The Conquerors Path


Chapter 183: A Good Luck Charm

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Chapter 183: A Good Luck Charm

“Big brother that was amazing!”

Just as I had entered my room I was hugged by my sister who jumped at me, I smiled as I caught her body, looking at her, my expression was playful as I seriously spoke

“Elda! you shouldn’t jump at me like that!, what if I didn’t catch you?”

“Hehehe….of course not, I’m sure that big brother would catch me!”

Elda spoke with a chuckle as she looked at me, seeing it, I shook my head and soon I focused her face and her beautiful red lips I couldn’t help but remember what had happened just this morning, I couldn’t help find her more attractive right now, Elda seemed to have noticed me looking at her as her smile widened but just was we were going to our world Nyla’s words were heard

“It was nice to fight”

Hearing Nyla’s voice I turned towards her who was walking up to me with her a huge smile showcasing her vampiric fangs, putting my attention on her I placed Elda to the ground as I spoke to her

“Well it wasn’t as fun as beating you up”

Hearing my reply I could see Nyla’s brows twitching in annoyance but she soon smiled as she spoke

“Sure why don’t we fight again, I am sure that I will make you regret what you did in our past fight”


Hearing her confident reply I was a bit astonished but in the end, I shook my head, I could easily understand Nyla, she’s just a battle maniac, she will surely keep getting stronger to defeat me and truthfully that’s annoying, well I could entertain her for knowledge, though I am sure that she will never surpa.s.s me

“Then I will surely take up that challenge of your”

“Good you won’t regret it~~”

Nyla said with a s.a.d.i.s.tic smile, it was then that she was. .h.i.t on the back of her head Lanora, who had a smile on her face as she cheerfully walked up to me and spoke

“Austin! that was amazing! I never knew that you were that powerful! you are a genius!”

And just like that Lanora started speaking excitedly in her own world, in a way I too was pulled into it, just the atmosphere around her was calming, I smiled as started speaking with her

“Hey Lanora It’s nice to meet you too, I hope everything’s good after joining my group, I made sure not to add much restoration to you as I know that your clan don’t prefer being retrained”

“You know about my clan?”

Lanora asked surprised, her clan was mostly reclusive and not much was known to the outside world about them, so it came as a surprise to her as I knew about her clan, I smiled at her as I mysteriously spoke

“Well I have a good information network”

Hearing my reply she pouted, she made a funny expression as she pretended to stab me with her goat like horns, to which I acted like I was stabbed by her, soon we look at each other before we started laughing

“Sure keep your secrets but still thank you for being considerate”

“It’s nothing much, you are dear friends of my sister it’s the least I could do”

I said as I shook my head at her with a smile, well it was truly fun talking with her, it was relaxing to say the truth, at the same time we were getting well Nyla entered between both of us as she looked at both of us suspiciously

“Did you two meet before?”


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“it’s just that both you seem extremely used to each other and I have never seen Lanora being so easily friends with anyone”

Seeing her cute way of speaking to me while her three eyes seemed to be moving left and right I couldn’t help but smile at that cuteness

“Really? if you said it then I must have been amazing”

Hearing my words Nathalia furiously nodded her head like a chicken pecking her food, soon her three eyes focused on me as she took out something and gave it to me, her hands were stretched to me while she looked at me antic.i.p.ating, I looked at her hand as I saw a paper with some sort of design on it

“What’s this?”

I asked as I took the paper from her hands, seeing me take it from her she smile happily as she looked at me shyly

“It’s a good luck charm”

“A charm?”


Nathalia nodded her head at my question, I caught the paper in my hands as I looked at it, I could see some beautiful interactive pattern on it, the drawing was beautiful and mysterious, I looked at it for a bit before I thanked Nathalia

“Thank you, Nathalia, I will treasure it”

My words seemed to lift her up as she gave a nod with a beautiful smile


While at the same time I asked the system to a.n.a.lyze it and give me its real function and when I did my eyes almost burst out from my pocket, suddenly Nathalia didn’t look as innocent and cute as she is

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