How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

After wrapping up a lot of things, Calian took a moment to finally sit down quietly and close his eyes.

He began circulating the mana in his body, drawing in mana from the outside and slowing purifying it.

Soon, he felt a warm energy gathering inside his body. Calian began to carefully move the mana, that had gathered like that, towards his heart.

He was attempting to create the fourth circle.

At first, he felt the mana heading to his heart and forming a band without difficulty. Since mastering the three circles, he had always been successful with the magic he attempted, but he had been able to overcome this.

So Calain concentrated even more, carefully moving the mana towards his heart.

Suddenly, the mana band that been forming and moving smoothly, began to change rapidly.

The mana’s comfortable warmth became stronger and sharp.

The mana, whose nature had rapidly changed, quickly flowed towards his lower abdomen and the mana band, that had formed around his heart, as though following it, began to move away from his heart and towards the lower abdomen as though it was being sucked in.

Mana, which had been for creating a circle, changed nature and acc.u.mulated in the abdomen – becoming aura instead.

Calian, who had failed to create a circle once again, said one short word.


Today was the same.

Calian sighed deeply. He could feel Alan laughing in his head. He didn’t bother hiding the smile in his words as he said,

Congratulations on strengthening your Aura.

How could that be a compliment? He thought it would be better if Alan just cursed him to be more useless than dogs.h.i.+t – it would be more freeing than his sarcastic compliments.

No matter how short-lived the habit of wielding a sword it, it’s not easy to forget. Since I understand your struggle, you just need to know that you won’t be able to step back into Kyrisis until you succeed.

Calian smiled awkwardly at the way Alan cheered him on with threats.

The principle of wielding mana and aura was not very different.

Thanks to the power of the blessing, Calian also had a good foundation and store of mana to use. Therefore, he had no difficulty in wielding the force he had already acc.u.mulated.

The problem was that when he tried to expand that force into another circle, the d.a.m.n mana made it’s home in his abdomen. He unconsciously ended up going through the process of stacking his aura instead.

Since he couldn’t make the fourth circle, it didn’t matter that a.r.s.ene was next to him, he couldn’t ask him to teach him any magic.

It was for this reason that Alan had told Rumein that Sispian would cry if she saw Calian. Alan, who was also watching, all of that gathered mana just strengthening his aura, felt like he was about to explode from frustration.

Still, the timing of the mana being absorbed by the aura was slowing down, so no matter how slow he was, he should still be able to succeed before arriving at the Siegfrieds territory. At least, that’s what both Alan and Calian expected.

Anyway, because of what your highness’s father has done, I must stay in his small palace. It may become difficult to talk so please don’t worry if you get no response from me.

Calian t.i.tled his head at Alan’s words.

Up until now, it has always been Calian or Alan doing things that caused issues – Rumein had never done anything. Feeling it was strange, Calain asked,

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“Did His Majesty do something?”

And Calian was asking for the outcome of that matter.

The next words from Alan had a gloomy feeling about them,

It hasn’t been decided yet. It seems we’re still measuring how the fire will spread, so lets just watch over it for now.

If this was simply a fight between a father and son, it wasn’t any of their business how the fire spread. However, the problem was that Brissen’s reach was too wide, so the fire could really spread too far.

Aside from the fact that this could lead to a civil war, it could also lead to a power fight between the first and second princes.

His Majesty who has to worry about the fight between princes already must be having a hard time.

When Calian, who had brought the fight to Rumein’s table said such a thing, Alan laughed.

Rumein wasn’t the eldest son either, so how could he not know about these matters? So you don’t have to worry too much, just make sure you’re being careful about where you step as well.

Thinking of the many things Rumein would have to consider when taking into account Lennon’s betrayal, Calian didn’t give his opinion further simply stopped at respecting him who had that burden.

Seeing as he would have to return to the palace soon, Calian thought they would be ending the conversation there, but Alan then said,

A maid named Marilyn came to see me. She said that the proceeds from Whitlin Estate have been delivered while your highness has been absent so she asked me how to proceed – how shall I take care of it? Oh, it’s already that time.

It was time for Calian’s safe to be opened. Calian asked Alan to manage the safe and briefly explained the location of the safe and how to release the magic lock.

After saying that, he cut off the magic power that had been flowing to the ring.

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