The Conquerors Path


Chapter 109: The Seth Hunt(2)

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Chapter 109: The Seth Hunt(2)

“Um, looks like the demons you chose are playing well”

Within the special room where the 9 girls sat a girl with bright red hair and eyes, spoke, her long blood red hair fell down her shoulders on the chair she sat, her eyes were sharp, she gave off a sharp vibe, seemingly being hard to approach

Her eyes was cold, unlike the stoic Nora, her eyes held no feelings, seemingly desolate, she seemed like the type that would not even flinch even if the world burned, yet that look with her beautiful face only seemed to ignite men’s desire to conquer her, Isabella Belphegor the crown princess of the country of Angria, a country hailed for it’s magic

“Indeed, he’s doing much better than the magicians you choose, who got killed at the very beginning”

Hearing the girl who spoke Isabella’s eyes flashed, it seems that magicians fate was already sealed, she snorted as she looked at the girl who sat next to her

“Angelina it’s none of your business about what happens in my group”

Angelina Lucifer Wales Beelzebub the crown princess of the Olfan Empire of the Demon realm, she had olive colored hair that fell to her shoulders along with bright peach fox like eyes that shined, she had an s shaped body that was covered by her dress

Her face was seductive, that seemed to bring out the desires within anybody that looked at her, she had a black tail with a heart shape that rested on her back, she had a seductive smile on her face as she spoke back to Isabella

“So what if I did?, is there something wrong with what I said?”

Isabella’s eyes furrowed hearing Angelina’s words, a bit of her mana was released bringing a suffocating atmosphere to the room, it was then that another girl spoke

“Stop it both of you, if you both want to fight take it outside”

Hearing the girls words both of them looked at another woman sitting on another chair, she was bewitchingly curvaceous, having a near ideal body figure that can tempt the souls of many men, her beautifully long blue hair swayed down towards her waist like crystal clear water, matching her ocean blue hair were azure coloured eyes that carried a sharp and dangerous aura, showcasing a deep pride within her

she wore a silky blue hair, that flowed down to her ankles and perfectly highlighted her a.s.sets, Marlene Kia Leviathan, the next queen of the whale tribe and the future ruler of the sea, she looked at both of them as a mighty aura descended down from her, Isabella’s cold eyes looked at Marlene before she focused back at the screen, while Angelina just smiled mysteriously

At the same time Max and Ria continued to comment on the scenarios that took place with in the hunt

“Oh!, would you look at that, Robert has took out another one!”

“And here we have Maria zipping in the shadows taking others out without them even knowing how they died!”

“Look here, Romano is here hunting different beasts, racking in more points, he seemed to be unstoppable with his axe hunting one after another”

Max and Ria kept looking at the different scenes in front of them while displaying the most interesting ones on the huge screen, creating a feverish atmosphere in the stadium, soon a scene got Max’s eyes as he swapped the scene to the huge screen above

“Guys!, have a look at this, here we have the demon Mozart swinging his swords cleaving his was through the hunt!”

Soon the students focused on the screen where a demon with four hands, grey skin and 2 eyes hunted, he had four swords in his hands as he fought a group of other students, he wasn’t at a disadvantage as he killed students after students, soon the four student group was extinguished

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“Would you look at that!, Mozart was named among the most probable to win in the poll we had conducted and he seemed to be staying true to his strength moving unhindered, it seems he would have a huge chance in winning the Seth hunt!”

Everyone took a deep breath seeing it, an arrow!, a single arrow to kill one of the top partic.i.p.ant!, Max didn’t wait for them to ask, as he swiped the scene moving it the archers location, soon everyone saw a brown hair and black eyed boy holding a bow standing above a hill

seeing it some students eyes popped out, not from seeing the boy but because the brown haired boy stood at least a few kilometers away!, he had killed Mozart from such a distance!, seeing this scene Olivia’s eyes flashed as she asked to another student who stood behind

“Nina give me the specifics of this student”

Nina the girl with a short hight, brown hair and eyes, with a cute look nodded her head as a board appeared in her hand, she lowered her head she looked through it with inhuman speed, a few seconds pa.s.sed as she she looked back at Olivia with a frown

“With what I read his names Auther but his information states that he is a spear user, also he doesn’t seem to have any excellent abilities in combat”

As Nina finished speaking she looked back at Nora who furrowed her brows, before she sneaked a peek at Nora, before she could speak Carmel did

“Did you guys notice that he didn’t recive any points after his kill?”

It’s only when Carmel spoke that the others girls focused on the issue, each student was given a badge that saved their points after each kill, these points could only be used by the said person, hence n.o.body could steal from another

“So someone else is impersonating him?, for what?, what’s the gain?”

This time Angelina spoke with a intrigued smile, her question was substantial, after all what’s the gain?, even if person has to disguise as another, he has to be part of the 5th year group and part of the school, so what’s the use in hiding your power?

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