The Conquerors Path


Chapter 178: Sisterly Counterattack

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Chapter 178: Sisterly Counterattack

A new day had begun as the sunlight poured in from the outside window, within a room on a sofa sat two people, one was leaning on the sofa, meanwhile the other sat on the boys lap hugging him tightly unwilling to let go, they had a blanket over their body as they hugged each other and slept, the first one to wake up was the girl laying on the boy

Elda’s eyes trembled as they slowly opened, her green eyes focused on the face of the man she was sleeping at before a beautiful smile that could smite any man came upon her face, she first looked around her surroundings to make sure of where she was, breathing out slowly she adjusted her body to not wake up her big brother

She moved forward as she focused her eyes on her brothers sleeping face, a hint of blush came to her face as she looked at his face, her hands tightened the blanket around her as she moved her body forward trying to become closer to him, she raised her hands slowly as she gasped her big brothers sleeping face

The blush on her face deepened as her fingers trailed her big brother’s handsome face, her breathing fasted as her heart started beating faster as she kept looking at the man she loved, her hands slowly wrapped around his neck as her forehead touched his, her green eyes were predatory as she kept looking at his lips

She wanted to dive in for a kiss, she wanted him to hold her and much more but she didn’t want it to happen like this, right now before she slept she had cast a small spell on him that won’t wake her big brother up easily, as long as she doesn’t cross the line things won’t be a problem

Her body pressed against her big brother tightly as her hug on his neck tightened, normally she wouldn’t be this open but after she had heard about the detail of her big brother going on a date, she felt like her world become darker, she felt like something was squeezing her heart, while she could see her brother being taken from her

And she didn’t like it one bit, she knew that she had to step up her plans, she understood a bit that her brother doesn’t see her as more than just a sister and he seemed to be a bit denser when it same to love related matters, hence she had to be careful but yesterday she did something that derailed from her plans

If anything went wrong all the good things between her big brother would have been lost but thankfully it went better than she had expected, she could feel that her big brother too had some other budding feelings for her, it would seem that her big brother hadn’t realized these feelings himself and she was sure that if he did realize it he might push her away

‘I won’t let you go, big brother’

Elda’s eyes seemed to set ablaze as she kept looking at her big brother face, her blushing face moved forward as she placed a kiss on her big brother’s cheeks, she kept kissing it for a few more seconds before she let go, her cheeks were completely red as her eyes were moist

Her body seemed to heat up, as excitement danced within her, she could feel her lower body becoming moist as she moved forward and took a big whiff of her brother’s scent from his neck, the excitement within her body only seemed to be increasing as bolder ideas birthed within her mind but then…..


She heard her brothers voice as he seemed to be waking up, she quickly moved back as she took deep breaths trying to control herself, soon she could see that her big brother was waking up, an idea birthed in her mind as a smirk lit up her face


‘Is she done?’

I thought to myself as I finally started to act like I was waking up, I was already awake from the moment Elda had woken up, I had pretended to sleep to see what she would do and what all she did surprised me, up and till now I had been controlling myself, otherwise, a b.o.n.e.r would have filled my pants a long time ago

But I had to wake up now, cause I had a feeling that if I let Elda go on anymore, I would lose all my control, and it’s not easy controlling myself, not when she’s rubbing her smooth body against me, so I finally decided to wake up, opening my eyes I was met with a beautiful sight

Elda still sat there on my laps with her hands around my neck, her face filled with a red blush, while a happy contended smile hung on her lips as she kept gazing into my eyes, it was the clean look of an infatuated maiden in love gazing at her lover, my heart started beating faster, as I felt my throat go dry

The smile on Elda’s face widened seemingly as if she felt the increase in my heartbeat, I could seriously feel a greater need to take this woman in my arms and ravish her but I took all of my will as I too smiled and raised m hands as I rubbed Elda’s face

“Good morning Elda, looking beautiful as always”

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“Good morning to you to big brother”

Jacob asked me as he held a huge chicken leg in his arms and stuffed his mouth, I shook my head at his behavior as I elegantly started to eat my food

“Simple I beat them up until their parents won’t recognize their face”

“That sounds like fun”

Rina spoke with a wide smile

“Fighting’s not always the answer”

Emma spoke as she patted the small cat-like beast on her lap

“Anyhow, we are all going to be there, so put on a good show”

Alex spoke with a smile, casuing all of them gathered at the table except for Mark to start smiling, I too smiled as I spoke


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