The Conquerors Path


Chapter 167: A New Round

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Chapter 167: A New Round

“Ahh…now that was a good night”

I spoke as I stretched my body and headed out of my mansion, last night I had spend my time completely enjoying Grace’s body, it had only ended when she had fallen unconscious where we slept in each others embrace, the only annoying thing is the sneaking in I have to keep doing, well small sacrifices for the better good I guess

Well anyhow right now it was already a good morning after having a hearty breakfast and dealing with some faction related stuff, I quickly headed towards Olivia’s mansion, I can’t keep my dear slave waiting, can I?

Well it didn’t take me long to each the hidden area where I activated the teleportation circle which was hidden, with a quick flash of white light I appeared in a white room where a very familiar blonde haired woman stood, her eyes were stoic and was filled with resentment when she looked at me

I smiled at her as I walked towards her with light steps, reaching in front of her I smiled as I spoke

“So, how’s your body?”

“It’s fine master”

She replied blandly, her eyes looked at me with defience, I smiled as I walked towards the sofa in the room as I sat there, looking at her confused eyes, I spoke dominantly

“Strip and make it s.e.xy”

My voice echoed through out the room, causing Olivia’s body to tremble….with excitement, after the last days play a small part of her true self was slowly coming out, her true desires were leaking but Olivia held it in!, she didn’t want to submit to my will but one dominant words from me caused her p.u.s.s.y lips to tremble in excitement

‘What will he do today?’

Is the question that pa.s.sed through her mind, she took a deep breath as she started to do what I said, I leaned back to my chair as I looked at Olivia’s s.e.xy body being stripped, the dress she was wearing was white in color and around knee-length, It was held in place by a few b.u.t.tons in the back as well as a green sash around her waist

Taking a deep breath, Olivia pulled on her sash and allowed it to fall onto the ground, next she unb.u.t.toned her dress one by one, filling the room with the rhythmic sound of her b.u.t.tons clicking, the dress was no longer held in place by anything, Only remaining on her body from the support of her hands

A deep blush made its way to Olivia’s gorgeous face and spread to her ears., no matter what this was still embarra.s.sing for her, then without a word, she let go of her hands which held onto her dress, letting it fall onto the ground

At once, her graceful body was revealed for me to see, She had a well-developed body with all the curves that needed to come out in the right places and all the curves that needed to curve in in all the right places, A wonderfully full pair of b.r.e.a.s.t.s that still had room to grow hidden behind a floral lace white bra, however the cleavage she had developed could not be hidden by this risqué design of a bra.

Her secret garden was securely protected by a risky white thong with the same floral pattern, The color of her lingerie set seemed to bring out the creaminess of her skin, making her look more delectable than ever

Olivia moved one arm to shield her cleavage from my prying eyes as she used her other hand to unclip it, The bra fell to the ground while her arm remained in place, preventing me from seeing her milkers in full, for a moment I was thinking that she was teasing me but looking at her lips bitten and her face died red, I knew that was not the case

Then, she turned around to give me a better view of her well-sculpted a.s.s, Her hips swayed sensually in a wave-like manner, and her fingers hooked onto the edges of her panties to slowly slide them down, Bit by bit, her s.e.xy a.s.s exposed itself to the world, at the last stretch, a thin line of clear fluid could be seen connecting from her honeypot to her panties before breaking off

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Now she turned to me with one of her arms covering her b.r.e.a.s.t.s while the other one hiding her honey pot, even when she didn’t want to her body was still hot, due to my spell she felt h.o.r.n.y yesterday and was still unable to reveille herself, for her I am her only path of release

“So how was it yesterday?, did anybody see your body?”


“Good, just how many boys did you talk to yesterday”

“Just a few…..”

Olivia spoke with a troubled frown as she saw my face ‘scrunch’ up from ‘anger’, my finger which was lightly playing with her body used force, as they rubbed her inner thigh causing pain to fill Olivia’s body, yet when she saw my oppressive, obsessive gaze, along with the pain her knees buckled as she c.u.mmed!


Olivia moaned out, as her body lost strength as she fell forward, I didn’t let her fall as I moved forward and caught her soft body, her naked body pressed against me, her eyes were hazy as they looked into mine, I caught her body in princess style as I laid her on the table, the moment she regained her senses she was met with my furious gaze

“To think you are this brazen, it looks like I need to teach you who you belong to”

Olivia’s eyes trembled as I caught her shoulders hardly, whatever I was saying had no reason but hey when did yanderes need sane reason for anything?, under Olivia’s scared yet antic.i.p.ating eyes I moved downwards towards Olivia’s honey pot

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