How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

“Which place are you talking about?”

Alan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, although he hadn’t heard the details, when Calian had asked, he had asked as though there were no Priests around him.

“Latran. Before Tensil started the war with the Desert, Tensil presented Count Latran with a priest. I’ve heard their relations.h.i.+p has changed now but at the time, the relations.h.i.+p between Count Latran and Randell was quite good. I didn’t pull back the Priest once they had been sent,”

Alan, who heard the answer, remained silent for a while. Rumein asked,

“Why is something wrong?”

Alan, who had been frowning, quickly straightened his expression and shook his head, he quickly made an excuse,

“No, I believe the Prince’s maid is a healer, so he must have wanted to show her powers of a priest,”

“It doesn’t seem that way,”

Rumein’s expression, as he looked at Alan, didn’t look great so Alan smiled softly,

“I really must have lost a lot of trust, since you don’t believe me,”

“Who would believe that as the reason for why you came into the King’s room in the of the night to ask such a question,”

That was true. Alan decided to let go of his excuse and spoke frankly.

“I don’t actually know the details, so can I come back tomorrow and tell you? It would be better to pa.s.s this information to the Prince. Anyway, neither Count Latran nor anyone else would find life so boring as to try and harm the Prince of Kyris, so please don’t worry, your majesty,”

There were no advantages to taking his time with this since he would have to leave the royal palace in order to deliver the contents of the information to Calian.

Rumein, who had decided to accept the moderate compromise, replied to do so with a dissatisfied expression.

Seeing that Blue Warbler had stopped dressing up as a man like she liked to do often, Calin leisurely took off the robes he was wearing and put them down next to him.

“I had wondered who it could have been, I had thought that whoever had attacked, had done so despite knowing who I was,”

“Of course I knew, and I had told them about it too, but they were reckless,”

Blue Warbler, who had her head turned to follow Calian’s gaze, answered.

It seemed that Blue Warbler had ordered the men to follow Luca the elf, and to not attack Calian’s party. However, they had shot their arrows towards Calian, and because of that were in the state they were in now.

After grasping the citation, Calin nodded slowly. Then raised his head, and asked in a pa.s.sing tone.

“Then does that mean, I’ve become a related person now?”

He was asking if Blue Warbler was planning to attack Calin as well.

“I was going to say that was the case…”

Blue Warbler looked at Calian for a long moment then took her hand off her hidden sword. Along with that, the sharp energy Calian had directed towards Blue Warbler disappeared.

With a look of fascination, Blue Warbler said,

“It wouldn’t be easy, right?”

Instead of answering her, Calian asked something else,

“Is the other elf you were after already dead?”

“It’s harder than you might think to chase after elves in a forest. I have the headache of deciding whether to continue the chase or to give up and when I came back, I had even more headaches to deal with,”

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Calian once again craned his neck to look at the dead bodies behind her. Blue Warbler who followed his gaze once again said,

Your highness, it seems Count Latran has a Priest at his residence. You’re saying he already has a priest here?

When Calian had asked about priests, the Count had given some vague dribble that basically meant ‘maybe there is, maybe there isn’t’.

Well, I understand for now. But Teacher, do Priests use a lot of divine items? To the point where they have to keep procuring them? No, if they have one or two, they would use it for about 10 years.

The Blue Warbler had talked as though she had continually sold Divine items.

It meant that the priests who were buying from her weren’t buying for their personal use. Calian raised his head and asked Blue Warbler,

“Is there anyone in Latran who would buy Divine Items? There is no reason to sell it in countryside like this after all, wouldn’t it be easier to find Priests in Kyrisis?”

“No one pays as much as this buyer and he was originally a person with ties to us,”

‘Someone who already had ties to Secretia’s spies?’

It sounded like there was someone who had a connection to Secretia’s spies through some other reason, which turned into a relations.h.i.+p where you sell items to them.

Most likely, it would be someone who had been selling information about Kyris to Blue Warbler and now, instead of selling information, they were buying divine items.

Calian frowned, and asked his final question,

“The buyer, is it Count Hale Latran?”

“I don’t think that would be an appropriate question,”

Blue Warbler smiled brightly, it was an expression that was an affirmation without a direct answer.

Hale Latran. He is hiding the Priest he has and buying items he can’t even use at a high price. He is also related to the King of Secretia. It’s strange. I see. His movements do sound a little unusual. Yes, I think I should check it out.

Calian’s eyes were covered in a dark shadow.

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