The Conquerors Path


Chapter 154: Countinuation Of The Second Day

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Chapter 154: Countinuation Of The Second Day

My hands which had opened her legs kept pressing Olivia’s body with small seductive touches, my mouth was hungry was I sucked and bit on Olivia’s smooth skin, all Olivia could do was close her eyes and accept it, she tried to fight it but it was impossible, the l.u.s.t she was unable to release last night was building in stronger waves within her body

My hands which had completely opened her legs moved, my right hand moved and slowly rubbed Olivia’s p.u.s.s.y lips in a slow motion from bottom to top and that’s all it took, a touch on her p.u.s.s.y and it began to spry like there’s no tomorrow, the l.u.s.t she was unable to release came out in a bang


Olivia’s body weakened from the strong o.r.g.a.s.m, since the spell had made her h.o.r.n.y and forbidden her from having any release, finally having it made her body tremble and let out moans, her legs seemed to weaken but I didn’t let it go completely, I caught her and lifted her as I carried her to the table, it seems I had looked down on how much the spell must have tormented her body

I could see that Olivia’s body had weakened from a single o.r.g.a.s.m, looking into her eyes I could see that it was hazy, plus there was a fresh red hickey on her beautiful neck too, thinking of the trouble she would have to go through to avoid it I laughed inwardly, with soft touches I placed the now delirious Olivia on the table

And as she was in a daze my hands moved skillfully and removed her bra even before she could react, her two beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s were in my view, her size was a bit above average with a nice red arolla and a red juicy nipple asking for a bite


A scream was heard as Olivia came out of her daze and as she did, she finally saw that I was gazing upon her naked b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she tried to hide them but I caught her hands and kept them down, since she had an o.r.g.a.s.m her body was soft and she was not able to control her strength so I easily subdued her, staring right into her eyes I spoke

“Stop it!, you belong to me now and each and every part of you belongs to me, got it?”

My voice was high and extremely commanding, hearing it Olivia’s heart started beating with excitement, the feeling of being held down and looked down upon seemed to bring out the true self she was hiding but at the same time her pride came back unwilling to bend to anyone, the two side were now fighting against each other

Seeing that Olivia had calmed down I let go of her arms, as I did Olivia turned her face aside with a complex look, I smirked at it, I could see that both the side of Olivia fighting and this was just the beginning, I didn’t wait any longer, since the table was huge I sat up as I placed both my hands on the side of Olivia’s head as I sat on her stomach, well I didn’t technically sit but floated above her

I took both of her arms and locked it above her head, using one of my arms I kept both her arms tight while, using my right hand I faced her to look at me, I raised Olivia’s face towards me, I could see confusion, sadness, desire, excitement all together filling her face, even some tears had gathered in her eyes

Seeing it, I was mesmerized for a moment, Olivia’s the princess of one of the most powerful emprie in the world, a woman that is desired by many men and lastly an s.a.d.i.s.tic woman that always never seemed to bend but right now her face was the some look of a vulranable woman, it was the excat opposite of the real her

‘Sigh maybe I could relent to her a bit’

Controlling myself I looked directly into Olivia’s eyes that was filled with struggle, I put on a gentle smile as I rubbed her eyes, wiping the tears away, seeing my sudden change Olivia was surprised, I didn’t give her time to think as I spoke

“What is it Olivia, why are you cry?”


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Olivia screamed out in frustration, all the grievance she felt from the last day bursted out, in the end she’s a woman that was above everyone, even if she desires domination, it would be from the one she love and me doing this yet she feeling exited must have being making her doubt herself as a wh.o.r.e, seeing Olivia scream at me and shout out while crying I thought


She bit her lips to suppress it but I saw it, with a predatory obsessive smile I moved forward and whispered into her ears

“Oh~~, will you look at that, did you just c.u.m from my words?”

Olivia’s eyes trembled as she spoke back to me

“I-If you liked me, why are you doing this?, why don’t you just tel-Ah~~?”

Olivia wasn’t able to complete her sentence as I twisted one of her nipples, she bit her lips as she looked into my possessive and commanding eyes that made her heart beat in excitement, my hands left her nipple as it trailed her midriff

“Why?, well it’s simple

I wanted to own you”

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