The Conquerors Path


Chapter 169: A Show Of Skills

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Chapter 169: A Show Of Skills

“now wasn’t that fun?”

I asked out loud, after which I had cleanly dressed but no answer came, I looked at Olivia who was a mess, she lay there sprawled on the table, her arms at her side, while her body kept trembling non stop, her eyes were rolled over her head as she had fainted while saliva dripped from her open mouth

A very unbecoming sight of one of the worlds greatest empire’s princess, well that was not the end, a huge puddle had grown under the table she lay, even when unconscious her body kept trembling while some juices still dripped down for her lower entrance, the sight was not pretty at all, seeing no response from Olivia I just shrugged my shoulders as I activated the token and left the room with sudden white light

Now was not the time to play lover, I already have a plan for that, I have already surrendered her body to pleasure, a few more times then she won’t be able to go without it, it will be then that her true ‘training’ would start, antic.i.p.ating it I headed to the library

Reaching it I could spot a familiar brown haired average girl sitting at a corner table, I smiled and waved at her

‘Here we go again’

I thought as I headed towards her as we began our debate, well long story short things went well for the next 2 and half an hour as we chatted and argued with each other, after which we made a promise to see each other tomorrow, my back was straight as I left the library but my head was a mess

‘f.u.c.k!, that was so boring!, if it wasn’t for my life on the line, I would just say f.u.c.k it all and leave!’

My thoughts can be truly justified, I mean how can you enjoy talking about some s.h.i.t written by some f.u.c.ker years ago, if it wasn’t for me getting better at my acting I would have surely went to sleep

‘Sigh…I just hope I can make it through…..’

I could only lament at myself as I walked through the streets but it’s then that I found something weird, it was quite…too quite, I turned around looking at all the places and I could see that there was no one around, no people, no sound, nothing, seeing it my guard raised, the mana around me started circulating

Just as I was ready for a battle a woman appeared in front of me, seeing her I sighed inwardly but I didn’t show any outward reaction of relief, on the outside I was still ready for battle, my eyes became sharp as I focused on the beautiful girl in front of me

The girl in front of me has ash grey hair that was a bob cut along with golden pupils with a slit in it, she’s wearing a yellow one piece dress that covered her body, her body was lean, with quite a hight as she stood tall, there was a huge domineering dragon might from her body, her face was beautiful, with a bit of a tomboy look, she had huge perky breast and a nice a.s.s

“Who are you?”

I asked out loud as I looked at her, hearing my question a hint of disappointment flashed in the girls eyes but she quickly shook it off as she asked me a question

“Don’t you know me?”

Hearing her question, I looked at Scarlet deeply, as I seemed to ponder but in the end I shook my head as I spoke

“Nope, I am sure that I have never seen you, after all I won’t forget a beauty like you”


Scarlet blushed as she heard my words she smiled happily and hid her face shyly within her arms, seeing her behavior my expression became full of ‘confusion’, seeing it she pouted, wow for a moment I was dazed from her action, while I did not talk to her face to face, I still did keep tabs in her at times

From what I gathered she’s a stone faced woman that won’t smile at anyone, she’s always cold to others, the only one she treats as an equal is Celestinia, to others she won’t even give a glance, strict and focused, so seeing such a side many would have their jaws drop at this scene

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In truth I was expecting for Scarlet to contact me earlier, so it was confusing that she contacted me this late and in this manner of fashion, at that time that I didn’t know was that Scarlet wanted to contact me much earlier but she was too shy

As soon as she had gotten out of her daze, she was meet with my scent and my warm hug, as she lay within my embrace, she could feel her cheeks lit up, while a sense of warmth filled her body as I hugged her, my hands held her tightly as I laid her in my embrace

Soon her face was dyed red, as her body heated up, it was then that she head a bit of my sobbing as I patted her back

“Th-thank G.o.d your fine, I-I am sorry, back then I didn’t know that you would be chosen by the historic world, I am so happy that you are okay”

Hearing my guilty words Scarlet was stunned for a moment, before she broke into a smile, a surge of great warmth filled her heart and body as she realized that she was not wrong, she had not chosen wrong, feeling a lot of emotions filling her, Scarlet raised her hand as she patted my back

“It’s okay, I never blamed you, instead you did everything for me, if it wasn’t for you I would have never reached where I am right now, so thank you”

hearing her words my body ‘trembled’, my eyes filled with a bit of ‘tears’, looked at her, who smiled and wiped it away, she gave me her most beautiful smile yet as she spoke

“Yes, that’s right Austin, meeting you and becoming your friend was one of the greatest thing in my life”

Hearing her words I smiled with ‘relief’, as I spoke

“I see….thank you”

With that I pulled her into the hug, we stayed like this for a while relishing in each others warmth.

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