin smirked as he walked a bit far still gazing at Nora, he wanted to stay as moral support, it didn't even matter if she killed them he could just revive them later, he isn't just the prince of Life for nothing, though it did have some restrictions overall the ability he has is just too overpowered,

"Ahhhhh!...Noooo!...please stoppp!!"



Three distinctive screams filled the silent night, Austin stayed neutral as he watched the b.l.o.o.d.y torture Nora was inflicting, the screams ran for an hour before it ended, Austin had given Nora the green light to kill them as he promised her that he had more information than they could give, by the end of the hour all that was left of the three was broken dolls with no emotions.

They were tortured, healed, and tortured again, all the pent up emotions within Nora were released, and finally, with one last look she drove her sword to the heart of the three killings them, she took out her sword waving away the blood that filled it, she gave one look at the dead bodies before she gazed her head as she peered into the moon that lay above her.

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She felt calm and serene as if a load was lost from her but at the same time she felt lost, she gave them the most brutal death but it didn't make her that happy, her lost father wasn't coming back to her after all, he will still stay dead, she had once thought that doing this would make her fulfilled but all she was filling was a sense of loss,

"No, I'm fine"

Nora spoke as she held Austin's face that was 'confused', Nora chuckled as she saw it, she knew that his feelings for her weren't that way, his feeling for her was of pure love but she could tell that he was distracted by her beauty, she would first begin small and she will chip away his heart and make it completely hers,

"I was just thinking that I was truly blessed to have you as my brother"

"I long as your okay"

Austin replied back with a 'relieved' smile, for some reason Nora felt extremely attracted to it, she who had now accepted herself finally made her move, before Austin could even react she took off the mask on his face as she dispersed the disguise magic on them, in front of her appeared Austin's image just as she remembered it.

And under Austin's 'disbelieving' eyes she moved forward as she took his lips, kissing him as she relished on the taste of his lips, she didn't give him any time to react as Austin was in a 'shocked' position, she kept his body close to her, her lips tasting his as she and he fell to the ground, she was above him she kept tasting his lips kissing him with all her amateur skills.

Her body felt hot and excited, she had never felt pleasure like this before but she couldn't have it for long as Austin composed himself as he pushed her away, looking at her with a furious 'blushing' face he spoke,

"What are you doing Nora!?"

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