The Conquerors Path


Chapter 147: The Sea Faction(2)

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Chapter 147: The Sea Faction(2)

“Niice to meet you”

I said I gave out my hand to Marlene for a handshake, right now we were in a room, with only me, Nora, Nick and Catherine, after entering the room Marlene stood up and came to me, so I gave her a handshake, looking at Marlene close by I could see the she was more of a cool beauty

Her azure blue eyes seemed to contain the sea and a deep pride that drew anyone in, her silky blue hair that cascaded to her back and her perfect figure was extremely tempting, she was tall to, almost equal to me in hight and I was really tall, her eyes traveled to my arms as she shook it

“It’s good to finally talk to you too”

Her voice was calm and cool, unconsciously one might even follow her lead if ordered, My eyes travelled to hers as we locked gazes, in the game she was one character I really respected, I could still remember the graphic scene of her fearlessly fighting the front

“Cough, my names Catherine it’s nice to meet you”

As we were lost in each others gaze Catherine coughed as she walked up to us and extended her hand, I quickly left Marlene’s gaze as I turned to Catherine, if Marlene is the cool type then she’s the cute short beauty

she reached barely to my chest, her blue eyes gazed at me curiously, her voice was charming, unconsciously causing me to relax, her face was beautiful with her maroon colored hair and her gentle blue eyes, her lips looked plump tempting one to take a juicy bite

Overall she looked harmless but one must never underestimate her, just with her voice she could cause you to lose your self in a never ending nightmare, I didn’t leave her hanging as I shook her hands

“It’s nice to meet you to Princess Catherine “

“Mou~~you don’t need to call me princess just Catherine, after all there doesn’t need to be any differences between fellow musicians?”

“HaHaha…that’s true, then I would disrespectfully call you Catherine “

“Um, that’s good”

Finally Catherine’s pout faded away as a playful smile filled her face, while she might not look it this is her final year, it means that she’s 24… yeah, looking at her att.i.tude one might think that Marlene is the older one

“Now why don’t we all take a seat”

Putting on an elderly face she took the lead for the talk, with her calming voice the situation started at a good atmosphere, soon all of use were seated with me and Nora on one side while, Marlene, Catherine and Nick were on the other side

“So what did you want to talk with me?”

I asked as I looked at Marlene, she looked at me as she spoke with a higher tone

“First of all I would like to thank you for what you did”

Saying so not only Marlene but also Catherine rose up as they gave me a bow of grat.i.tude, seeing it I was surprised, not only me, even Nora and Nick were the same, I quickly waved my hands to dismiss them

“ I didn’t do anything big, all I did was with the strength that was given to me by your soldiers”

“Even still, I want to thank you in behalf of those of the sea”

Marlene spoke as she sat back at the couch along with Catherine, truthfully I didn’t expect for her to do something like this but none the less it did increase my impression of her

“Then I shall accept it with pride, maybe I could go around boasting about it, I am it sure that I could break the hearts of the several male seamen”

My tone was joking causing the rest to laugh along with it

“My father would like to meet you and award you in person”

Marlene spoke with a light smile that took her face, I was surprised for a bit before I spoke back

“By your father?, you mean the king of the sea?”

“That’s right, he said that he wanted to meet you”

I acted like went into deep thought as bows furrowed but truthfully I would love to go there, especially after I had got the special perks after receiving Xavier’s blessing, after a few seconds I spoke

“Sure I don’t mind meeting him at the Academy trip to the sea”


Hearing my words Marlene and Catherin were shocked

“How did you now about it?”

Though Marlene’s words were vague I still understood, after all the trip to the sea for all the students of 18 and above is still in discussion and not decided, seeing Marlene’s suspicious look I smirked as I placed a finger on my lips

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“Now that’s a secrete~~”

“I just wanted us to spend a few hours along with each other, you know like in the past”

Hearing me talk about the past time together Nora’s eyes glazed over a she smiled, she quickly shook her head to clear her thoughts as she spoke back to me hiding her excitement

“Sure, I will be free next week”

“It’s a outing then”

I spoke, with that Nora nodded her head trying to hide her happy smile as she walked away, I looked at Nora’s departing figure in thought, I stood there for a few seconds before I moved again, heading out to deal with some stuff

Meanwhile back at the room Austin had left, Catherine looked at Marlene as she spoke with a questioning look

“So, how was he?”


Marlene spoke with a frown causing Catherine to be surprised, for Marlene to say that someone’s strong means that he’s really strong, as Marlene is one of the strongest student in the whole Academy!

“How strong?”

Catherine asked but this time Marlene didn’t reply to her directly, she looked troubled with her face furrowed

“I can’t say clearly, there was some sort of interference that was repelling my powers, the only reason that I felt he was strong was from instincts”

“I see…”

Catherine nodded her head to Marlene’s words, seeing it Marlene just shrugged her shoulders and spoke

“Well, it doesn’t matter much, I just find him slightly interesting, that’s all”

“Ya~~~it looks like there’s going to be a lot of fun in the future!”

Catherine exclaimed with an exited smile

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