Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil


Chapter 653: Prelude to Chaos: A Terror Inducing Ability P2

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Chapter 653: Prelude to Chaos: A Terror Inducing Ability P2

"Tch. I know that, Grandpa Dan.

I want to know if this is all I can do with my ability? Aren't there any other uses you can think of? You know about both sun elves and snow elves. I'm sure you can think of something that I can make use of."

Lensa said with dissatisfaction written all over her face. Dan raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips before asking a curious question to this young lady.

"Hm? Why do you want your ability to produce something different in the first place? You are a ranger and you are going to break into Adept rank soon.

This is the right time for you to transform into a mage, Lee. And the transition won't hamper our growth in any way. I'll guarantee it."

Lensa shook her head before replying.

"This detonation-inducing ability isn't my cup of tea, Gramps. I don't know how I got this. Or who I was thinking about when I was in the state of epiphany."

Lensa's state of epiphany was very peculiar. Her body had been trapped in ice for a long time. At that time, her body was glowing and producing the same type of breathing effect as the miniature suns trapped in the ice lends produced.

Lensa's ability made each miniature sun akin to a bomb floating in the sky. The light beam that was produced from each such lens would be like the bomb's detonation compressed in a high-density beam form before getting pa.s.sed to the next ice lens. The effect of detonation would only get enhanced the further it was processed through the ic lens system.

"Hmm. Don't think too much about it, my child. Although I have a few ideas, I'd rather you come up with your own ways to use this ability you have gained."

Lensa's face brightened when she thought Dan would guide her. But her expressions sank when he completed his sentence. The potion-junkie Dan smiled mirthlessly before explaining.

"My dear, I don't want to taint your elemental attainment with my knowledge or understanding. I think the way you are doing it is pretty admirable. It's fine if you have to perform a few trials and errors. The answers that you'd find after reading through those would be better than mine. That's for sure."

"But…" Lensa wanted to raise a bit of objection. But Dan nodded at her before adding up.

"I can understand your concerns, Lee. What you have is a pretty powerful ability. But it is indeed overkill for your current rank. You won't be able to make much use of it in personal combat.

Plus, it expends too much of your mana and would force you to run on fumes in a few minutes. So the only option you'd have is to depend way too much on your team to have your back after you perform to your ability."

She nodded in understanding at Dan's perception of her weakness with rapid head movements. Dan disappeared from his seated position and appeared in front of Lensa in the next moment before lacing his right hand's palm over Lensa's head. He ruffled her dark brown hair that had a golden hue and said encouragingly.

"Don't worry too much. If this thing bothers you long enough, we'll take you on a trip to the entire kingdom. We could visit Badlands from another duchy. That trip should provide you with plenty of inspiration to solve your current problem."

Lensa didn't like Dan ruffling her hair, so she backed away after a while. She straightened her hair with her hands before responding with a curious glow in her eyes.

"Then we will go to the Nightshade duchy, Gramps. The city of New Beginnings. I want to visit that place."

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Dan chuckled before answering on the spot.

Her decision to go to Nightshade was not random.

Devon and Dan both could tell that Lensa felt uncomfortable talking about Ken. So they both looked at each other. The old man criticized Devon with his gaze for bringing his subject up when she wasn't ready. The latter coughed a bit before adding up.

"*cough. Never mind then. We are heading to the Nightshade duchy for you to fine-tune your ability right? I don't want to taint your elemental attainment as this old man has said.

But I have an idea how you can naturally mix up your spells. That way, you can have something to rely on until you figure out a way to use your ability. We can opt for that option before traveling to Nightshade Duchy."

Lensa and Dan both were puzzled when they heard Devon's statement. The latter didn't take long to answer.

"Demon beasts!

We'll get one for our dear Lensa. Dan, you'd better cough up your money instead of getting high on your potion vials. Do you hear me?"

Dan started arguing with Devon when he brought up the topic of his potion usage. It was uncalled for according to Dan's logic.

The latter would only say a few words under his breath only for Dan to get angrier at him. Because he thought Devon was dissing him. Lensa didn't know or understand which side to pick. So she chose to remain as a bystander.

As the evening sun began to set, the trio began discussing their Nightshade duchy trip.

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