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Chapter 920 - Chapter 920: Is She Dead?

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Chapter 920 - Chapter 920: Is She Dead?

Chapter 920: Is She Dead?

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No, she probably would not be able to see it either.

She thought things through again when the guardian dragged her here.

She could not stay here any longer. She had to leave.

However, she could not return to Camp Ning Se either. She did not want to see Shang Ningyi anymore.

Since she did not want Xue Fangyang to find her and did not want to see Shang Ningyi, her only option was to return to her plane. However, she also could not return to Shang Kingdom.

Shang Ningyi would definitely be able to find her if she returned to Shang Kingdom.

Hence, she had to escape. She had to escape while Xue Fangyang a.s.sumed she was seriously injured and immobile and did not send many people to guard her.

She wanted to stay initially. After all, she could threaten Xue Fangyang at any time—that would be quite satisfying.

However, Xue Fangyang said that there was an antidote for the Mother-Child Reincarnation Pill.

Where could the antidote be? Other than An Jiuyue, who else could have the antidote?

Despite the fact that An Jiuyue was from Camp Zhan Yun and was Qian Jiyun’s woman, Xue Fangyang was someone who would go to any length to achieve his goals.

He might attack Qian Jiyun and force An Jiuyue to hand over the antidote.

If he obtained the antidote, she would really lose her life.

Therefore, she had to leave.

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Fortunately, she had a loyal subordinate. Even if she lost her Original Soul energy, he could bring her back to her plane.

“Shang Ningluo, you can’t die. If you die, Brother Ningyi and I can’t be together.

You can’t die, do you hear me?”

After Cui Ling left, Xue Fangling leaned over and shook Shang Ningluo’s body vigorously, but she could not make her move.

“What should we do? Why are you so weak? Are you going to die after a few hits? My brother has so many women around him. Which one of them grew up as pampered and spoiled as you?

“They can still live well even after being beaten up for a few hours. They’re not like you. You’re so weak, you’re dying after just a few hits? Why are you so useless?”

She glared at Shang Ningluo hatefully as she cursed.

However, she was a medicine refiner too. She knew that shaking someone when they were injured was the last thing one should do. Hence, she stopped and waited for Cui Ling to bring the medicinal pills.

Shang Ningluo’s eyelids twitched as she snorted internally. So Xue Fangling knew that Xue Fangyang had beaten up those women..

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