How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

So Calian sent a.r.s.en to the Mage’s guild with the following instructions; ‘If there are any strange birds flying through the rain and darkness, please catch them all,’.

Calian nodded in satisfaction at the faster-than-expected result.

“Where is it?”

It was a question asking where the carrier pigeon had been sent from. a.r.s.en immediately replied,

“It’s Redwick street, it’s not that far from here. I’ve given Sir Rouchel the location and if you’re looking to go outside the inner circle then the knights will be mounted and waiting,”

He had only instructed a.r.s.en to find the birds, he didn’t ask him for anything else, but he liked the way a.r.s.en worked very much.

“Great job,” Calian said with a smile.

After that Calian opened the door to his room.

Before entering the room and closing the door, Calian paused outside and spoke to a.r.s.en,

“Sir Hertz, they might come again later in the night, I’ll leave them to you,”

“Please don’t worry your highness,”

a.r.s.en answered very politely with a very serious face.

After he left, Calian, who closed the door, immediately poured mana into his ring.

Although he had tried occasionally after picking up that man, he had not been able to get through. He wondered if he would be unable to get through again but the ring glowed slightly and Alan’s voice was conveyed in his head.

Have you arrived in Latran safely? Teacher!

Calian’s expression brightened for the first time in a while.

It seems your road was not all smooth?

Alan was Alan.

Even in a conversation where he could not see Calian properly, he had been able to understand his mood. Calian told Alan everything, from meeting Sia to learning about Blue Warbler.

And while explaining everything, he revealed his trip to the bird s.h.i.+p in Kyrisis and was thoroughly scolded,

Keep wandering around like all over the place, this old man will just head to the warm south and stay out of your way. Out of everything, that seems to be the scariest suggestion,

Calian laughed as he took off his c.u.mbersome jacket as Alan continued to speak,

So what you’re saying is that you’ve become intertwined in the business of the Secretia’s spy and now that object, along with the prince’s neck, is on the line? Ah, my neck is fine though,

Calian’s answer had Calian smiling as he answered,

That makes me worry that the person who is doing the chasing does not have their neck. I’m not in a position to chase after you I’m afraid.

Calian looked out of the window; it was still raining fiercely.

So are you going to leave now? Yes. I do have a favour to ask of my teacher though, Go ahead, Is there a new Tensil priest of official near Latran? I’d like you to find out about it. The spy apparently has some connection with them.

As Calian spoke, he was putting on Yan’s robes – Alan answered immediately without any other questions,

Yes your highness, I’ll check and have the information with you by tomorrow morning. Thank you,

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After getting ready like that, Yurana and Kyrie entered the room.

Hiding in the rain and darkness, they went outside of the palace grounds and Yuran, pointing to a point slightly further up, said,

“They’re waiting over there,”

Calian turned his head and spotted the Seigfreid knights who had been waiting for him. The knights came down in front of the horse and handed the reins of each of the horses to the three of them.

They were their own horses, who were tried from the long march to Latran, but horses from the castle.

“You’re worked hard,”

At Calian’s words, the knights smiled and sneaked into the castle and disappeared after telling them to take care of themselves.

When returning, other knights would come out to take the horses from them since if only a few knights were missing for a long while, it would be suspicious.

“I’ll take the lead now,”

While Calian climbed up onto the horse, Yuran, who had heard of the carrier’s pigeon’s flight path from a.r.s.en in advance, stepped forward.

The dark streets were very quiet, even more so than normal because of the rain. After pa.s.sing a few such streets, the knight stopped in front of a fairly ordinary looking bar.

Knowing that they had arrived, Calian, who dismounted from his shorse, hid his face deep in the hood of his robe and spoke,

“You can come in after 5 minutes,”

He said this so that he could go in first and understand the situation.

Yuran nodded, though with a worried look on his face. Kyrie just had the same face as usual. Calian opened the bar door and went inside without hesitation.

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