Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil


Chapter 860 No-Mess Kill

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Chapter 860 No-Mess Kill

The slowly started flirting with Eren.

She started adding obvious innuendoes. She laughed cheerfully at Eren’s witty remarks.

The butcher knew that his puns could be funny. But not as good as the response he was getting to them from Shalen. She flirted with him so seamlessly that even he would have believed that it was natural if he did not know any better.

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Shalen started adjusting her dress and hair quite frequently as she talked more with Eren. Her cleavage was made apparent by her as she touched her exposed neck with her hands from time to time.

“Eren, I heard that you lead a… let’s say… very colorful lifestyle. What say we make this travel a pleasurable experience for both of us?”

Shalen concluded the time was ripe for her to invade Eren’s personal s.p.a.ce. She needed extreme proximity to him to attempt an up-close and personal

Shalen and the rest of the members of the joint forces had done their homework regarding Eren. They tried to know everything and anything remotely related to him before carrying out the mission. As such, Shalen concluded that a guy like Eren wouldn’t say no to her invitation.

Shalen was looking forward to the moment that she would be able to pull off the kill all by herself. The act was akin to killing a legendary tier mana beast by oneself.

The joint force would not have to move at all if she succeeded. She alone would take credit for killing Eren and taking all his belongings. As the owner of such a prosperous city, the guy had access to a lot of precious resources. She could access his personal storage after his death and claim everything for herself.

‘I’m sorry it has come to this, Eren. You seem like a fun guy to hang out with. Sadly, your death is imminent today.

The most I can do is give you a swift death. So that others won’t be able to torture you. Consider this as a thank you from me for being my beneficiary in the past, present, and future.’

Shalen said to herself as she looked at Eren with playfulness in her eyes. She pressed her legs against each other before spreading them. She was displaying how eager she was to be with him. As another gesture of invitation, she licked her lips and bit them lightly.

Eren smiled wickedly when he witnessed Shalen’s gestures. Unknown to her, he also had the same cruel intentions toward her. His murderous vibe was masked effortlessly by his ready-to-go body language.

“Run b.i.t.c.h, run!”

Shalen’s inviting gestures froze in their places when she heard a guttural voice that was directed at her. She looked in the direction of that voice and found it to be coming from an eagle who was busy eating chunks of meat.

Shalen was aware of Eren’s demon beast. But she a.s.sumed that the beast wouldn’t react to anything until it was too late. She stared at the beast and tried to open her mouth to say something to him. But no words came out.

“What you looking at? Master’s gon take you to the chop-chop shop, b.i.t.c.h.”

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Argo started drooling from his beak as he laid his eyes on Shalen. He wasn’t as skilled at hiding his emotions as his master.

“Aaah! Forgive me, Shalen. This d.a.m.n bird doesn’t understand what he is talking about half the time.”

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Eren apologized to Shalen and recalled Argo back into his beast s.p.a.ce. He was very angry at the beast for ratting him out. The wretched thing was eager to have the taste of live flesh.

‘Sweet dreams, Eren Elijah Idril.’

Shalen said to herself as she wrapped her arms around Eren. She started caressing Eren’s back with one hand. A runic dagger had appeared in her other hand. But somehow her body froze just when the tip of the dagger was about to touch the butcher’s back.

Shalen saw Eren’s emerald eyes turn white. She was too stunned to say or do anything because she was subjected to his Ability.

Sedating Gaze!

Eren turned his arm unnaturally like a whip and took hold of Shalen’s dagger. He smiled before driving the dagger deep into her heart with almost no resistance from her. The butcher twisted the dagger inside before destroying the organ completely. He sealed the wound using his mana and prevented blood from escaping. He then pulled out the dagger before sitting upright on Shalen’s crotch.

A no-mess kill just like Shalen wanted. Except for the fact that it was her that got killed.

Shalen could do nothing to prevent herself from getting killed. She could say nothing. The only thing she could do was stare at Eren in shock and disbelief. She couldn’t believe that the butcher had managed to see through her act.

The butcher sighed before responding to her thoughts in a sad tone.

“Haah! Your act was flawless, Shali. It’s just that I had the unfair advantage of seeing the trap from miles away because it was initiated by you.”

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